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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Greatest Cure of the New Century! 3

Indian scientists have discovered the specific cause, and now cure for flatulence. This socially unacceptable bodily function can be stopped with a simple radiation treament that targets the specific chemicals that cause flatulence. Soon, you too, may be excusing yourself to the bathroom of Taco Bell to get a "quick rad fix"...
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Greatest Cure of the New Century!

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  • ...hummus without the embarassing gas!

    Is it really that big of a problem over there? Maybe we've been looking at this global warming problem all wrong. If the sulfer dioxide levels drop dramatically in the next few years, we'll know we've been wrongly accusing automobiles.

  • Is this a plot by the American Cancer Society to drum up business?
  • What about the fart game?

    Pull my finger?

    Holding your wife/So under the covers and blasting away?

    No thanks, I'll eat non-radiated food...

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