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Journal FortKnox's Journal: KoC: Strategies 30

First, its time for Clicky clicky... ;-)

OK, I've thought out of a buncha strategies, including the one I'm stuck in...
  • Offensive Extreme: Ignore all money you earn from your troops. This is 'dead money.' You'll lose it all on attacks, meaning the 'in the middle of the night' when you gain a buncha money because of inactivity, it'll get taken because of a lack of D. Everything you earn comes from attacking the hell outta people, and everything is spent on offensive weapons. Every one of your troops should be armed, and when that happens, you start upgrading the weapons and siege abilities.
    Requires: Small army, crapload of attack turns.
  • Defensive Extreme: Never attack. Simply put. All your money is earned from the amount of your troops, so a premier strategy is getting a lot of troops, cause more troops means more money generated per round (tons of officers, and tons of people clicking your link, and upgrading unit production). Everything is spent in D. You should be able to make it through the night without being pillaged, so use the overnight earnings to upgrade fortifications and buying supreme equipment. When you are happy with the amount of defense you have (being impenetrable), start working on siege abilities, and once you have that up high, work on getting weapons, and attacking people.
    Requires: An absolute ton of troops with a solid group of 'daily clickers'. A complete lack of offense and spies (you need to keep your rank low so you can defend the people around your rank).
  • Balance: I tried this at first. Rotate back and forth with offense and defense and try to keep stuff even. It works great for a while, but once you start getting away from noobies, and into the ranks of people that know what they are doing, most take one of the two above strategies, so you are screwed. You get pillaged at night by supreme attackers, and those that have money have supreme defenses.
  • Shifting: Aka the "mekka strategy." This has a lot of potential. Start off with the D extreme strategy. Build up a massive amount of money and attack turns. Sell all your defense, and pour all the cash into offense. Go completely ballistic (works great if you start off at like 5 or 6am EST), and ravage the hell outta anything that moves. Once you use up all those attack rounds, get rid of all your offense, and rebuild your defense. I'd say you could do your 'ballistic offense' once a week, and maintain a good D for your rank.
    Requires: Patience and waking up at the butt-crack of dawn weekly.
  • Give it up to the Bank: This is sort of a strategy that works with the others. The idea is that 'targets' are people with a lot of stored up money. If you sit and buy a knife everytime you have over $1k, then you'll always be 'poor' and never be attacked (except the overnight pillages). Buy a shitload of knives, and when you can sell them all and buy something, do so. The problem? You lose a crapload of money (you sell back at a loss). But the thinking is that the money goes to 'the bank', not to another player. Its kinda a chess strategy... if someone gets an advantage, make sure it isn't your opponent. Its a good way to get your fortifications, and it'll help you a little bit when you don't have enough weapons for each one of your troops.

Well, that's the list.

Any strategies you guys have thought of??

Update: Other points I've thought of:

  • Attack with only 1 turn. Make sure you can win, then give'm the 15 turn attack next. Will prevent the '15 turn backfiring smackdown.'
  • DON'T BUY SPIES! No one uses them, and if you buy them, it'll REALLY propel your covert rank, and you'll be ranked amongst those that will royally be way outta your class and show you what pain and overkill are all about. If you have spies, and need them killed, just spy me, or BA_N (my commander) or BA_N brother (BA_N's commander). Our d is strong enough to catch spies.
  • You get more money from people of similar rank than those out of your class. So make sure that if you are a defensive-type that you can defend those around your rank, and don't fear someone who's 'waay' up to steal from you.
  • I'll add to this list if I think of more stuff.
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KoC: Strategies

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  • I forgot to mention, I'm switching and trying the 'Defensive Extreme' strategy today. I sold all of my offensive weapons, and built up my D. My D is extremely high ranked, but I have to wait to see how low my O is (used to be around 30k... D is well below 10k rank).

    I'll also use the 'give it to the bank' strategy, cause I have to paint the kitchen all tomorrow and won't be able to log in every hour to prevent getting sloshed.
  • I've been using the following strategies:

    1. started with the "keep no money" strategy. I've never been attacked. I tend only to sleep 4hrs at a time, so I never build up enough to entice people.

    2. balance: Well, since i never get attacked, i've dumped this for the balls out offense.

