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The 2000 Beanies

Journal FortKnox's Journal: Joey's new bed and other schtuff 23

The crib's finally done with. If the side was down, not only could he climb out, he could also climb in. That's been the situation for about a month. Now he's learning how to climb out when the side is up. That's quite a fall, so we finally got him a bed. Originally, I was thinking a racecar bed, but since its getting time to start thinking about a possible #2, we decided something unisex may be a better solution. So we got the Little Tykes Noah's Ark Bed. He absolutely loves it (maybe a bit too much). He's been climbing all over since we put it together Saturday afternoon.

The problem is his room gets really cold unless the door is open. Sure, our house is childproof, but I don't want him having free reign over everything while we are sleeping and unaware, so we have to gate him into his room every evening. My son is a great sleeper. He goes down around 7:30pm every evening and sleeps until at least 8am. The thing was, when he wakes up (whether it be in the middle of the night, or earlier than normal), we give him 5-10 minutes to put himself back to sleep. The best was in the morning, he'd play in his crib, and sometimes go back to sleep. But now he can go get toys (or pull out all his clothes from his drawers) at 8am. And he's a climber, so he'll slip off his new bed (not far from the floor, but *THUD* followed by a scream is enough for me to pop out of bed to see what happened). Anywho, I've been waking up a lot earlier than normal now...

In other news, I finally got a video card (ATI 9600XT, thanks everyone that gave me input, especially subgeek). So the final stats are:
Dell PowerEdge 400SC (Intel P-4 Processor at 2.4GHz (w/HyperThreading), 512KB Cache, 800MHz FSB).
1.0GB Memory (PC3200 I think? Its the 800MHz type).
ATI 9600XT 128MB 8xAGP card
40GB HD (although, I may be getting a 120GB here, soon)
on board sound & NIC.
And I'm spying a nice viewsonic 19"CRT (now that LCD's are big, CRTs are dirt cheap! The only LCD cheaper than the 19" viewsonic is a 15" LCD).

Has anyone else noticed that "My Yahoo" has been slow as molasses since yesterday??
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Joey's new bed and other schtuff

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  • My 21 in. Iiyama Vision Master Pro 500 is almost 6 years old and still going strong. And it's been used almost 60 hours a week on average.

    Yes, an equivalent LCD display would take up far less space but it wouldn't look half as good in terms of colour accuracy or even at displaying non-native resolutions.
    • My 7 year old Iiyama 9017E blew up over christmas. I'm still making do now with this here crappy old 14" monitor, as I can't decide whether to get it repaired (might cost as much as a new one) or actually get a new monitor that'd be significantly fancier at a lower price than the old one (mine originally set me back about 600 quid if you count delivery and VAT).

      That and I have no actual money to spend on one, of course.

      • Bummer. If I were you, I'd see if I could find out exactly how much a repair could cost and how effective it would be. If it was 50 percent or more than the of the cost of a new replacement, then I'd go for a new monitor. At least that way you'd get a new warranty, etc.
  • by Judg3 ( 88435 )
    PowerEdge 400SC's are nice - especially the price. I keep telling myself that the next PC I get for the wife will be a 400 SC instead of buildign my own. I've seen em start out at $399 and go up from there, hell of a deal.

    As for that bed.... I wish we had cool stuff like that when I was growing up. Then again, maybe I don't - my imagination, transformers, legos, GI Joe, and those other action figures based on the show after GI Joe (They had vehicles that converted, a base that was a gas station/mountain th
  • Our kids were bumped out of the crib by the next one on the way. Our last wont have that problem so it will be interesting to go that route.

    My second is in a little bed that someone gave us and she is getting too big for it- so for her birthday she is getting a new bed. Both girls are on pretty straight forward set ups- nothing fancy.

    It is going to be wild once the youngest is out of the crib and out of diapers. We'll be getting rid of the crib, the changing tables, and tons of other baby stuff. I'm l
  • That's a really adorable little bed. I can see why he'd love it.

    Is the problem with him getting up in the morning that he thumps and cries? Could you put some pillows down to soften the landing, or help teach him how to get out without crashing? I think the gate sounds like a great idea. Kiddo's room gets cold as death overnight, too, but I would rather turn the heat upstairs to 70 and close her door (so I can hear when she comes out in the middle of the night). That way, when she wakes up in the morning
    • Is the problem with him getting up in the morning that he thumps and cries? Could you put some pillows down to soften the landing, or help teach him how to get out without crashing?

