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Journal FortKnox's Journal: *SWIPE* 14


I just found out Thief 3 (Shadows) is due out this Tuesday....

Loading up both the original (alright) and the second one (BOMB-BIGGITY-BABY) tonight... gonna get my thief on in prep.

May also load up some Shogun: Total War... been having cravings, lately.

As far as the whole production DB table... the target has been switched from me to DBAs. Apparently the DBAs were intelligent enough to only make backups of the entire 120GB DB Space for about 16 apps, and the backup recovery is taking hours. If it was just my app, it woulda taken less than 10 minutes. They are the ones with the fire lit under ass, and not me. My stomach already is feeling better...
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  • OMG OMG OMG THIEF 3 is THE game I've been waiting for!
    Thanks for the awesome news!

    I think I just crapped myself...

    heh, an aside: I have some shoes that "squeak" on our floors here. A co-worker said "Gord, you should shoot a couple of moss arrows on the floor outside your office."
  • this is the last thief 3 preview [] you will ever need to read.

    Penny Arcade has some more links and stuff on/about the game today.

    • Lane, would you mind if I took out Beth?


      And yes, I'm dying to get Thief 3 as well. Actually, it's starting to look like many games I've been waiting for lo thee many years are actually going to be released soon!
  • You admit it! This drooling is nothing else but proof that All Right-Wing Extremists are Dirty Thieves Who Hate the Poor!:)
  • With your fancy PCs and disposable income!!!
    • well, it's one of the benefits of buying a PC. maybe we don't get OSX, but we get pretty explosions. everything is a trade off.

      you should be able to play any of blizzard's games. and i think UT2004 runs on mac. a lot of id's stuff runs on mac. it's not all the cool games, but at least it's some of them.
      • I've no interest in UT or DOOM or that shizz. I'd want Halo, which I think is out, but jeez...who's got the money or the time! I still have THPS4 for PSOne that I need to finish! And then all those other games! AAA!

        Or that Tron2 you showed me. That looks kewl.

        • tron didn't cost much money, but it is sucking up a lot of my time. because it's so damn fly. an xbox would get you access to halo and in a few months, tron.

          are you familiar with blizzard games? warcraft 3 is good stuff.
          • I have the early warcraft, like, 2 I think. Old Skool. Xbox, though....just....too hard to buy a MS product. I'd rather go GameCube. Cheaper, too.
            • does this apple not look appetizing? it is an apple not of apple, yet it is so red, so shiny. i promise it will be delicious. if you eat it, you will be as gates, understanding both macs and PCs. and it's only $50 more than the untainted^W one from nintendo.

              i'm just giving you shit.
  • I'm still playing Shogun on occasion and have been debating whether or not to get Medieval TW as well. I think you mentioned you have it? Thoughts?

    • midieval TW is Shogun:Total War + five million. A much MUCH better game. Seriously, its much more polished and for $20 is a steal.

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