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Journal FortKnox's Journal: The Passion 17

Yup, I went to see it this morning. What can I say about it?

Well, I'll admit something for starters. I cried like a little girl through most of it. Rare will anyone ever see me cry. The closest I get to crying is like... say... the end of Saving Private Ryan. And its an "almost sob but I don't."

Some of the crying was due to my beliefs... just having an 'idea' of an event without actually realizing what all went into it. Most of it was Mary watching Jesus and the father in me almost knowing what she must be going through...

Its powerful.... waaaay powerful.
For the non-religious (well, non-Christian), you get a sneak peek into our faith along with the cruel cruel punishment of Jesus. For the faithful, you get your first-hand look of what all Jesus went through to save you. You'll never look at the cross the same way again. Its as simple as that.

Oh, and its EXTREMELY bloody... perhaps the cruelist, bloodiest thing I've ever seen. No child under 16 should see this (and I'm only including extremely mature 16 year olds).

And I don't mind hearing all the bad things you think about it... as long as you've watched it. Its like those linux zealots insulting windowsXP when the last time they used windows was windows 95. Watch it, then I'll be happy to respect every bad thing you say about it.
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The Passion

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  • Watch it, then I'll be happy to respect every bad thing you say about it.

    Last night on his tee-vee show. Pony up the dough, go see it, then fire away.

  • Confused? (Score:3, Insightful)

    by cyranoVR ( 518628 ) <cyranoVR@gmaYEATSil.com minus poet> on Saturday February 28, 2004 @06:47PM (#8418943) Homepage Journal
    For the non-religious (well, non-Christian), you get a sneak peek into our faith along with the cruel cruel punishment of Jesus.

    I'm sorry but...Sneak peek? I've been getting smothered with Christian symbols and culture since as long as I can remember. "Sneek peek" is probably the wrong way of putting it?
  • I'm downloading it, and if I like it, I'll go pay to see it properly in the cinema.

    Saw a clip of it with Satan tempting Christ - inspired casting, there. Exceedingly creepy.

    I've heard they get some details wrong (long haired Jesus, nails through palm, carrying whole cross instead of just the crossbeam, etc.) but that it's a pretty well done movie over all.

    MSNBC.com had an article quoting someone saying "I dare anyone to watch it and not believe", but I could say the same about Star Wars... ;/
    • and don't forget the large amounts of Latin.

      I am Christian and won't be seeing it. I think that Mel wants to promote his on peculiar brand of Catholicism (he rejects Vatican II) and purposely made the movie inaccurate to reflect his religious views.

      • Ah, yes, I'd forgotten that one.

        I've been told that a large portion of the movie is non-Gospel, instead drawing from the visions of a Catholic nun in the 19th (?) Century.
        • It is pretty hard to substantiate that. There was barely any dialog that wasn't quote for quote, or a pretty good thing to have said in that situation.

          One thing I was a bit surprised that got left out, was the Roman Centurian that presided over the actual crusifiction when he said "Surely this was the King of Kings" after all hell broke loose with the earthquake and stuff when Jesus died.

      • How would you know that if you haven't seen it?
        • How would you know that if you haven't seen it?

          How would I know what? That there are large amounts of Latin in it? That he puts the nails in the wrong place? That Mel Gibson is a traditionalist? That he rejects Vatican II? That he attends mass exclusively in Latin?

          I am not sure what you are asking. It seems that what you are really asking is: How can you know that you don't want to see the movie without seeing the movie? Answer: Because I have read enough about it and Mel's reasons for making

          • No, I was asking about how you knew that Mel was making the movie to push his own brand of Catholocism.

            He wasn't. He actually sent the movie to preachers and church high-ups across the country under all denominations months in advance to get their approval.

            • How do you know that he wasn't? How do you know that they people he sent it to weren't unaware of his background? How do you know that sending the movie around wasn't an effort to counter the charges of anti-semetism that were sure? How do you know it wasn't a clever marketing ploy to get people who normally never go to movies to shell out $9 on opening weekend? Did the preachers tell him to change anything and did he change it?

              Do I think this is a big conspiracy on Mel's part? Nope. But I think tha

              • There is no real agenda. As many have mentioned, Mel doesn't share his father's views (which are pretty much anti-jew, etc...), and his only agenda was to really show the last hours of Christ. There are Catholic motifs in the movie (strong portrayal of Mary, the 12 stations of the cross), but it isn't there to 'convert' other Christians or show them any different. In fact, the 12 stations come from the book, and he stayed true to the Bible throughout the movie except two flashbacks of Mary and Jesus toge
  • Thanks. (Score:3, Interesting)

    by rdewald ( 229443 ) * <rdewald@NOsPaM.gmail.com> on Saturday February 28, 2004 @07:03PM (#8419089) Homepage Journal
    I had this [slashdot.org] to say about it in my Journal, but I was interested in what someone who identifies themselves as a Christian (a true test of Faith!) on their slashdot sidebar had to say.

    I agree that it is not a movie for children. As a non-believer I have a deep abiding respect for Jesus, not only for suffering, but for his message of radical love and compassion that gets lost among the McChurches of modern time.

    I think it is a work of Art, and Art such as this is not intended to please or reassure the viewer. It shouldn't be easy to see someone persecuted for being true to his heart.

    It was obviously made with loving care, I felt like every single frame was worked and polished until it was just right.

    The reaction to it (and Mel Gibson) these days makes me think of that old Kris Kristofferson tune "Jesus was a Capricorn:"
    "Jesus was a Capricorn
    He ate organic foods
    He believed in love and peace
    And never wore no shoes
    Long hair, beard and sandals
    And a funky bunch of friends
    I reckon y'all'd just nail him up
    If he came down again."
    People can't deal with the message, so they go after the messenger. The commentary has been telling.
  • by Omerna ( 241397 ) <clbrewer@gmail.com> on Sunday February 29, 2004 @01:30AM (#8420975) Homepage
    Just an FYI, it's the most graphic violence I've ever seen (and I'm decidedly not squeamish, I volunteer as an EMT so I've seen my share of blood, etc.) so I'd at least be prepared for that aspect of the film.

    As to the film as a whole, I agree with FK. Also, the supposed "anti-semitic" slant of the film was, I thought, pretty much non-existent unless you're LOOKING for it (which the people who want to cry anti-semitism are). While the crowd(s) that want to kill Jesus are Jewish they're not BLATANTLY Jewish, which is an important destinction. It's more a case of "they happen to be Jewish" rather than "they're doing this because they're Jewish". One of my Jewish friends who saw the film mostly agreed with that assesment.

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