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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Deus Ex:Invisible War Initial Reaction 10

Some AC wanted my reactions to DX:IW, so here's what I see after a few hours of play.

First of all, I'm playing this game for the story, not the graphics, not the killer FPS deathmatch style, the story. I played SS2 and Deus Ex (which are kinda in the same type of 'series') and loved them both, so I'm coming into this game as a fanboy.

What I've seen so far I mostly like. The graphics are beautiful, the story is rich and exciting right from the start, the sidequests are a lot of fun, and the AI is smart (well, there are some little things).
The only real thing that I havne't liked is the stungun. I'm not into blowing everyone to bits until they piss me off. At one point, I'm getting double teamed by two people. Being the nice guy, I decide to put them down with a stungun. So I sneak up to this chick, and stun her right in the face. She gets all electrocuted-like, but is still up, so I give her a second to the face. By this time, her buddy is taking potshots at me, so I put her between me and him, so if he fires, he's shooting her. The nice AI knows this, and he gets to higher ground where he won't harm his mate (nice!). She recovers, so I hit her again in the face with a stun gun. Getting a bit peeved, I just start rapidfire stunning her... six damn times! I eventually say "screw this", pull out a pistol and one shot in the face = death. Come on! Deus ex was great in the fact that you can go through the ENTIRE GAME without killing someone. After getting a dartgun, I'm finally able to put people down non-lethally in a non-ammo wasting way. But the stun gun ignorance is the only thing I didn't like in the game.

The game is based off of decisions, it looks like. Which makes great replayability. Right now I'm faced with my first. Either go with the WTO, or going a religious sect known as The Order. I think I'll be going the WTO route. But I am having too much fun on sidequests (whacking a lawyer for a nightclub, but distorting money from him before giving him the ol'bullet in the back of the skull). Picking a fight with thugs while security bots are around was a neat little tactic of mine to get some nice firepower (thugs had shotguns on them). And I'm going down to the slums to kill a coffee shop that's threatening the business of the 'new age' coffee shop on the rich side of town.

Yeah, I'm a criminal that doesn't like killing people unless I'm being paid too :-P

Another neat thing is hearing news stories about JC Denton (the guy you play in DeusEx1). Looks like they are giving him a little of all three endings (you had three options on how to end the game in Deus Ex1), which really pays tribute to those that loved the first one.

So I'm really excited to get back into it tonight. So far, its been worth my $50, but as I mentioned before, I'm a fanboy and am playing the game mostly for the story.

So there you have it AC. Only question is why did you AC and not post under your real name?
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Deus Ex:Invisible War Initial Reaction

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  • I loved DXI because of the story and the options as well. It's one of my favorites. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to finish SS2. I lost my savegames, and for some reason, I can't get it to install and run correctly on my current system, possibly because I haven't re-installed Windows this year. I've been a little leery of DXII because I'd heard that it was dumbed-down for consoles. I'll have to keep an eye out for it to hit the bargain bins.

    I never had much luck with the cattle prod in the first one,

    • SS2? That wasn't the console release of the first game, was it?

      • System Shock 2 was a PC game that came out years after the original System Shock. I don't know if there was ever a console port, but I kinda doubt it. Both are widely considered classics.
      • SS2 = System Shock 2

        My favorite game of all time (Deus Ex takes #2). Both by Warren Spector (as is DX:IW).

        You can't find it anymore in stores, but if you poke around on the web, or ebay, you could snag yourself a copy.

        There is a mod that improves all the models up to newer standards, which is worth using if you ever play the game.

        Its the only game that really played with my emotions. I've never been truely sad, angry, frustrated, lonley, and scared by a game before until SS2 (and haven't been sinc
  • Boy, is that stun prod worthless. The baton is better, especially if you're conserving ammo. And those patrol drones in Upper Seattle are very good friends when you're trying to get down the Inclinator. :-)

    So far, my biggest pet peeve is the constant yammering in "my head". It seems like every NPC with a communication device is delivering a humanities lecture at me every time I turn a corner.

    I haven't reached a point where WTO and Order objectives have opposed each other yet, so I've been playing selfis

    • Make the voices stop!!! :)

      One problem I had with enlisting the security drones is that when they open up, they have a bad habit of activating grenades:)

      Chuck the stun prod. POS. I guess that means that they haven't addressed some of the balance issues. Anyone know what patch revision they're up to?


      You haven't gotten to the first 'coffee wars' segment? Lots of people blasted it, but I thought it was hysterical, especially in the later segments. This ain't your father's Starbucks:)

      Post when you fini
  • I promise it wasn't me, but I did want to hear how you liked it. I still don't have a DX9.0 card so I can't play it (pout).

    I never liked the stun gun any way. I was always to impatient to do the non-leathel approach to the game. I am a Solid Snake kind of killer. In the dark in the back is where my knife hits.

    I did try, for a while, to only do knife kills (in the first game), but that ended after a few rooms that were full of people.

    when, oh when will I get a GF-FX
    or will I get a 9700 or 9600?
  • ac button. I normally post ac and have it always checked.

    Anyway, I loved the original deus ex, but heard bad things about IW. I'll probably end up buying the game after reading your review, but not until after this college semester ends. I noticed a definate drop in my grades around the same time I bought the original, so I figure waiting for a little while is the best thing to do.

    btw, can you tell me what some of your system specs are and how good of a framerate you get playing the game? I heard that it
    • I -just- upgraded, because this game needs the firepower (mostly the videocard -has- to be completely dx9.0 compatable. No "MX" nvidea cards, etc...).

      I bought a Dell 400SC server from the small-business section. Its power more than speed.
      2.8GHz, Hyperthreading with 400MHz FSB
      1.0GB 3200 Double-Rate DDR (400MHz)
      and with video I bought an ATI 9600XT

      I don't do the 'framerate' thing, but I have decent resolution up without any problems what-so-ever (even the loadtimes are quick).

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