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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Iron Chef America: Color Commentator.... AB?!?!? 21

Alton Brown to do color commentary for Iron Chef America! Iron Chef America (not Iron Chef USA) is being debuted with the "Iron Chef: Battle of the Masters" (which is being discussed in helio's journal) with Sakai and Morimoto fighting against Mario Batali, Wolfgang Puck, and Bobby Flay... does this mean those three our the new "Iron Chefs America"?? If so, can we change them? ;-)

Wow, I'm actually pumped about this!!
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Iron Chef America: Color Commentator.... AB?!?!?

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  • the Iron Chefs, Bobby Flay is a child, Mario is an arrogant jerk of the highest order and well Wolfgang "Don't Call Me Hockey" Puck is just annoying.

    As for Alton Brown doing the color commentary, I say, excellent choice. He's brilliant. I'll look forward to his off-color, strange, obscure references and science-nerd jokes.

  • by Otter ( 3800 )
    Flay had a pair of matches against Chen, IIRC, winning the second under suspicious judging. (As the New York Times wrote "Far be it from me to question the integrity of the Chairman of the Gourmet Acdemy but..."

    I'd love to see Morimoto versus Puck, though. Puck is extremely creative, while Morimoto is a freaking genius. (I really have to go to his restaurant in Philly.) I guess it's mostly because I don't like classic French cooking, but I was never into Sakai the way I was blown away by Morimoto and Chen.

    • Flay played morimoto twice... they are 1-and-1.

      Morimoto is either a genius or a failure. I've seen him make outragiously fine cuisine before, but sometimes he gambles too much and makes poor judgement. He's getting better, though, and will eventually be the next michiba.
  • "Bobby Fraaayyy"...

    This should be awesome.
  • I was sort of holding this back... but here's the bad news. AB passed out from a heart problem through the second recoring.
    • picture [] of AB in the hospital.
    • Umm... if you read his rants [] you can see it was just a combo of being sick with under stress. He's fine (it happened back in march).
      • My point was that I knew about this, but I couldn't post about his being a commentator with out mentioning his collapse, and I didn't want to ruin either surprise. Since you broke the cherry I thought I'd post about it.

        As for "just a combo of being sick with under stress," remember that a bullet is just lead. Yeah, he's fine... now, and as far as your "Back in march" comment, I'm not sure if you're trying to spin things or just posting related info, but they didn't tape the shows yesterday.

        Maybe I'm alo
  • Rocko wins this one too.


    (Name that quote)

    The 4th chef is either gonna be the 30 minute meals chick or Jaime, or my pick: Emeril (BAM!) Legasse.

    Oh yeah, babe.


    I actually thing Emeril is a great chef. It's hist schtick and the absolute disgust I see when they pan the camera into the crowds. OMG, where do they find these people?

  • ... but I will not be the color commentator for Iron Chef America, though, I have been fast-tracked for the play-by-play announcer.

    Marimoto passes the ginger to his assistant, the assistent dekes around the camerman, dodges Flay's patented "Boiling lobster to the face" defense and in a spectacular move of brilliance, scores top shelf (with a splash of Grey Goose vodka for flavor).


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