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Journal FortKnox's Journal: *Sigh*... New Page Widening 14

Just when I was able to read at -1 again, Klerk does it again.

Any wadgers on how long till they fix this one? I'll give them a month or two.

Because they claim its a "Microsoft Bug" not a slashcode bug.

Being in the web industry, lemmie tell you, that I have to fix pages so they display the same in Netscape AND IE. Its what I do, compensate for the problems of the popular browsers.

Its why you are being paid.

Also, sometime soon, I'm going to make a display (or movement, if you will) for moderation reform, also. So if anyone wants to get involved, stay tuned...
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*Sigh*... New Page Widening

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  • On my browser, it looks blockquoted! It actually uses only about 50% of the page width.
  • to imagine the inner thoughts of Klerks brain --

    1 - Klerck invents page-widening. He sees that he is annoying as hell to a lot of of people, which pleases his 4th grade brain to no end.

    2 - Taco & crew fix page-widening. Despair, desparation, and depression set in for Klerck. He has no outlet for his childish antics, consequently he goes back and forth between waves of depression & loneliness and furious attempts to create new destructive yet attention-getting posts.

    3 - Klerck finds a way to widen pages again. At last, his miserable life has meaning again. He can now be annoying to hundreds of people. As long as people pay attention to him, his existence is justified.

    Compound this with the probability that outside of the internet, this guy probably has no life at all.

    Klerck if you are reading this, FUCKING GET SOME HELP. If you need to be destructive so that people will pay attention to you, you likely will become suicidal when your sorry ass ultimately gets ignored by everyone else. You need medication and therapy dude.
  • I believe that Jamie will fix this thingie soon. He won't less us crazy -1 browsers to wait too long for the salvation from Klerck's misdoings.

    Hmm.. I wonder if Klerck is a Kevin Smith [viewaskew.com] fan.

Thus spake the master programmer: "Time for you to leave." -- Geoffrey James, "The Tao of Programming"