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Journal FortKnox's Journal: KoC: All The Links 35

FYI: KoC is the prefix for all JE's that will concern the "Kings of Chaos" game. If you aren't familiar, either avoid the JE's, or click here, hit the right number, then click the "join the war" link, and register to play.

Ok, the master list of people I know in the game. First yours truely.
Next, my commander baldass_newbie and my peer mekkab
And then, all my officers:

SiliconJesus (he's under mekka, so he's cool) ;-)

Everyone on that list is /.'ers, some of them are obvious, others the nick was taken (except for hotflungwok, who is my coworker).

Now, how does the whole 'ranking' work? Simple, when someone clicks on your link, you get a soldier (you already knew that), but if they 'join the war' afterward, they become one of your officers (and you are awarded ANOTHER soldier). Every 2 soldiers they get, you get 1 soldier. So if you click everyone of my 14 officers, they all get a soldier, and I should get 7 soldiers. For every 4 soldiers they get, you get 2 soldiers and your commander gets 1 soldier. So its all about each of us helping each other (sure, I get a deal for giving YOU soldiers, but you get more people clicking on your link to get yourself more soldiers... get it?).

So, get friends hooked, make them your officers, give us all their links, and we'll all click on them.

I'll keep this list updated as much as possible, so bookmark this JE and come to it daily. If I missed anyone, just post your link below and I'll add it to the list.

Keep in mind you can click the link once every 24 hours, not day (so if you clicked my link at 4pm yesterday, you have to wait until 4pm today to click it again).
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KoC: All The Links

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  • Would we have been better off organizing this with more nesting? ie Does your commander's commander get troops when you get troops?

    Also, is there going to be any organized attacking of anyone?

    • Here's an example, you are my officer. When you get 4 soldiers, I get 2 soldiers, and my commander (baldass_newbie) gets 1 soldier. So the nesting only REALLY helps the commander. So its YOUR best interest to get people under you, while its my best interest to get people under me, but I don't mind so much if you get them instead. Make sense?
      • Thanks, that does make sense. Still, if some sort of coordinated warfare were going on, there would be more total soldiers under you if the structure were deeply nested. If no coordination is going to happen then it really doesn't matter.
  • Did y'all ever play that? You were a pimp, and you had hos to go turn tricks to make money, and you could hire thugs to steal money from other pimps (so you could get more thugs and hos) -- oooh, and you made crack too. But I forget what the crack did.

    It rocked. Then they made it subscription or something.

    So are we going to keep a running list of people who's asses need a collective kicking? I haven't been attacked yet (I've been careful to only attack people that aren't in hierarchies) but I imagin

    • Seeing as the only person ranked higher than me is BA_N, I'll be happy to wip up some dudes ass if you are harassed :-)
    • yo! This guy [kingsofchaos.com] smacked me for 13k in gold.

      Despite two fierce counter attacks I never made my money back (Since his rank is lower than mine, I wonder if its just dumb random luck or a protection the weak get. But everyone tells me its just luck...)

      anyway- take some of my money from him ;)
      • I mean 0. Big fat 0.
      • Here's a way to "store" your gold to make you a less attractive target.

        Buy a bunch of knives, which you probably want anyhow since you will want to arm your soldiers. As they get worn out don't scrap them. Once you have enough money to make you a target use that money to repair knives. The money spent repairing a weapon adds more to the value of the weapon than the cost of the repairs, so you come out ahead on this. When you want to make a purchase you can sell the knives and spend the money.

        If you

      • I just attacked him (2 turns) and came away with about 600 gold. He didn't do any damage to me. Seems pretty random.
      • I just got 2K from him. Easy target. All the lower people should buy a weapon and beat his butt.
      • I just attacked him and won.
        The attacks must be pretty random considering the crappiness of
        my army. Heres the report...

        Your soldiers march onto the battlefield

        Your generals report on your army's status:

        0 of your soldiers are trained attack specialists
        10 of your army consists of untrained soldiers

        None of your 0 trained soldiers have weapons

        1 of your untrained soldiers receive weapons and 9 are weaponless

        1 are given a Crossbow

        Your field scouts report on the status of the en
      • Hrm... weak opponents aren't given protection from attack:

        Your troops inflict 3,688 damage on the enemy!
        The enemy sustains 0 casualties!

        flaming_cereberus2's forces counter-attack and inflict 0 damage on your army!
        Your army sustains 0 casualties!

        But they do get protection from gold:
        As flaming_cereberus2's army runs from the battlefield you examine the collected spoils:
        You stole 83 gold from flaming_cereberus2!
        You return to camp, your troops elated from your glorious victory.

        Which sucks, cau
        • But they do get protection from gold:
          As flaming_cereberus2's army runs from the battlefield you examine the collected spoils:
          You stole 83 gold from flaming_cereberus2!

          So where the frick is our protection from gold?!
          Or, what is the line? Everyone better than rank 70k is fair game?

        • I haven't been attacked yet and I've nearly caught up to you in ranking. My key is to NEVER NAVE MONEY. I spend it immediately. I have 6 attack (all using long bows), 4 defense (chainmail), 3 spies (level 2 trained), and generate 2 additional men per day. Tonight I should have enough to train a 7th attacker and give him a steel bow. My attacks (in 2 days) have generated me close to 75,000 gold. I've only had 2 attacks fully defended.

          On that note, we should have a little "Slashdot Battle Royal" planne
          • Your ahead cause of the spies. I keep no spies to keep my rank down.

            But, I'm sure, if you looked at our two groups, you'd find I'm pretty well balanced. I have rabid pitbulls (the 2nd defensive ability), flaming arrows (1st siege ability), 5 mithril armors, a half dozen chainmails. Right now, I'm low on offense, cause I'm generating 10k a turn and keep getting thrashed (I can hold off over 20k attack atm).
  • Help build my army [kingsofchaos.com]. I've done this before, and I'm trying to learn it again.
  • Going through doing my daily clicks I noticed that I get the attack page rather than the recruitment page for Planesdragon.
  • Are you planning on re-posting the link list every 2 days (or so)?

    If not, shoot me a list with the html and we can tag team.

  • Nice army you've got there.
    If you wouldn't mind adding to your list:
    gearheadsmp's link [kingsofchaos.com] (another /. user and peer to you and mekkab) ...and...
    FaKing1 [kingsofchaos.com] (my commander/brother who I keep trying to get to set up a /. ID -- maybe I'll give him one of my troll accounts.)

    BTW, have you 'lost' your spies yet?
    I can't argue with any strategy I've seen thus far. The only one who worries me is mekkab who seems to want to tempt fate when he 'goes shopping'. I've been hit and hit others when I'm scrolling to attack and
  • OneOfEm [kingsofchaos.com]
    JCHobbes1201 [kingsofchaos.com]
  • One of my Half-Life/BF1942 cronies.

    StirNarg [kingsofchaos.com]
  • fudmonkey [kingsofchaos.com] is my officer. Can he be added to the click list?

"If you can, help others. If you can't, at least don't hurt others." -- the Dalai Lama