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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Football: Free Agency (or, as I like to call it, WTF?!?!) 11

OK, lets all talk some free agency.

Feel free to discuss your teams at will, I'll be discussing the Steelers and other things I noticed.

Vikings: Antoine Winfield, and the 'Corey Chavous' and the other safety tandem... Last year they had the top two interceptors in the league (the safeties) and they add a top-of-the-litter CB? Umm... if playing the vikings, just go with your running game.

San Fran: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! First you drop Marriucci for no reason. Then you pick a coach that has proven more than once that he only makes teams mediocre (and Mariucci had several 49er teams in the postseason). Now you lose your starting QB, starting RB, and the only recievers are number 4 and 5 on the depth chart?? Sorry 49ers fans... time for a good 5 years of no production on O.

Washington: When will Snyder realise money != a good team? Especially after seeing the superbowl full of a buncha decent players playing as a team, not superstars doing their own thing? And, sure, he has Joe Gibbs, but he's a coach from before salary caps, and it seems that he hasn't grasped the salary cap thing. If they don't do well this season, they're up shit creek, cause they have too many FAR OVERPAID players on their rosters.

Steelers: Emmons and Washington (Marcus, not Dewayne) are gone cause they can't pay as well as other teams. C'est la vie. But signing Gardocki to an overblown contract when we have a top-tier punter in Josh Miller? He's one of the hardest hitting punters in the NFL. I just think it was a waste of money to get Gardocki.
Haggans, the career backup LB, gets signed to a 'starter pay' salary, which many seem to think is the end of Gildon. Not upset either way on that one. Gildon is an old school 'bull rusher' that's getting a little to old to take on RT's with brute strength. And Duce Staley is in to visit the steelers. I don't know if he's enough of a 'hard-nosed-inside runner' that the steelers like to play. Honestly, I think Cowher is scrambling to get a RB so he can trade up to nab Rothlesburger[1]. Cowher absolutely loves the kid, but Steven Jackson is a better pick for the Steelers this year...

[1] my Brother-in-law went to high school with Rothlesburger, in the same grade and same classes and everything.
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Football: Free Agency (or, as I like to call it, WTF?!?!)

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  • Lovie Smith likes (apparently) small quick teams on defense, and on Offense small quick gonna score some points offense.

    Not sure how this is gonna shake out.

    A-train is prolly gone. Gonna need to upgrade the receivers if they want something other than possesion guys.

    I hear they are dumping Kordell, so maybe his old tired ass will retire. They need a good backup QB though. Preferably someone that can teach Grossman some of the skills he needs.

    I am kinda excited this year about the Bears. They need to
    • Kordell's already been dumped, and all the teams that have a need a QB aren't contacting him. He needs to switch to WR or hang his boots.
      • Hmmm, if he can get down the schemes, he'd prolly make a good WR.

        Of course, he's slowed down some.

        Ya know, he could have been a great QB. If he wasn't so damned inconsistent.

        Oh well.
        • He played WR for the Steelers his first couple seasons. He was a FANTASTIC slot reciever. He had to convince Pittsburgh that he was actually a QB. If he just stayed in his 2001, self, he'd be a decent QB, but pressure gets to him and he's never brought a team back from a defecit. He just doesn't get it done in the clutch. To the steelers fans, we were in awe when we saw Tommy Maddox, in his first NFL start witht he Steelers, bring the team back and win the game in one quarter. That's why people just s
      • I can't help but sing "Ding Dong the Bad QB is Gone!" Anyway, Little Ol' Tim Couch is likely to be released here in the next couple of days.

        I'm thinking ChiTown swoops in and picks him up.
  • by sulli ( 195030 ) *
    The good news is that the Skins are putting together a traditional Gibbs offense with a strong RB and TEs. (If only we could get Riggins and Warren back.) But they are rolling the dice a bit .. if this doesn't work they will find themselves in salary-cap hell very soon.

    Gibbs does have something that the intervening coaches didn't: the ability to pull a team together. People forget that Riggins was thought of as a prima donna in his day - he held out the entire 1980 season, something unheard-of today -

  • by SamTheButcher ( 574069 ) * on Monday March 08, 2004 @02:17PM (#8500309) Journal
    Patriots: Keep on keepin' on. :)

    Bucs: I hope they work out a way to sign Sapp and keep him there. Also, getting Joey Galloway would help. I wish they'd get a good QB. I just do not feel Rob Johnson at all.

    Broncs: Good move with Portis. I dunno if y'all see all the quotes, but the owner of the Broncos Pat Bowlen who has always taken very good care of his team players, said that Portis forced it by saying that he wanted to be the highest paid running back, this season, no exceptions. Fucker wouldn't even take a 15 million insurance policy. Fucking stupid kid. Insetad we got someone who, by all his words and actions so far, is probably one of the classiest acts in the whole NFL. A little help on defense, maybe a good backup QB and I think we'll be good. I think Shanahan's got the whole running back thing in hand, despite the people who say he fucked this up big time. I think they did absolutely the right thing. Whether or not it'll translate into a good season, I don't know and if I did, I'd be rich. :)

  • Please, for the love of God, let Jeff Garcia sign here. Sure, he's 34 but the man still has some juice left in him. He's a proven commodity at QB AND cost less than Tim Couch at QB (before the offer to Couch. Of course Couch didn't accept that offer). If the Browns lose Couch, so be it. I'm tired of his low lobs over the middle. I'll miss Gardoki... but not for the money the Steelers put down for him. Shaun O'Hara wasn't worth shit on the line. Jamel White was a great receiving RB... but, again, not
    • Right after writing this I stroll over to to find that Garcia is going to the Bucs. So...

      No Couch... no Garcia...

      Hello Kelly Holcomb! *groan* No thanks to the Human Pick Six but I'm ready to see Nate Hybl taking snaps. Shit, let's move to the AFC Classic Offense: turn and run, turn and run, turn and run. Worked for Baltimore... Carolina... don't have the posession receivers and soft touch QB to do what the Pats do.

      I'm starting to think the best way to save the Browns is to kill the roster.
      • Better recheck SI []. Looks like you shoulda waited for the dust to settle.

        Damn, garcia and TO... 4 times a year....
        • Yeah. Now of course the groaning will still go on (as the Couch fans bitch and moan and every fan moans about the lack of an O-line). Funny how the Browns are actually saving money by paying Garcia instead of Couch...

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