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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Setting the Windows Swap Manually? 7

OK, I think I *may* know why my computer games keep freezing. I had messed with partitions (without wiping them), enlarged them and such, and I think it may be when windows tries to swap (not EVERY swap, but like 1 in 10).
My question: How do you setup the windows swap manually?

Now wait, I know WHERE to do it, I'm just not keen on swaps. Is it twice your memory or what? I have 256MB memory and my windows parition is 5GB. What's the formula for swap space?
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Setting the Windows Swap Manually?

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  • The default minimum is RAM + 12 MB. Kind of a low ceiling. The general rule of thumb I've heard is to double that. Windows will expand the swapfile on the fly, up to the max you set, but it's horribly expensive. So, for 256 MB RAM, I'd start with, oh, 640 MB swap. That ought to be enough for anybody. If that 5GB'er is all you have on that PC, I wouldn't take the max swap too far above that. Another reason to start large.

    If you have another partition or drive on that PC, you can put another swap file there, and save space on the boot partition. Windows always prefers the swap file on %SYSTEMROOT%, so you can get away with 256MB swap there, and find another partition with gobs of space for the rest.

    BTW, I'm assuming you're using NT, 2K or XP. If you're using some 9x derivative, take it out behind the shed and shoot it. :-)

  • in NT-like windozes you can adjust it in the VM control panel. In 9x, i'm not sure how to do it.

    The magic formula tends to be swap size = 2*ram size. Works pretty smoothly in my 'doze NT servers.


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