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Journal FortKnox's Journal: People Wonder Why I Come Up With Conspiracy Theories?? 2

Why do I come up with conspiracy theories?

Lets see... Looking at a recent article, we see a movie that VA funded (and eventually had to back out of funding for), but if anyone asks about "why is this important", or "why aren't you explaining that its your parent company that made this film", or anything about VA/Slashdot's connection to the film is being moderated as "Troll" (except, of course, when people say "Look CmdrTaco's in it!" Without realizing its cause of VA's financial backing).

If the editors would take two seconds to write an explanation, it'd kill a conspiracy theory, but instead they just moderate.

They talk about how "busy" their day is, but they obviously have enough time to go through articles and moderate hundreds of posts a day...

Damn, I'm about to leave this place......
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People Wonder Why I Come Up With Conspiracy Theories??

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  • General standard for journalism is that if an article or story deals with an organization that is somehow affiliated with the publisher or author of the article, it must be noted as such. That's why we see "MSNBC is a Microsoft-NBC joint venture" and "AOL-TW is the parent company of CNN" in articles about MS that appear on MSNBC.com and articles about AOL on CNN.com. Similar things are said on TV news as well. The primary reason is to maintain journalistic integrity and such.

    Slashdot really should stringly consider putting such a notice in that movie review. Something like "VA Systems is the parent company of Slashdot.org" at the end of the first paragraph that mentions VA would suffice.

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