    3. Balls out offense: 7 offense people, lots of weapons, started losing. Time to change the stratedgy

    4. Spying: I LOVE spies. Spies rule. they're cheap, work better 1 at a time. They tell you the other armies vital stat
    • Damn skippy on spies. I eventually spied on someone level like 40 to kill him off (and messaged him to thank him for taking care of my spy). Cause 1 spy jacked me up over 10k in ranks,a nd I was getting my ass handed to me in the 'overnight raids'.
    • How does sabotage work? All I have seen is recon missions.
      • it doesn't. They took it out of this version. From what I've seen, you used to be able to sabotage other players equipment and destroy it. For example, I could send 3 of my hi-level spies to destroy one of FK's mithril plate armors (the ones that have 2560 defense). Then when I'd attack, he'd have a lot less defense. The tougher the equipment targetted, the more spy power you needed, but the more spies you send in, the greater the chance is that they get caught. So it was a catch 22. I think the real
      • oh, and for example, as of 1:52pm EST, you have 2 spies, 23 attack soldiers, 6 defensive, and 36 untrained. I'll keep the rest of your stats to myself for fear that people might read this and want to eff you up :)

  • I've noticed that when I attack, even weapons that go unused seem to "take the damage" (I realize it's an average)

    Since this scenario keeps you from being attacked too much, wouldn't it make sense to buy helmets (which won't wear) instead, so you don't have to keep fixing them?

    Just a thought....

    • Armor takes damage on defense (I have to repair everything in the morning after the 'night raids').

      So you're screwed either way, really... but if you're offensive minded, helmets are the way to go, defensive minded, knives are the way to go (I'm a defensive person, which is why I put down knives...).
      • Something I've noticed about equipment damage, is that the engine doesn't track individual pieces of equipment, only by group. So if you have 8 knives at 8/10 strength, and you buy 2 more, you now have 10 knives at 8/10.. :)

        I've been pouring most of my cash into weapons, selling the old and upgrading when appropriate. Haven't been attacked yet. I'm not sure yet if offensive/defensive training is worthwhile. A few days ago, my 4 trained attackers with longswords (and 8 untrained with staffs) were soundly de

        • A little trick for equipment... if you have a dozen knives that are 1/5, buy 1 knife for $1k, and all 13 will now be at 5/5. Its a quick way to fix a large group of weapons or armor.
          • Ooh, nifty. They must have changed this in the last few days, 'cause I distinctly remember buying new equipment and finding it already worn. Unfortunately, the armory has a very poor return policy.. ;)

  • Clicky []!

    I'm starting to move towards the defensive strategy as well (assuming I can get on the site. It seems to be down right now...)

    I think there's enough people here to click on our links to keep our troopage built up. I survived last night with no pillaging; hopefully with a built-up defense I can go 2-2...
  • I said earlier I'd automate a clicker, well, i finished it, then read the rules and am not goin g to use it. There is a specific rule disallowing this. I actually enjoy this game, so I don't want to get booted. :)

    For those that care, here's how to do it:
    1. Open the webpage via an OLE call.
    2. grab the bitmap from the cache directory
    3. grab the header of the bit map and read locations (all references in hex) and 18 (horizontal resolution), 22 (vertical resolution).
    4. dim an array of bytes a
    • opps ... ignore step 15. I forgot that i later updated it when I realized that "fourteen" is not spelled "forteen" :)


    • Seeing that they use mostly black and white and the numbers are generally the same font, I'd imagine the size of the pictures would be different (by a couple bytes, not anything major), and you could determine the number by the size of the picture.... but I could be wrong.
      • you are. Very wrong :)

        My attempts went in the following order:
        1. picture size
        2. ratio of white to black
        3. ratio of trimmed white to black
        4. word size
        5,6,7&8. normalized (B&W from greyscale) stepes 1-3
        9. what I did.

        • Good, glad you pinned that down, cause I was thinking along the lines of all of that, but I see they tried to make it difficult. Maybe if you show them the script and how to avoid it, they might give you a bonus or something.
          • Maybe if you show them the script and how to avoid it, they might give you a bonus or something.

            Go ahead and submit my psuedocode to them if you want. I have no real interest in gaining or beta testing at the moment. I'm enjoying the game for what it is. I don't need any special rewards for tracking stuff. I don't even want to use it now that I see there is a rule prohibiting it.

            My mind works weird like that. I once played a MUD that prohibited scripting, but allowed macros and triggers. Their defi
            • guess I should add the footnote, huh?

              ** Standard OCR reduction techniques basically takes the picture of a letter, and normalizes the picture to black and white (no grey or color). Then scans through the matrix for every pixel. (Let's say white is foreground and black is background). Now imagine a tic-tac-toe board labeled as such:
              a 1|2|3
              a -+-+-
              a 4|5|6
              a -+-+-
              a 7|8|9
              It finds every black pixel with 3 or more white pixels around it and switches it to white. Repeat 3-4 times. Then it scans every white pix
              • you could use an OCR neural net and use pattern recognition to pick out what is being written... I did it in school before. Fun stuff (if you are into AI)
                • I am. Had several classes in it, but I really don't think there is enough of a reason to devote several thousand generations of evolution to the net just to gain 1 army a day ;)

                  If you ever want a good book on AI and evolutionary computing, read this book [].


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