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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Since I haven't posted in a while... 11

... I've decided to just put a whole buncha crap into this one JE.

First, I ask you a favor: click this and hit the number it says. If you are annoyed enough to join the game, hit the 'join the war!' link on the next page.

K, now that we have that out of the way, I must say my fingers are killing me. I'm in a 'code code code' mode, and I just finished painting my Kitchen on saturday. A primer coat (before you ask, no, its nothing like "C++ Primer"), then 1 coat for the top level, 2 coats for the bottom. And the kitchen is pretty sizable, probably one of the biggest rooms next to the basement.

As some of you may have read from SolemnDragon's journal, I will be giving up caffeine, and laziness (read: start exercising) for lent. I'll be 'switching energy sources' that will hopefully be for the better. Being raised Catholic, I also do the 'no meat on fridays' (which translates to 'fish on fridays'), so I stocked up on tuna, sardines, and anchovies (the only time of the year I can convince my wife to have sardines and anchovies in the house). That means I get to make my fav anchovie pasta meal :-)

Beat Deus Ex:Invisible War yesterday. More info (impressions) on the next JE about that, so hang on for that. I installed Battlefield1942 onto my machine along with 'Secret Weapons of WWII', which I will break out and play with tonight. I also found that 'galactic battlegrounds' mod that seemed interesting (jumping into an AT-AT and stomping some rebel scum!).
Now that I have the 'power' machine, I can play online with any of you fruits if you are interested. Just gimmie a hollar.

Oh, and I finally reattached my old machine and commenced sorting through 3.7k emails (All but like 8 of them were spam). Its the greatest feeling when I'm playing a game (I always play after Joey is asleep) and my wife says "Josh, I need to use the computer really quick" and I can turn to her and say "Use your own" :-)
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Since I haven't posted in a while...

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  • so is lent about giving up things that are bad for you or things you like or both?

    And then how long do you have to go without? -- I could look it up I'd rather ask someone. I've seen how some web sites portray what I believe and it makes me skeptical of what I read about other view points.

    • Lent goes from Ash Wednesday (this wednesday) till Easter. Its 40 days total, and represents Jesus' time of fasting and such before his death (I'll let someone a little more versed in the bible explain the 40 days part).

      Then there is 'mardis gras' (which is french for 'fat tuesday'). This is the day before lent where you go all out nuts and do the thing you are giving up, bigtime (ie: if you are going on a diet for lent, you eat everything in sight). This isn't a catholic tradition, just another reason
      • First off as far as the 40 days goes, it is generally considered to be equivalent to the 40 days that Jesus spent fasting in the desert following his baptism and before he started his ministry. Matthew 4:2 is one reference to this. The choice of Ash Wednesday is as far as I know fairly arbitray. There are 40 days between Ash Wednesday and Easter Sunday, NOT COUNTING SUNDAYS. The Catholic tradition says that Sunday's are feast days, and that you are not required to fast on feast days, or something like t
        • The dragon is tying this to Lent, because HER god doesn't mind. And the forty days...

          It goes back farther than that. If you read the old testament, forty days and nights is the traditional phrase for "an unspecified but sacred amount of time." A prophet would wander 40 days and nights in the wilderness, which was the anceint hebraic equivalent of walkabout but without food, etc. They'd just wander off into the wild for a time and if/when they came back, they may have had a revelation. Frankly, i'd find wa

      • if you are going to give up coffee for lent, for the love of your wife and child do these two things:

        (1) Daily shalt thou place a jug of juice beside your sleeping spot, so that ye may avail yourself of it upon awakening. (2) Drink heartily from it upon arising, yea, even before proceding unto sex, unless thy mate be badly jonesing.

        (3) Drink liberally of water throughout the day, and know ye that your forebearers have hid from you that 'eight cups per day' is hard. (4) Long is the time it takes to dri

  • I was raised catholic. Well, most of the time. Was subjected to Latin Mass when I was young, and then went to Methodist church with my mom for a while. Then later was sent to catholic school for 7th-10th grades.

    I have to say, I never liked fried fish. Friday's during lent sucked. I'm quite relieved being vegetarian I don't have to eat my fish anymore. :)
  • I tried that GB mod about a year or so ago and found it so-so, but hopefully it has been improved upon since then. Don't know if there are many servers out there running though; it's a multi-player only mod if I remember correctly.

    Have you tried the Desert Combat mod yet? It's generally regarded as the best BF1942 mod out there.

    There is also a Pirate themed mod available that looks interesting. Will have to try and find a server that is running it.....
    • Desert combat? Nope, but I'll take a looksies.
      • It's available on DesertCombatSite [desertcombat.com]. Xerithane and I used to play a lot of this mod as it's basically modern warfare using the BF1942 engine.

        I haven't played the Battlegrounds mod, but there's a game coming out in fall call StarWars-Battlefront that looks interesting :).
        • what id's do you guys go by (I'm, as always, 'fortknox')? And do you play it much anymore? Any fav servers?
          • I know Xerithane always played on the "SEATTLE" switch. For DC, the choice is rather limited if you want to join 32+ player servers. Xerithane's ID was Xerithane[Nerdfarm] and mine was Shadowspark[NerdFarm]. Although we looked l33t with our lil' square bracket clan thingies, we sucked. Well I know Xerithane knew how to pilot a helicopter really well... I was just a bad shot. I know Red5 also played and apparently he was really good with the gunner of the helicopters.

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