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Journal FortKnox's Journal: E3 6

E3 starts tomorrow. Always used to be an exciting time for me. Could imagine running one of the booths... with a game I was partly responsible for.

Now I'm just a bit bitter about it ;-)
But, it can't be all that glamorous... after all, are you talking to a gamespy or major magazine writer, or some kid that runs his own gaming website that gets a total of 5 hits a day on (not naming names).
If you live in the area, or know someone in the area, or can expense the trip, hell yeah its worth the money... but honestly, if you spent all that money to travel to one, with those skyrocketed hotel prices that are charged... is it worth the money? Still, it'd be nice to go to one, but wouldn't it be a downer? Like last year if you got to play a demo of HL2 and it isn't out yet. Or if you played a cool demo for a game, but the actual game itself loses its luster after 5 minutes of play (Black&White). Eh, all in all I guess its better to just read the reviews of the good games complete with screencaps and such unless you are in the biz (grumble grumble).

Regardless of how they do in E3, I'll still be picking up HL2, Doom3, and Metroid Prime 2 when they come out.
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  • How's the online game thingee going?
    • Mostly been setting up the environment. Doing the football thing up front. Something that holds my interest and I have had an easy time thinking it through in my head.

      I have a lot of technologies I'm employing... hibernate, XDoclet, JUnit, struts, etc... so I've spent most of my free time (which hasn't been much) getting all these tools to talk to one another.
  • by RevMike ( 632002 )

    Why the misleading title? There was nothing in there about an error by the first baseman!

  • .. don't think that all the indies are going there with the whole crew. There's IGDA, there's GDC , there's E3, there's GameOn, there's Siggraph,.. And then there's your budget, right. Anyway, when you're in the biz, the E3 is mainly for spotting boothbabes, signing contracts, getting some specs on game engines to license, and possibly some IP franchise negotiations if you're lucky. The games are just a nice 'hey look what we did last summer' thing to do biz.

    So why the grunging?

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