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Journal FortKnox's Journal: What a weekend! 13

My weekend will require reference points so if you see [n], its not a footnote, but something I will be refering to later on.

It started out Thursday night. I got sick[1] (it was a stomach thing thats best not explained in detail). So when Friday slowly rolled around, I had little sleep and a not-so-good feeling and mood about me. I called in sick to work. My brother-in-law was with us during the week (his spring break, I believe), and my wife's side of the family had a wedding near where my parents lived, so we had to make the trip out to there. So I figure we may as well leave early. UC was playing in Columbus, and we had best get through that town during the game. Plus, since we were staying at my parents, but were going to be at this wedding all day saturday, its best to give my folks some time with my son[2] since we'd be staying at their place.
Of course, the wife has to get her hair done before we go, so the earliest appointment she could get was 2pm. It gave me some time to catch up on sleep, so I didn't mind that much. 3pm rolls around, and I'm itchin to get on the road. We take the back seat out of the minivan [3](my grandmother moved to 'a home' so I called dibs on some gardening tools and her spaghetti maker), and start packing.

That's when we got 'the call.'

My sister-in-law, her husband, and two kids broke down just south of columbus. They can't start the car. Great. So the wife and I discuss it. I'm not happy to begin with (see [1]), and the only real solutions is for me, wife, & joey to drive in the car, and my brother-in-law drive the minivan with the back seat in it, and pickup his sister (and family). Of course, I'm the only one with triple-A for the tow truck, so I have to sit and wait with them. Once this was decided, we unpack the minivan, put the backseat back in (see [3]), and pack the car. All the while, I'm mumbling obscenities and hoping Joey doesn't hear me.

That's when we get the 'second call.'

My wife's family have friends in Columbus that have an army of minivans for use in their jobs. They can take care of everything. That means we have to move everything back to the minivan. Obscenities begin to get louder, and I start throwing things (did I mention that I was sick??? (see [1])). We have to take the backseat out again (see [3]), and repack.

Almost done... and the power in the WHOLE FRICKIN NEIGHBORHOOD goes out[4]. My garage door is sitting open. I wait about 20 minutes, and just say 'screw it', unhook the garage door and manually shut and lock it. We set out.

During the trip, we learn that my brother-in-law isn't staying with my parents like we thought he was. He was going to stay at his parents hotel room[5] (which was like 1 hour away). Again, there are discussions, and we agree to have him drop us off at my folks house, let us unpack, he'll take the minivan[6], and I'll use one of my parents cars to get to the wedding. Everything is planned, finally[7].

We get to my parents house around 8:30pm (see [2]).

We wake up Saturday and travel to my in-laws hotel suite. We hang out there for several hours (umm... whee?). We get ready for the wedding, go to the wedding, return to the hotel suite, and return to my parents house. The trip back to my parents house is when my wife informs me that she just learned her parents will be staying all day Sunday, and never thought to tell her (everything -was- planned, see [7]). So she feels guilty that we aren't spending time with her folks, when I think that we're taking advantage of mine (see [2]). Oh, and we get to my parents house around midnight (again, see [2]).

Sunday comes, we get ready for church when the wife and I discuss whether or not to visit her parents for lunch. She figures that they are already at church, and we won't be able to get ahold of them until afterward, then we'd have to force them to wait an hour while we get down there, and I want to leave early to go home and get some work done[8] (since I didn't work on Friday, see [1]). So we stay at my parents, and go to church and lunch. The minute we are done with lunch, we call my BIL to see when he'll be returning with our minivan so we can leave (see [5,6]). Of course, HE planned on staying with his parents for the day (it wasn't really his fault, he got stuck in everyone elses plans). When it all comes down to it, I get home Sunday night at 8:30pm (see [8]).

But wait, there's more! We unpack, I reattach the garage door to the openner (see [4]). My BIL leaves for school, we put Joey to bed, and I turn on my computers[see [4]). Everything was peachy till I turned on my server (you know, the one that runs There is a god awful noise, then it turns itself off. Sheeee-it. I hook up a monitor to it, and don't even get a BIOS screen. I thought the old harddrive might have failed (I had a new big harddrive and an old HD I've had for years in it). I have a brand new 80GB sitting around that I was gonna put in my TiVo, but it looks like a harddrive is the least of my worries. I'll need to find spare parts and see what I can do.

This is the part where you tell me how great your weekend was and I get all mad cause I have to go out of town AGAIN this upcoming weekend.

Oh, and I have training tonight so I don't get home till 8:30, so I won't be able to see my son tonight and I'll have little, if any, time to fix my server.

This has to be my longest, and most confusing JE ever.

And that, folks, is what you call a cluster-fsck. ;-)
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What a weekend!

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  • by Abm0raz ( 668337 )
    At any moment I was expecting to see:

    If you choose to let your Brother-in-law take the mini-van to pick up the relatives in the disabled car while you drive your wife and kids to her parents' house ... Goto Page 54.

    If you choose to tell them all to goto hell and call a cab while keeping your plans in tact ... goto page 29./i?

  • I go to bed at around midnight. It's common to hear the occasional cough out of Katherine around then, and I check on her before I come to bed if the coughing doesn't stop. I walk in, she's sitting up - but goes back down when I come in. Fine, she wants me to rub her back. But the coughing is still coming and it sounds...wrong. I pick her up.

    Sheeeee-it, I've got a baby with a faceful of vomit and I'm trying to get her to go back to sleep in it (this is the first time she's ever vomited in her sleep).

  • But can we get a Reader's Digest? I just read that 3 times, and still am having trouble understanding it.
  • I won't comment on mine out of respect for your suffering.
  • I found out I'm actually the long lost son of a Arabian King. Then my wife told me I don't spend enough time playing video games and hanging out with friends. On my way to my buddies house I stopped and bought a scrather. I won $500,000.

  • you werent feeling well
    (it was a stomach thing thats best not explained in detail)

    My wife had that on Sunday(although hers was due to visting a chinese buddy of mine and caving in to his insisting that she taste the "Cow Tummy" and "Piggy Intestine")

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