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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Learned Something New Today! 6

By reading www.stalkedbyseth.com, I've learned a great deal about SethF, Michael, and Jaime.

Look at how they talk to one another over public scenes (like mailing lists). All of them (Michael, especially), is a child.

If you have a grudge against someone, and you bring the fight into the public, its because you need support from other people to keep going at it. This is what two-year olds do.

The whole situation, and practically every quote on that site tells me one thing.


Your Rights Online aren't gonna be solved by these people, because talking to people like congressmen/government officials means you have to act mature in your arguements.
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Learned Something New Today!

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  • I read both [sethf.com] sides [stalkedbyseth.com] of the story not long ago myself.
    It's a textbook case of how not to deal with people on the internet.
    I wonder if either of them realizes how silly they both look to uninvolved parties?


    This could make for a great celebrity deathmatch episode...
  • the whole thing is pretty amusing, but...

    One one hand you have a guy, who while admittedly is a firebrand, makes complaints about specific issues - such as Michael's removing the censorware.org site without warning.

    On the other hand, you have stalkedbyseth.com, which makes extremely personal, and actually slanderous comments attacting the person, not necessarily discussing the issues at hand. I felt really bad for Seth, because no one deserves to be slandered that way on a public web site. Michael is basically calling Seth a mentally deranged person. Forgive me, but since when did Michael become qualified to diagnose peoples mental state?

    So basically, I know little about these people, except that one of them is an EFF Pioneer Award winner, and one of them belongs to a group of people that has proven themselves repeatedly to be petty and childish.

  • I think that Seth isn't the only one obsessing. If Michael had truly forgotten about the guy, why the website?

    I'm sure it took longer to write it than to read it. And why save 5 year old email?

  • Dude, maybe you should just forget the whole thing? Of course, people can be viewed as as*holes - and maybe they are. Indeed, we are often regaled with stories of famous people with flaws. Instead of focusing on their, why not just forget about it? Stop taking it so personally. Sure it was a totally unexcusable but... it's a corporation. A business. And business don't generally care about one person - especially if that one person keeps using their products.

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