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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Football: Steelers get Rothlesburger?? 10

Well, they nabbed Duce Staley to fill out the RB position. Everyone thought they'd bring in Stephen Jackson in Rd 1 to be the next Pittsburgh running back, but Cowher has such a lust after Rothlesburger, that he put in a temp RB to nab him. I'm guessing they'll either trade up for a top 3 pick or hope Ben falls to 11. Maybe next year they'll go for a young RB to groom...

Oh, and Garcia a Brown and TO a Raven? Ugh, I don't like having to play one or the other for 4 games a year.
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Football: Steelers get Rothlesburger??

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  • he's such a prima donna he'll get thrown out of every game.

    Y'all can have his sorry Sharpie-toting ass.

  • I can handle Duce if he plays the 5 years we have him signed and doesn't pull that hold-out crap he tried in Philly. Still wouldn't mind drafting Jackson if he makes it to the second round.

    I really don't see the Steelers drafting a QB in the first round. I see a CB or a OT. I actually think they may trade down and take the Tackle. Don't forget, they still have Brian St. Pierre from BC as the #3. He's not a bad QB. He looked real good in preseason last year. Nothing glaring but some rookie mistakes.
    • Artrell Hawkins isn't that great. I watched him through college (he went to my school) and I wasn't that impressed. I'd like to see Woodson as a Steeler... oh hell yeah. Besides, I heard Hawkins is about to sign with Carolina today, anyway.

      I'd like the secondary to be the youngin's and see how it goes. Chad Scott isn't terrible, but he isn't the best either (Insert Woodson here, if possible). Townsend showed he can start. Ike Taylor... damn is he fast. If they can mold him into a cover corner, I sa
      • And when Cowher tries something different, and it works, he'll keep going to that well until it's dry. If Rothlesburger goes early, I wouldn't be surprised if he trades up for Rivers, just to get that QB.

    • Wait, Charles Woodson has the 'dark, looming' franchise tag. Can't get to him without Oakland letting go of him.

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