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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Ugh, Long Weekend Ahead 9

I was just telling my coworker yesterday that I had the family over for the weekend and so I ended up doing chores and stuff most of the weekend (though sunday was a TOTAL vegetation day), but it'll be nice having a relaxing upcoming weekend...

Last night my wife's great aunt (who was basically a grandmother to her) passed away. It really wasn't much of a shock: she was 95 and was showing the signs of colon cancer (colon cancer being in my family, I can tell you: once you get the signs, its pretty much too late). So I have to leave to go to Philadelphia for the weekend. I'll probably run to my parents house tonight to cut a few hours off the trip, but I'm pretty much out after work until monday.

Speaking of that co-worker, he found rips of all the Starcraft music (like the background sounds and stuff). I was a big Starcraft player, so the beginnings I recognize, and the rest sounds really familar. The only problem is I'm coding away, but have a yearning to rush the hell outta some alien, and watch them all burn a firey death.... MUAHAHA... I'M ABOUT TO DROP THE HAMMER AND DISPENSE SOME INDISCRIMINATE JUSTICE.... on this pattern?? ;-)
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Ugh, Long Weekend Ahead

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  • Hey, I wasn't the only one listening to that then? I never played it but spent time seeing network matches. Then I got the remixes. Man, they are funny. Your quote is pretty funny and I used to kid around saying it loudly to my starcraft friends. INDISCRIMINATE JUSTICE... Sounds like something one of those judge shows would have become famous for coining :)
  • I started playing starcraft about a year ago. I still play a lot. In fact I'm 2 missions away from finishing brood war. I don't play on the net but I do get together with friends sometimes and we play.

    I don't know how many years I am behind the times but I have fun so I don't worry about it. It runs great on my less than great hardware.

    • Good luck. To this day I can't beat the last zerg mission in broodwars without cheating (btw - the end f*cking ROCKS!). The last mission is simply impossible.
      • There was a couple missions there that I had a save file about every 10 seconds.

        They're easier than they seem at first. If you can overwhelm the first wave of defenders, you don't see much other resistance. Still, that takes a huge, well-coordinated rush.

        It's still about my favorite game...
        • Its all about taking the offensive up front, especially for the zerg who don't have much of a D. It you can keep the enemy constantly on his heels, you rarely see them sending in a group that is difficult to dispatch.

          The only problem is when you are facing 3 completely strategically different with different types of armies, its hard to keep just 2 of them on their heels.
  • Now I'm going to have to go home and replay Starcraft.
  • That was more fun than I expected!

    I'm converting her ever so slowly - soon she'll be begging me to play!

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