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Real Time Strategy (Games)

Journal FortKnox's Journal: KoC: Why D is better than O 17

First of all clicky clicky. :-P

Ok, if you are not into the game, but are saying "OK, this isn't a fad and these people are having fun. I WANT IN! " No fears, simply click here, hit the number it says, click on "Join the War!" on the next page, and register and you are in. Look at other "KoC:" JEs from others playing the game to get the strategies and stuff down...

Why D is better than O: Its a matter of math. In 1 day, you get 48 attack turns. That's 3 full attacks. How much cash can you get in 3 full attacks? $50k? $150k if you are lucky?
With as many troops as I have (as humans) I get over $16.5k per turn, and you have 48 turns per day, that's $792k per day. And I get at least 8 new troops everyday, which means my $ per turn increases.

So I have towers and almost 100k defense. I'll keep at it until I can save the whole 650k for battlements. I may never go offense until I can get everything up to 'the hand of god.'

Oh, and 'saving helmets' is not the best way to go when saving up for big things. Cause if you get attacked 20 times overnight, you could lose every helmet to degredation. Better to save something like platemail (your 640 items) so that you can stand an onslaught without losing your investments.
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KoC: Why D is better than O

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  • If you can check your account every few hours and "bank" the gold into weapons then nobody will have any incentive to attack you. Of course you have to get up early to not lose your overnight money. I have a real advantage in that my wife is a resident and has crazy hours and we have a new baby. I can get up, change a diaper, and bank the overnight gold.
  • You should save whatever you can afford to save. If you have 50k to save don't buy 25 helmets. The interesting thing is that if an item is damaged it is a good investment to repair it before selling it. You will gain more in value than you spend on the repairs.
  • We posted JE's at the same time. :P

    I have seen the light with D. It's my strategy now.
  • Please give this a click []! (Or, if you have time, here []...)

    I've been going with the all out defense strategy. I'm up to 35,000 right now. Nobody was able to connect at all last night. It took someone with a 5,500 ranking to finally pillage me this morning.

    I'm currently getting about 7,300 a turn. All of it's going into Mythril during the day if there's enough when I check in. Anything I amass overnight will go into upgrading my camp. I'm currently saving up for a tower.

    I've been storing up attack turns as
  • I have to fully disagree. If I had the income that you do, I would probably 'D' up as well, but seeing as I only ahve one officer and you ahve butloads, I'm going to be hard pressed to keep up with you in passive income.

    However, I have no defensive men, no defensive weapons and no foritifications and have never been attacked yet. Using my spies to scout out good targets, in addition to the ~120,000 gold I make from my armies, I pulled in another 180,807 gold using 47 attacks on 9 different people. Using
    • In addition, I would argue that your strategey is more fun.
      • I would agree as well, but my method requires constant check-ups on the troops. I try to check every hour or 2 during the day, as well as right before I goto sleep and as soon as I wake up. FK actually has a life and responsibilities (you know, wife, kids, decent job) so he needs a more lazy-fare (l'asie faire? I can't spell in english, more or less french) method, so going ballsout "D" is a better choice for him.

        Me, on the other hand, I've used my allotted 50 covert actions every day this week. I follo
        • I use Mozilla and make liberal use of tabs. I lost over 40k that I was in the process of spending the other day. Now I am ready to spend before I have the cash in hand.
        • Honstly, I don't know if you need to two window approach. Cause he had 50k, just got 40k, then all of a sudden his cash is down to 20k? He'd reload to double check, then check the attack log, then load up your page, before even getting ready for an attack. That's plenty of time to figure out what you buy, hit the number, click 'buy'.

          I don't understand why people send nastygrams. I mean, come on, the game is about death and stealing!
  • Two nights ago I got pegged for 30k, 15k, and 5k.

    When I look at my armory, NONE of my defensive stuff had even been touched.

    Stupid army. Pick up the nice things I bought you and USE them.

    • what little defensive stuff I have is also completely unscathed after a few brutal attacks. I am giving up on defense.
    • Balanced only gets you so far, you either have to concentrate on one or the other for a while until you can build up the other. I still occasionally get plundered at night, but its a lot less often, now-a-days.
    • well, i just spied you and I can see why :)

      Anyways, you are an elven army. You get a +25% to all covert actions. I started out trying to be balanced as well until I read the rules. Orcs get +25% attack, Dwarves +25% defense and humans +25% money. So humans and dwarves it behooves them to play to their strengths and buttress themselves in and rack up dough. Elves and Orcs it pays to attack. Otherwise, if you plan on going defensive, then you may wany to restart as another race to maximize your race be

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