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Journal FortKnox's Journal: KoC and Galaxis 17

Today, I think, I'll be deleting my KoC account. I broke rank 1,000 (last time I checked it was 981), and I'm to the point where everyone has either over 32mil attack or 50mil defense. And everyone above me has buying scripts so there is no point in playing anymore. Can't go any further in rank, and the game TRUELY sucks donkeys.

Galaxis is a fair game and a ton of fun. If you missed out on KoC and want to jump into a game, that's the one to be in. On May19th, there will be a reset, so jump in now to learn the game, then on the 19th you'll be ready to kick some ass.

What we should do is get a list of all people playing and divvy everyone up into alliances (you can only have 12 people per alliance), and make sure we don't attack one another.
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KoC and Galaxis

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  • that game is painful over a dialup though, but my DSL should be live before the end of the month, about time too since I work for the phone company to begin with!
  • I've been having a blast. I'm currently ranked 207 (which puts me slightly behind forknox's 167), and the game's creator has been VERY supportive of the community which he has created. A chunk of my car club's been playing as well. Its much more my kind of game, but my only gripe has been to the amount of Flash employed by the site. Granted it makes it look cooler, but I don't load flash into anything except IE.
    • I play using Mozilla. It's quite effective. The tabbed browsing allows me to keep several windows open from different systems to compare pricing and potential attacks.

      btw. The ranking in Galaxis is as screwed as KoC. I took my attack from 500 to 16000+ and didn't gain squat, but I raided my defense 1 level and skyrocketed. Seems that cargo and ship type means the most.

  • I just deleted my account. First I used up all my attack turns on people with large armies to make others sustain as many casualties as possible. Of course, I used my last 4 attack turns on my commanding officer, like any good soldier would. :D

    • Dang - that's a good idea.

      Shame it'd take me all day. I have over 1000 turns waiting for me to do something with them.
      • I had ~1000 too. It'll take you about 20 minutes, give or take, to dislodge them. I used 15 turns per attack and once I found a target, I'd attack them 5 times. So it really doesn't take as long as one might expect. Just make sure to drop a few attacks on FortKnox as your final act.
  • by grub ( 11606 )

    Galaxis looks cool! I just signed up (planet Grubonia, naturally) If anyone wants to mail me about Galaxis and alliances, mail "galaxis at grub dot net"
  • I'm with you on KoC. I just crossed the 1000 turn mark. I think I'm going to convert all my armor over to weapons, rampage through the ranks, then hang it up. I'm getting tired of having to keep going in to clear out my gold every couple of hours.
  • I just tried to give you money (I haven't been religious about every 12 hours, but I do it nearly every day), and I got this:

    Sorry, "tourism" no longer exists in Galaxis.
    The feature was removed because it created a imbalance in the game.

    This strikes me as an real bummer. And an drag. And a abomination. And a insult to us weenies who'd like to lend an helping hand without having to lift much more than an finger.

  • Is Galaxis that free game for some sort of E3 Preview that is a 64KB download that then downloads 90 MB when you install it, kind of like the IE installer which just is a downloader (man that pisses me off).

    If it is, then I have issues with it big time. I installed and DL'ed it then decided that windows wasn't the best way to play it so I set the preference to use my LCD's native res (1280x1024) and the nall hell broke loose. For some reason, the game decided that the best refresh rate for that res was a
    • There is no install for galaxis. It is played through your browser.
      The site is down right now though.
  • Why don't you convert all of your stuff into gold at a specific time that you have previously discussed with some of your officers, so that they will be waiting and scanning you at that time. That way, when your gold supply skyrockets, they can take it all for themselves. It's better than letting it all go to waste...
  • You sure about that? Should people get kicked for having buying scripts? I have thought about writing such a thing but didn't want to cheat.

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