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Journal FortKnox's Journal: From the War Zone: Scout Caught 11

Incoming Message...
High Priority, Urgency needed...
From Command HQ, Cincinnati, OH

So it begins...
Found a scout this morning on a tree. Looking higher shows his entire scouting party. Looks like the invasion is targetted for tomorrow. We had anticipated this day for weeks. Time to find out if our training was worth it. A detailed report, including intelligence photos, when time warrents.

End Transmission...

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From the War Zone: Scout Caught

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  • ... you mean your uninvited guests that havene't been by the ol' homestead since 1987.

    • I figured the icon + the talk of an 'entire scouting team' in my tree kinda gave it away (but it is a REALLY big tree) ;-).

      It's actually a funny story. Wife took the dog out and tied her up to the tree. Saw two 'shells' on the trunk. Came in "Josh! I saw shells, but I think the birds ate them" I walked to the window "No... there still alive..." (The dog was munching away all the ones in the grass). Went out so she could show me the shells. I pointed up... sure... 2 shells on the bottom of the trun
      • Boy am I gonna have fun bringing bugs in the house tonight

        You are an evil evil man.

        I knew I added you as a friend for a reason. :)
      • We luckily aren't seeing any so far.

        I guess North Atlanta isn't "north enough" for these critters.

        Which is fine by me. I hate having to wash my car constantly from all their stupid bug guts.

        And the wife would freak, so I'll just sit here and be glad.

        At first I thought you were talking about the single chick in the cube next to you. But it soon became apparent that the geeks you work with aren't that good at teamwork ;)
        • Talk about bug guts - try driving down I-16 in the early evening in the spring. I was doing that for a while there, both last year and this year. Messy.

          When I mentioned to my wife this year was the big event, she was like "What do you mean only once every 17 years? We get them every year in China!"
          • Actually, quite a few wooded areas get cicadas every 3 years and some even annually. They just aren't nearly as numerous. Brood X (the 17 year periodical cicada) come out in biblical-plague type numbers.
  • Call Doogie Howser, Michael Ironside, and Deniese Richards, we seem to have a bug infestation.
    Bugs were all over the woods this last weekend, still haven't swarmed the roadways (yet), the ST:TOS phaser sound is a tell-tale sound.
  • dont have these friends of yours over for dinner []
  • ...welcome YOUR new insect overlords....
  • But I saw a bunch in DC this weekend. I can only assume that they are a-comin'.

  • Good luck with all that!

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