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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Deus Ex: Invisible War 9

Day-oos eks. Make sure you articulate it if you say it in public, or else people will wonder why your conversations involve a 'day of sex.'

There will be spoilers, but I'll give you a little warning.

First of all, I loved the game. The whole 'universal ammo,' the UI, and other things that people are griping about aren't that bad (in fact, the universal ammo makes sense in the story). The game was a little easy until you came across the 'elite' people of the game (but then again, I played a sneaker most of the way, and it worked out that I didn't get into major fire-fights). My only gripe? It was too damn fast. I played the first one a bagillion times. Even played it through in december to get ready for this one. It still took me several weeks to get through the whole game. This game took me like 10 hours of total playing time. They really coulda put a lot more into it.

OK, now the spoilers come. If you ever plan on playing the game, just stop reading. If you don't care, lets carry on, shall we?

Biomods were cake to come across, but it helped people who wanted to switch around and experiment. I did nothing of the sort, so I ended up with like 12 unused regular cannisters and like 10 unused blackmarket cannisters.
The only biomod I used a ton was the one I got up front (first place you get mods you can charge up one all the way, and that's what I did). Eye mod that allows you to see through the walls. Think about it. In most games this is a cheat! It isn't expensive to turn on and keep on most of the game, either. By far, this is the mod I'd suggest to anyone.
The other one's I chose were cloaking from robots, and bot domination. I thought this would take the cake, but it really wasn't that wonderful. Running in, taking control of a military bot, hiding, and going f'ing nuts against the evil baddies wasn't that great. The hunter-seekers plasma gun sucks, the military bots missile launcher has too slow a reload rate. Its something I shoulda did without (cause mag rail's secondary fire + eye mod = emp'ing bots before you are even in the room).
The other mods were computer hacking (you'd think this is a no-brainer, but there isn't that many computer's around to hack, so it may be better to get regular cloaking), and walk silently (which is nice for the sneaker I am, but I've heard the run fast, jump high is great for hit-and-run tactics).

Weapons? I never used anything like the flamethrower or missile launcher. Too expensive. SMG sat around, cause I never wanted to attact too much attention, and you can't silence it (but kept it around in case an alarm went off, and I needed to coverfire). Best weapons were the boltcaster (3 shots in anything == unconsious on the floor in a couple seconds. With the glass breaking and silencer modifications), the sniper rifle (headshot from long range if needed), and the mag rail (only secondary fire to knock out any machinery you can see through the walls).
Energy cells were a dime a dozen (and I had my eye-mod on almost constantly). Never ran outta ammo. Never had to use all my medkits, cause you can get (and hold) enough food to heal you.

The only thing that was tough in the game was going against multiple power-armored templars. Illuminati elite were useless, cause you can head-shot sniper them. Templars required a lot of firepower to putdown.

JC Denton was a powerhouse badass by the end of Deus Ex. Now he has a super-AI inside of him. Unstoppable, right? 2 headshots and he's down. They shoulda given him a super-ai script, complete with a full set of biomods. That woulda made you think twice before going against his wishes.

The endings.
I didn't like the JC Denton ending. Felt like I just created the borg.
The Illuminati ending was alright. At least it seemed like a normal ending to the world.
The renegade ending was pretty cool.
But the templar ending was by far the most wicked. It was also the easiest (cause all the templars on the last level are on your side). The man hanging at the very end of the cutscene... they should have panned up to his face... it shoulda been alex's face (IMHO). VERY wicked... I loved it :-)
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Deus Ex: Invisible War

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  • by lab16 ( 416283 )
    >My only gripe? It was too damn fast.

    This was done on purpose. The person who created it said that most people who played through the first didn't actually play through the whole thing because it was too long(this confused me, Ive played through that whole game 15 times), so he made the 2nd one shorter.

    >JC Denton was a powerhouse badass by the end of Deus Ex. Now he has a super-AI inside of him.

    So the DE2 storyline is based off of the Helios ending of the original?
    • Let's just say they overcorrected by cutting the game so damned short. And I swear to God, if the levels in thief are this small (with the lovely, buggy CD copy protection) there's no way I'm buying the game. Argh, why was Liberty Island split up, when several years ago, the entire thing fit in a single level.

      DX2 has elements of all of the endings of DX, but Denton clearly merged with the Helios. And it was a serious 'punkout' to have a non bio-modded Alex to deal with.

    • The DE2 storyline is based off all three endings of the game.

      JC Melded with helios... he ripped up the aquinas hub destroying the illuminati, and threw the world into the dark ages. You start off like 20 years afterward when the people hard to restart from scratch. Most cities have a 'lower section' that is the old city, and an 'upper section' which is the newly created city after the collapse.
      • by lab16 ( 416283 )
        >The DE2 storyline is based off all three endings of the game.

        So I take it you don't know about the secret fourth ending? You have to enable cheats for it to work. (which is sort of a pain) tml
        Scroll down to the part where it says cinematics. Notice the appearence of 99_endgame4?
        The secret fourth ending is the "happiest" of all the endings. ;)
        • The same thing in IW. 4 'regular' endings, and one 'danceparty' ending. I've seen that one, which is really wild when you load 10 military bots into the dance scene... MUHAHAHAHA... ;-)
  • I just couldn't get in to the Templars, no matter how I tried to suck up their intolerance and help them, the game always threw something in my face to piss me off, push my buttons and make me go contrary to them.

    And the Powered Templar armor was such a bitch, I just LOVED to see them go pop.

    So I saw every ending but that one, and I aparently missed the best of the lot. I hated all of the others.

    I preferred DE-1 by a large margin over this second outing. The levels were WAY too short for no particu
    • The real key to the templar ending is to go BACK a level from the last, go to the templar hangar where they are holding Paul Denton, and give the guy a blood sample.

      After that, it's cake. The entire last level you have everyone on your side (except WTO) until you give the templars the info from the computer. Then everyone is pissed off (but youa re being backed by templars in powerarmor, so just run and let them do the fighting).

      Take JC out with a double headshot with sniper rifle, open up the case wh
      • Naw. I'll just go back over to my friends and replay the whole blasted thing. I'll just have to get over the dirty feeling after I've played someone who values "racial purity", and all that.
        • Oh, don't get me wrong, it was the last choice for me, also... and the ending is 100 times as horrible (when I say 'wicked', I'm meaning 'wicked evil'). Its so terrible I thought it was extremely fitting, and gives you that "I feel dirty for ending the game in this way" feeling.

try again