      He knows how to get out, he's just a climber, so he climbs up on an edge, holds on to the 'roof' and slips from time to time. The cries are more 'scared' than hurt. No bumps or bruises, so I've seen much much worse.

      I'm not going to put anything special down for him. I've got that oldschool philosphy that states "if it hur
      • "if it hurts him, he'll stop it".

        You, sir, get my father of the year nomination. If more people let their kids learn rather than coddle them, we'd see a lot less stupid, whiney, crying kids in this world. Joey will certainly grow up to a great man.

  • I was thinking a racecar bed, but since its getting time to start thinking about a possible #2, we decided something unisex may be a better solution.

    So you're saying that girls can't drive. Sexist pig!

    • So you're saying that girls can't drive. Sexist pig!

      Maybe he's saying they can't park?

      Women's Parking Areas [] in Germany. ("Frauenparkplatz" = special parking areas for women. They are actually provided as safe areas for women at night, but are the butt of jokes.)

      Warning: Horrendously sexist website in German. But still worth a guilty snicker. ;-)



    • So you're saying that girls can't drive. Sexist pig!

      I was thinking the same thing. By NOT putting a girl in the car, it is Mr. and Mrs. FK who are being sexist.

      Anyway, Angie won't let me buy joseph a race car or firetruck bed:( His crib more or less converts to a toddler bed (lost some of the pieces for the conversion). We got rid of the side rail when he was able to climb over the top. The first WHAM we heard was a little disconcerting:) Fortunately, his head isn't as soft as his mother's.
    • The car is blue and would stand out like a sore thumb with 'girl colors,' so NYAHH :-P
      • Oh, girl colors. I'm sorry I thought you were being sexist. If they don't make the cars in pink, there's nothing you can do.
      • Girl colors! What girls can't like blue? Why do all girls have to like pink? Of all the...

        Hey, why isn't NeeNee3 getting in on this race car bed conversation. I bet she had one when she was little. Maybe she STILL does.

  • We got him a "big boy" bed. It was like 600USD! You know a real twin bed from Sleepy's or whatever. Beds are expensive. He'll be five in May but he's been sleeping in his bed since he's three.

    He took one dive out of it but landed on a pile of pillows that really just happened to be there.

    Dan sleeps like a rock too. Now he likes to stay up late and watch my wife play (OK no one call the ASPCA or the NAACP or NCCA or NASCAR or Child Services) Diablo II.
  • is, at 4' 10", would sol fit in such a vehicle? Because that's what my friends would ask if they saw that picture.

    Actually, one place i lived i had to use a crib mattress on the floor because i was the only person small enough to do so while we ordered real furniture.

    My current version is a queen size waterbed frame with a mattress in it, and a featherbed on top. Considering my single status, i figure i'm entitled to some hedonism in choice of mattressing, and the featherbed is splendid.

    All i can thin

    • (I didn't realize you were that tiny!)

      Well, I'm 5'10", and I can lay in it with my legs barely coming over the edge, so its definately 'solemnlivable' ;-)
      • i'm what is in scottish parlance... 'wee.' Most folks don't realise that most folks could pick me up with one arm. Of course, that's probably because most folks would like to keep said arms atached to their bodies, and think that not getting too close would be a good start toward that end...

        anyway, yes, quite tiny, just not delicate 'birdlike.' More delicate 'my that's a big axe you've got there, little girl.' You know, muscular small instead of dwarf-small or frail-small.

        • 'my that's a big axe you've got there, little girl.' ... The ClueBrick is Mighty... and you are not immune.

          Or .. that's a heavy clue brick you've thrown so far, young lady! (/me ducks as it flies by)

  • Last time I checked (99? 2000?) Viewsonics were a good price/performance ratio. I've got a 17 incher since then and no problems.
  • you should be able to play just about anything on that machine. it will probably play doom3 and half life 2 pretty well, too. hopefully yours came with the HL2 coupon. i'm glad to have helped out, as long as you have a pleasant gaming experience.

    i haven't switched to LCDs yet. i am pretty pleased with my dual flat 21" CRT set up, but i must admit that i look longingly at the large LCDs. they have such beautiful color. but enough of that. i have a new vid card to buy first. and a trip to europe. an

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