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Journal FortKnox's Journal: ComicBookGuy: "Worst Poll Ever!" 6


What the hell is this?!

A poll... about the "coolest game"... with no sid meier... no richard gariott... no Warren Spector... Insane!

I really wonder how they thought they could make this poll without the whining about lack of selection...
They had 2 better choices. "Which is the best game out of this selection?" Which woulda been just lame. Or "Which is the best genre?" Which woulda helped (you can put in all the genres without running out of poll slots).

I have mod points, but no one came up with a good enough whine for me to mod up, so I just made my own. :-P
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ComicBookGuy: "Worst Poll Ever!"

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  • We could debate all night, listing Brood War or Star Craft or War Craft, or Commander Keen, or Dr. Mario. There are tons of games, and tons of opinions about the games. An exhaustive listing all games people feel are the best of all time seems pointless - maybe a genre selection? Maybe listing a period of time: "Best game to come out in the past year." Atleast they were smart enough to list "Video Game" so that we don't even have to get into catch. I don't think there's ever going to be a came to replace the fun you get from a simple game of catch. With that said, what the heck ever happened with tag...

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