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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Fat Loot 12

Firstly, SolemnDragon... you probably shouldn't read this (its about stuff you are giving up for lent).

Girl Scout cookies came in this week. Its great these little girls give out fat loot to us for a minimal fee. I got a good $20 from just the 'work' girl scout cookie form. I'll probably get hooked into another $50 or so by the end of the cookie season.

The 'animal delights' (shortbread dipped in fudge) are the ULTIMATE coffee dunking cookie (decaf coffee, of course).
I'm always quite partial to "Carmel Delites", and the two peanut butter ones. Got a box of the new Pinatas, but haven't tried them, yet. Then, there is the ever classic thin mints. My brother-in-law has this WIERD tradition on eating them. First, he freezes them, then he bits off the edge of one side, then the edge of the opposite side, dips on of the 'bitten off' edges into milk, sucks the milk through the cookie by way of the 'other bitten off' edge, then eats the milk laden cookie. I tried it once, and it was good, just too much effort to eat one cookie, if you ask me...

Anyone have anything special they do with their cookie loot?
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Fat Loot

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  • First off, why do they insist on renaming the cookies? My favorites will forever be Tagalongs (that's how you spelled it, no?) and Samoas.

    Second, freezing them is on a per-cookie basis. Samoas are good that way. Mints as well. Peanutbutter based ones, not so much.

    • Yeah, frozen Samoas are great. I hadn't realized it was cookie season -- that's what I get for barely showing up at work for the last couple of months.

      The practice of fundraising with good, resonably priced food seems unique to the girl scouts. It must be so much more rewarding for the kids than having to peddle lousy $5 candy bars in a way that's essentially panhandling. The worst offender is a group in LA that sends little black kids out to sell $5 candy at ATMs and in the airport, during school hours and

      • Reasonably priced? Haven't things gone from like $2 to $5 a box?

        It was quite a shock to me to discover that girl scout troops set their own prices, and that they don't see most of the money. Which, in turn, has caused some significant strife over the years where you have two neighboring towns, one selling them for $4/box and one for $6/box.

        • GS Cookies are $3 a box in my town. Only snagged 6 boxes though.

          I do know what you mean about profits though. I volunteer with Cub Scouts and we have a yearly popcorn sale. The products range from about $7-$10 all the way to a $50 tin. Our profit is only %33-%35 percent of what we sell. It can add up, but you have to sell a lot of popcorn!
  • Helps that we don't get many girl-scouts traipsing around these parts, of course. Also, I have my newly-acquired trim waistline to think about...

  • We don't get them here. I liked the Thin Mints way back when...
  • I've always been partial to the old classic chocolate mint ones.
  • *a pointy object strains to poke through his jacket pocket*
    [whisper]Put the thin mints in the bag and noone gets hurt. [/whisper]

  • This year the cookies are going into the deep freeze.

    We also wrapped tape around the stack of boxes so nobody could cheat.

    We're going to see if we can make eight boxes last longer than a week...
  • They had them for about three years and they were tasty. I always tell my nieces that I'm not buying any unless I can have the apple cookies. But alas, they're just too darn cute. And the cookies are just too darn tasty.

    I buy strictly Trefoils and Tagalongs. The Trefoils I eat along the contour of the girl-heads. I don't know why; that's just the way it is.
  • I'm *always* good for a case -- yes, a CASE (that's 12 boxes) of thin mints. And then some Trefoils for Hubby, because those are his faves.

    BTW, the case of thin mints lasts a whole year -- strict discipline & rationing.

  • Anyone have anything special they do with their cookie loot?

    (They're called biscuits or bikkies here - not cookies.)

    My favourite biscuits are Tim-Tams []. The best thing to do with these is to nibble the ends off, dip one end in your coffee (or hot chocolate) and suck. Yummy!!! (And messy.)

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