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Journal FortKnox's Journal: The Charcoal Chimney 8

I did some grilling last night. Was the second time I got to use my charcoal chimney. I must say, if you are into grilling[1], then this is the best investment ever!
A picture of the chimney. That isn't the one I own, but its similar. Basically, the charcoal griller spends a ton of cash on lighterfluid, has to drench all the brickettes, then light them, watch half them go out, try to relight them, until you get MOST of the charcoal white hot (not a simple task). And then, sometimes, you get that 'lighter fluid' taste on the meat.
The chimney makes all this a cinch. You pile in the brickettes into the chimney. There is a grate inside close to the bottom (so there's a little chamber at the bottom). Put some crumpled up paper in that little chamber at the bottom, light the paper, and have a beer. 20-30 minutes later, all the charcoal is as hot as you want it, so (CAREFULLY) dump the charcoal in the grill, and voila! You are all ready to grill.

I made some bbq wings, hamburgers, hotdogs, and brats. It was the best grilling out I ever cooked. Everyone loved it, I had my sister-in-law force her hubby to keep an eye on me while I'm grilling so he could learn some stuff ;-)

Had a brat and two wings for lunch today (along with apple, yogurt parfait, fritos and some rootbeer). Beat that :-P

[1] when I say 'into grilling' that means you would never use gas unless you are under tight time restriction (don't ever rush a griller!), know your hotspots and cold spots when you grill, know when to put each type of food on the grill, and how to keep it all on the grill and take it all off at the same time and its all cooked perfectly (or are willing to learn all of the above) ;-)
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The Charcoal Chimney

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  • a real man (Score:2, Funny)

    by Em Emalb ( 452530 ) *
    just stares at the meat til it cooks itself.

    Yeah, I don't have one of those Chimneys, but it doesn't matter.

    My poor ole gas grill prolly wouldn't be good enough for you anyway, ya damned grill snob.

    (For the record, I use charcoal if the food has to be awesome. If it's just me grillin some steaks for dinner, well, nothing says fast like punching the starter on my grill and going to town.)

    Oh, just because I don't use charcoal that often doesn't mean I don't know grillin. I know exactly where my hot spot
    • It helps to have a TV on the patio. Helps you not worry about time ;-)
      • Such a guy.

        It also helps to be in charge of cooking the whole rest of the meal. Between getting the meat done and seeing to the cheese sauce (for the baked taters and broccoli), the garlic bread, and sauteeing the mushrooms, the time flies by.

        When, pray tell, did you discover the glories of said charcoal chimney? I've been using one for at least 10 years now -- ever since I moved out onto my own (before that, Dad had been using one for years, as well). Of course, I still don't own a decent grill (we've
  • I've got a Weber charcoal grill that has a gas igniter to start the charcoal. It works really well, though it took me a couple of tries to figure out how to arrange the briquettes to get optimal burning over the gas flame. It works faster than lighter fluid, too.

    I have a good feel for when to put things on so that they're all done at the same time. I always draw a blank when someone asks how long to cook such-and-such. I judge it by look and feel, though somehow everything seems to finish more or l
    • I always draw a blank when someone asks how long to cook such-and-such [...] And, of course, there are the fast cook spots and the slow cook spots.

      That's the key. If you know your spots (with charcoal, they change everytime you grill), then I always tell them to cook it in the hot spot until they think its done, then move it to the coolest part of the grill, and cook the next thing. It'll keep the meat warm, and cook it if its a little underdone when you cooked it on the hot spot.

      Some other philosop
  • I grilled it yesterday and had it with baked potato and salad. Several friends came over and we ate then they tried to teach me how to play Magic (that card game thingie). I picked it up pretty well and I didn't win, but I was the last to die. :-)
  • I see there are no boy scouts in the crowd. A perfectly usable chimney can be made from an empty aluminum can. No need to buy anything fancy.

    You're welcome.

    • **STANDS and Raises Hand to forhead In 3 fingered Scout Salute**

      I have 3 or 4 Coffee cans kicking around that I have modified for this purpose(I am never able to find one Ive made when its time to grill)

      The best charcoal I have ever used was this stuff I bought at Walmart, It was basically lump charcoal that was formed into "hollow logs" I cant remember the name but it was great for getting a bbq going quick and getting the burgers to the troops!

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