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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Metroid... the Movie?? 8

Looks like Samus Aran, the sexy armor-clad, alien blasting hero may be headed to the big screen. Director John Woo has optioned the rights to make a Metroid movie. Though its a little early to get excited (its been optioned before without anything happening), having a big-name director, like Woo, talking about it makes it seem like somethings going to happen. I don't know if I should get hyped up, or terrified that they'll butcher the franchise....

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Metroid... the Movie??

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  • John Woo may not have been the best choice. His action movies lately have been horrible. I'll be really sad if this movie ends up a train wreck like Mission Impossible 2 (or, in fairness, Resident Evil or Incredible Hulk). There's been a lot of bad action movies lately, some by some good directors.

    This could be something really neat - but they'll need a truly inspired screenwriter. Too bad Shyamalan is busy - Metroid would have been a great universe for him to bust out his first action movie in.
  • Looks like some coward [] beat you to it..
  • I hope it doesn't become some vehicle for some overrated actress like the Tomb Raider series. I think the Tomb Raider series was more about how hot they could make angelina jolie look instead of writing a good script
    • well ... not to disagree, but wasn't that what the game was about? How hot they could make Lara and not how well they could make the game? Kinda like DoA Volleyball.

  • ...because I wanted somewhere to place my thoughts but not get lost on the front page.

    My first, fan-boy instinctual reaction was to get excited. But the more I think about it, the more I expect it will turn out like every other crappy video-game -> movie production we've seen.

    Many of the posters in the article said that they should keep Samus' gender secret until the end, like in the game. It sounds like a good idea at first, but really, how would you implement such a thing? How are you going to

    • You add her CO. You add some scientists than need rescuing. Perhaps those cute fuzzy things? Make the voice obscured by the suit. Plot? Why not just go with the original's: Evil space pirates steal the metroids. You can change it a little: Metroids were already extracted to a space station. Or, better yet, go with Super Metroids whole thing. You can creativley change it to allow the secret and some plot. It'll be hard, yes, but Woo can pull it off.

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