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Journal FortKnox's Journal: A bit of an update, and spam 26

I took Good Friday off last week. I used the extra day to go early to my parents house for Easter weekend. Of course, just as we finished packing, we learned that my wife's grandmother passed away[1]. It happens that her grandfather lives less than an hour from my parents house, so we added a few extra clothes (thought the funeral would be monday or tuesday), and left.

Easter was good, family was in, food was good. Joey got sick (really really bad fever. Tylenol did nothing, but children's motrin brought it down[2]). Went to the funeral, came home Tuesday night.

Yesterday was like a Monday in the middle of the week. Yesterday evening, though, was a big day.
I haven't checked my email since March 11th[3]. Last night was the big night. I used a commercial spam filter (I was a beta tester, so I got a free version). It filtered out about 60% of my spam. Completely unacceptable (ie - when I logged into my machine, it filtered out about 5k spams, but I still had almost 3k messages to go through!). I whipped through all my emails. Out of ~2.7k emails, I had > 50 real emails. Pushed all the rest to the spam folder. Uninstalled the commercial spam product. Installed spambayes for free. Pointed it to my 7k spam messages for learning. The learning took like 30+ minutes to learn it all.

I've been checking my emails since. No false positives and so far I have yet to get a spam message in my inbox.

So, suffice to say, I'm pretty damn happy about spambayes. I suggest anyone with outlook to use it[4].

My mother-in-law is coming this afternoon and will be here for a week. That'll mean my sister-in-law & family will be at our house non-stop. This means I probably won't be able to see the Kill Bill DVD (have yet to see it) until after she leaves (MIL is a preacher). I may have to do a lot of yardwork to give myself some time away from the tornado that will rip through my house (2 nephews, ages 4 and 2, along with my little 'almost 2 year old'). Though... renting Kill Bill may give me some peace and quiet for some time over the weekend....

Got the Nickelback CD... all I can really say about it is 'meh.' It isn't BAD, but it really isn't that great either. It has 'figured you out' which makes it worth the money (that songs kicks your ass!). I just can't find a CD that really kicks as much butt as the old "A-Sides" SoundGarden CD. System of a Down was pretty good, but still not "A-Sides" quality. Yeah, I'm not into music as much as most of you guys, and my taste in music is really strange. Most of the stuff I really enjoy would probably surprise most of you, cause it doesn't really follow my personality.

Oh, and I have a political rant coming... just want to etch out all my thoughts before I say it. As a teaser, it won't be conservative rant, nor a liberal rant.... I'm a centrist and will probably revolve around my party (I'm not republic, democrat, or even green).

[1]: We knew it was coming, she was recently diagnosed with a terminal brain tumor, and had alzheimers and didn't recognize anyone.
[2]: From what we were told, always use Tylenol to bring down a fever (unless you want it to run its course, which isn't a bad idea for low grade fevers). In the rare cases that Tylenol doesn't work, use Children's Motrin. Its stronger, but should only be used when necessary.
[3]: Its an odd feeling replying to month old emails. Sorry to those that got their replies so late! George, I'll hook you up with that disc ico tonight, I promise. Ran out of time lastnight (didn't get that reminder email until really late).
[4]: Yeah, I use Outlook. Before you whine, hollar, or flame me, I have a GREAT (free!) antivirus software that checks my emails as they come in, and I have yet to get a virus or any malicious attack through outlook... my antivirus has successfully blocked them all. What do I use? AVG Antivirus. Its an enterprise commercial antivirus that's available for free for at home use. Free updates and everything. D/L the free version, thank me later ;-)
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A bit of an update, and spam

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