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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Orkut... 17

Orkut blows a rhino with elephatitis's left undergrown nut.
The coding sucks (great error messages and recovery!), the whole site is broken, and the staging and testing environment are nonexistant (much like another site I visit.........).

I'm glad someone pointed out how to turn off community and friend-of-a-friend messages, so I don't get garbage in my orkut inbox...
But the worst thing is trying to find a community. There are orkut losers... people who's sole existance is to be on orkut, and they think everyone has a right to be there. They join every community, regardless if they are even interested in the idea of the community. They have their own memes and expect everyone to join in (the whole 'lasers from eyes' thing, the 'get an anime pick of your face as your icon' thing, etc... And they have 5 bagillion communities between them. I'm looking for an AVP community and have to wade through "Adam is an alien" which was a joke community of the second, has 15 members, 1 message from feburary, and isn't removed. There should be a hard limit to the amount of communities you can create, and communities should die from inactivity.

Now, the question is... Why am I still visiting orkut?
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  • turn off the Friend of a Friend messages? Cause I just sent John Kerry a nasty-gram about spamming me, cause I get all these freaking mails from him all the time calling me a "friend" and thanking me for my support. I wasn't aware that calling him a clueless buffoon was supporting him, but whatever.

    I don't really spend any time on Orkut, I just go check my messages every so often and look in the Journal Circle Community and The Underground Lair.

    • slothdog wrote about it in one of the journal circle entries... home->settings unclick "messages from friend-of-friend" and "community messages"
    • turn off the Friend of a Friend messages?

      Home > Settings > click on what you do/don't want to get via e-mail.

      As for removing a friend, that's a lot more complicated:

      Friends > FriendsBook (the icon with the person and pencil) > click on "edit" next to the Friend you want to delete > Delete

      I'm afraid I'm probably the one who caused y'all to get all the Kerry FoF spam...I didn't know it was being sent because I'd turned off FoF mails. Sorry 'bout that. :-(



      • That's ok. It's his bad, not yours. Either he thinks that everyone on his friends list is so partisan that they would not dare have *gasp* Republican friends, or he purposly did it to "increase exposure". In either case, it isn't cool. But now that I know how to turn it off, I will. I will be sure and post a JE if he responds though. Should be interesting. :-)
      • Who let it out of the pit? And why is it not putting the lotion on its skin?

        [/Me hoses Ethelred]

        Ok, I feel better now.
  • I dunno. I feel better about not having checked it out though.

  • I've been out of orkut for ages.

    It sucks. Everyone there sucks. End of story.
  • ...though I think many of your complaints at the end of the JE would be solved just by forming a moderated community.

    Though I agree that Orkut's coding and stability make Slashdot look downright professional -- and that's saying something. :-P

    The best thing about it is the networking aspect -- unfortunately it's become this stupid popularity contest (which the "cool", "sexy" and "friendly" points don't help, just as karma got out of hand on Slashdot).



  • Some of the people there are really funny!

    They seem to think that Orkut is the whole of their social lives (it probably is). And then there are the perverts whose sole job is to find women and add them on their lists.

    You think you have seen it all? Wait till you join any of the Asian communities. Oh my *GOD*! It's so bad that it pains you to read that stuff.

    But to be fair, I've met some old friends of mine whom I'd lost contact a real long time ago (from highschool/middle-school). They just randomly foun
    • But to be fair, I've met some old friends of mine whom I'd lost contact a real long time ago (from highschool/middle-school). They just randomly found me and it was quite cool.

      Same here. I stumbled across two former classmates from high school. 'Twas muchly cool.

      Orkut has its good sides, but the bad bits are starting to overwhelm the good bits...



  • There are a couple of good things about it - that's where I found "the book" after blowing turg off last fall ;) - but...that's about it. A couple of things.
  • Would anyone care to put me in for membership? Not sure what's involved but you can contact me at if you need any info. Thanks!
  • Now, the question is... Why am I still visiting orkut?

    You like the convenient access to meaningless sex?

    /what I heard people use it for anyway...

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