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Journal FortKnox's Journal: TiVo Upgrade 24

First, help all the slashdotters playing galaxis by clicking this one link, and hit the appropriate number. No, don't feel compelled to join, but we need the link clicks. Credits are hard to come by.

I bought a TiVo before anyone really knew anything about them. The old version. The old OLD version. I had a 14 hour TiVo. You can't buy them less than 32 hours anymore. Anywho, TiVo hacking has been pretty widespread and my brother has done like 5 upgrades himself already. I bought an 80GB harddrive a while ago (thanks to my bro... got it for $20 after rebates), and finally, much to my wife's pleasure, blessed it (format it for TiVo) and installed it. I now have a 104 hour TiVo. Wow.
Spent like an hour making sure it will keep all episodes of programs we have a season pass for (instead of just keep 1 total), and it'll probably be a week until I completely realize how this upgrade will affect viewing...

The only problem is... I'm sure 90% of it will be "The Wiggles", "Jojo's Circus", and "Stanley".
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TiVo Upgrade

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  • My almost 6-year-old daughter had a friend from her class over last week and my wife told me that they were playing "Britney Spears" and "Christina Aguilera".

    Horrifying on it's own, but there's more info to the story.

    I looked at my wife with a mixture of puzzlement and amusement. Mostly because my daughter couldn't pick Britney *or* Christina out of a lineup. Hell, you could show her just one picture of either and she wouldn't know who they were. So anyway, my wife and I are talking about how that was s

    • What a coincidence. Joey has a birthday in 1 week (next monday he'll be 2).

      BTW - No offense, but I'm glad I'm not raising a daughter.... the stuff girls do now... I don't think I could handle it.
      • None taken - I'm glad I'm not raising a son. I was never huge on sports, never a "guy's guy" - don't know woodworking or cars or guns or all the things "guys" know. I'm a sensitive dork. My sister has two boys and the younger is an absolute tank. Just a moose. A bear. I would not know the first fucking thing to do with that kid.

        I'm happy to have girls. At least I know what to steer them away from. I think we'll be okay. My wife doesn't wear earrings all the time or makeup or anything like that. My wife sa

        • That's pretty funny cause Joey is a total nerd already. I try rough-housing with him, and throwing the football around. That lasts a total of like 5 minutes, then he goes to one of his 4 bookshelves in the house, picks out a book, and gives it to me... "Read wocket peas! Read wocket peas!"

          My son isn't even 2 and reads more than I do!

          Oh, and we are gonna get the DVD for his b-day. If he isn't reading hemmingway by age 3, I'm blaming you, bub! ;-)
          • If he isn't reading hemmingway by age 3, I'm blaming you, bub! ;-)

            One of my good friends in Cali used to comment about my oldest daughter - who wasn't even one at the time - "What's the big deal? I mean, she can't read, she can't even talk. Some kid you got there." It was actually pretty funny. :)

        • I was never huge on sports, never a "guy's guy" - don't know woodworking or cars or guns or all the things "guys" know.

          My turn to say I'd swear you're me.

          I'll do a bit of the others, but I've never cared about (watching) sports. I was happy for Elway when he got that S.B. ring--he seems like a nice guy--but I wouldn't have cared if he'd missed it again.

          My son's built like a tank and loves getting thrown around. We've recently been playing with the wrestling, punching, etc. I hope we're not about to

          • I like watching sports, I'm not fanatical about them (except for the Angels ;) but playing...well, I was never a "cool" kid, so I never fit onto a team well.

            Funny thing is, my sister's boy who's a tank, I *love* that kid. he's just...going through life. Happy kid, just lots of fun. Her other kid...maybe he's more like I was as a kid. :)

    • Cool, I just ordered it. I think Emily is getting close to the point where she can learn to read.

      • Cool. My wife has been buying it for birthday presents for all the kids we know at that age. Lots of "the A says 'aah'" stuff, done to the farmer in the dell song, sorta. "The A says 'aah', the A says 'aah', every letter makes a sound, the A says 'aah'" My 3-year-old just sounds them out. I think she's started doing it in her head, too, instead of sounding everything verbally. Actually, on our faucets it says something like "Madison" or something, and when I was giving her a bath she looked at it and read i
    • Any thoughts on foreign language instruction for kids?
    • Thanks for the programming & LeapFrog tips. I've been resisting pressure from the Mrs. to get Tivo (mostly for financial reasons), but maybe now I'll check it out; the boy recognizes SpongeBob
      "BA Bab!"
      but it'll be great once he finally enjoys actually watching Mr. Squarepants as much as his dad.

      Also to parents of younger kids, as well as LeapFrog, these vids [] have done well for us. At 19 months, he knows all his numbers and about 1/3 of his letters.

      Although he still skips four when he counts by

  • Credits aren't the problem, materials are, I cant get enough to begin progessing, I'll stick with it for a week to see how things go. I just hope it doesn't turn into nationstates where the missions keep repeating with no changes.
    • Credits are abound early (like the first 2-3 days) but you can quickly get your materials up and past them. Missions are a waste. There is a much better return on your turns than them. If you're in our alliance, check our board, otherwise, prepare for total ANNIHILATION! :)

  • your alliance is full.

    Guess I'll have to form my own.

    Or something.
  • I mean c'mon... how the hell could she not notice that she was putting the glue on the front side of the circus posters before she was hanging them up?

    Can you say ADD? I knew you could...
    • I HATE that episode! It was a good lesson they were trying to teach, but yeah, it was pretty dumb how they got to it.

      We watch more Wiggles than anything else, but I'm looking forward to when he understands a bit more of the context over just music & colors. It'll be sweet when gets into Stanley. Stanley is the man!

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