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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Josh Update 22

Well, hell, I haven't talked about life in a long time.
I was on one of the best projects ever the past few months when the manager decided I wasn't needed anymore (the scope narrowed a bit), so I got booted off. I wasn't happy about it at first (hell, I was quite pissed as I recall), but I got over it.
The cool thing? I was telling my sales woman about my next job (instead of the other way around). My 'on the job' manager loved me so much, he touted me about in the office, and I was being fought over by 3 more projects.

The uncool thing? Well, the project was one where a kid (contractor) who didn't know struts made a struts app. It was my job to clean up his mess (he was thrown out of the company). Lets see... I have one jsp that's over 10 pages of scriptlets... struts?? Heh... and I'm not mentioning the domain side (which is, by far, tons worse).

The cool thing? It's so past the deadline other people on my new bosses other projects already started, and it will be finished this week or next (I started this new job on monday).

The not cool, yet not not cool thing? Well, they have another project coming up where the architect is from my consulting firm, and that's where I'm slated to go next.

The ultra-cool thing? No coding is planned for the next like month. I'll be playing analyst AND developer on this project! That's like a step below project management. I'll be in charge of all the documentation, and the brains of the outfit. I'm quite psyched about it.

In other news, I'm taking training for some new technology to put my foot into a nich market that's in high demand. This means I work 9am till 8pm on mondays.

Aside: I wake up, change Joey's diaper just before I leave, and that's all I see of him on monday, cause he goes to sleep at 7:30... although I did have a 'daddy moment' this past monday. I went into his dark room, and he wasn't quite asleep at 8:30 (when I got home), much to his mother's dismay, but he was sucking his thumb and I came in to give him a kiss goodnight... he looked up at me, got this HUGE smile, pointed to me and said 'daddy'. Me wife was almost in tears from hearing this over them monitor.

But the nice thing about this training, is there is a 1pm-5pm training on friday, so I don't have to worry about working late on fridays.

So, wtf is up with you people?
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Josh Update

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  • by Abm0raz ( 668337 ) on Wednesday March 03, 2004 @03:46PM (#8454890) Journal
    Well, on monday night I went to bed early and this disheveled and obviously overworked man came into my apartment while I was falling asleep. (I think he was delerious). He leaned over and kissed my on the forehead. I was so scared I started sucking my thumb and shaking in a fetal position. I mumbled some words, then he just smiled and wandered away.

    Freaky. ;)

  • by metlin ( 258108 )
    Thats a lot of stuff, mate!

    Yeah, design is always way better than dumb coding. I had an interview with the Borg the other day for an internship, and one of the interviewer's questions was why I wanted to be a Program Manager rather than a Software Development Engineer (err Microsoft's term for Code Monkey).

    Other than the usual design experience crap, I told her that I did not want to be a developer for the rest of my life, do not know how well she took it though :) But on the other hand, it does have the
    • I told her that I did not want to be a developer for the rest of my life

      Developers, Developers, Developers, ...., Developers, Developers, aren't they the true focus at MSFT?
      • True Focus? Microsoft has such a thing? If anything, world domination comes closest ;-)

        Heh, am sure all that Balmer act is just to make the monkeys feel happy. On another note, she asked me about my experience as a developer and I told her I have been a code monkey in a previous life :) Fortunately, she was game enough to smile at it!
  • Nothing quite like that, is there? I am continually amazed at the powerful emotions that rise up when the subject is my daughter (now 19months). Just yesterday my wife was telling me how they were playing at the neighbors, and every time Katherine tried to climb onto a riding toy of the other boy (who is like 2+) he would say "No baby" and take it away from her. My response was, "I'm sure you're better in situations like that than I would be. I wanna smack the kid just hearing about it." I can just pic
    • I notice the memorizing too (with mr.brown can moo, in fact!). He's in a pitch black room, turns a page and says "boom boom boom!" Then "spat spat spat", turns a page, and starts saying whatever is next (the only one I have memorized is "There's a Wocket in my pocket"). Its dark enough he isn't seeing the pictures, just knows what book is in his hands and what to say on each page. I think I need to get him more books ;-)
      • Must be something in the book -- Boom Boom Boom was my daughter's first line as well. I knew she knew that one, but I would say "What book do you want Daddy to read?" and she would say "Moon!" and I always thought she meant Goodnight, Moon. Only recently did I realized she meant Mr. Brown Can Moo.

        We read to her with the lights on, then turn them out for bed, so she does get to see the pictures. A favorite book is "It's Not Easy Being Big", a Sesame Street book. Although the book is about the ups and do

    • Awesome Daddy Moments, both you and Josh.

      I remember hearing myself on a cassette my parents made when I was a wee one and going through the alphabet went "A..B...C..D..E..F...G... H...I...J...K...lemopee."

      I was darn cute at that age.

      And there are so many great daddy moments with my girls (ages 3 & 5) that I get sad when I think about how many I know will go completely unremembered over time. But such is life. I live for every moment and don't complain. :)

      • I was darn cute at that age.

        I remember waking up my dad when I learned to whistle. I was cute too...
      • We'd been to an amusement park one day and bought cotton candy. My sister (about 2) woke up the next morning and went into my parent's room, climbed up on the bed, and proffered something pink and fluffy to dad. He opened his mouth and put it in. That's when he realized she'd just fed him a pink cotton ball. :-)

        He still remembers that one.

  • Finished a major revision to a struts application I wrote a year ago. Moved multiple servers, changes parts of the data model and split the code up even further so I don't have to deal with all those damn JSPs.

    I'm kind of torn on struts. It's nice to have a user say "I'd like to go from here to here. Is that a hard change?" and know that I just need to edit a config file. I've just spent too much time reading the code for documentation on some of the features it offers.

    Right now I'm having a party with ma
  • Well, for starters, I'm walking around spraying some deodorizer (sp?--too lazy) since you apparently have a mad crazy case of the swamp ass....hey what? I'm getting this stuff directly from the source people.

    Josh said it, not me.
  • The project/demo I was busting my hump over last October is ramping up again. Its nice that something you bled for isn't going to waste. Being the only carry over from the previous project, I'm getting to dictate how the whole thing goes down*.(at least on the tech side and internal business process side) You can view that as me usurping power from the manager or me making his life a heck of a lot easier. Whatever. I just want it to be teh Gode. And an example of me defacto running a team/project.

  • i dig my wife.

    i do not dig my job, but then i never have.

    i am still trying to get 3D work done. currently modeling 2004 carrera GT.

    i am helping my parents get a website going for their business. nothing special. my sister did most of the visual design. i'm offering ideas and getting the text. if we decide we need scripting, i'll get some of that.

    i'm thinking of going to coachella.

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