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Real Time Strategy (Games)

Journal FortKnox's Journal: Football: The Superbowl 21

First of all, when I start talking about football and teams I hate, I can get really nasty. This JE is gonna have some profound language and such, so if you aren't concerned with football, its best you don't read this. That way you'll keep your good pure image of me in your head instead of the blackness that will follow...

First and foremost, I hate the Patriots. I hate a team that gets their wangs massaged by the media, when their offense is a no-risk borefest of tiny high percentage passes. So take that into account...

OK, now what REALLY pisses me off is how many sports casters are comparing Tom Brady to Joe Montana. Sweet shit! Spit out Brady's manjuice. Tom Brady is a mediocre QB that's consistent. That's it. Drew Bledsoe was a better QB, but ran hot and cold which belichick can't stand. Tom Brady will never be a 'great' nor a 'hall of famer,' period.

The pats O is (as I said before) high percentage short passes. Its the boring part of the west coast offense. It also balances this off with a mediocre running game. This will get them no where. The panthers D can manhandle the pats recievers, and the front four can not only stop the run by themselves, but they can also put tremendous pressure on brady. The pats O will be more boring than usual. Why? Cause they won't be able to do anything.

The panthers O won't be able to produce anything in the air. In fact, I'd suggest they never pass the ball. The reason the Pats are doing so well has nothing to do with the boring offense. Its the defense, especially the DBs, that are killing other teams. The defense is stingy, keeps people from moving the ball, and creates turnovers. The one weakness? The running game. Guess what the panthers have? Two "capable starting" running backs. That one-two punch is going to be the undoing of the pat's D. There will be a constant 8-in-the-box, but I think that the panthers can still run the ball.

This game is going to be a low scoring, who can get better field position, tough defensive game. I see the panthers controlling the game, even though they'll probably only be like 3 points in the lead for most of the game. But if there is one team that can hang onto a 3 point lead, its the panthers.

My pick? Panthers by 3.
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Football: The Superbowl

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  • Down with the USA PATRIOTs.
  • i don't disagree with your assessment. I thought bledsoe was great, if inconsistent. Brady's young and pretty, is all. And we know my opinion of prettyboys. (cannonfodder)

    But i'm still looking for 'em to win. can't help it.


    • Check out Drew Bledsoe's career numbers. He's fantastic the first eight games of every season, awful the last eight. I can't provide a precise breakdown right now, but there's a 20-30 point difference between his passer rating in September and October and his passer rating in November and December.

      Bledsoe's problem is consistency, it's that he goes into the tank around the midpoint of every season (if not earlier) and once he's there he stays there.

      By the way, I'm rooting for the Patriots, not least of al
  • 2 superbowls in 3 years by being mediocre?

    14 games in a row by being lucky?

    Say what you will, but we're enjoying the hell out of it up here in Boston.

    For the record I don't particularly like Tom Brady. I'll speak well of him when he gives me 10+ good seasons, not 2. But we won the big one with him, not with Bledsoe. And I don't see Bledsoe taking any other teams to the superbowl now that he's free of the mediocre pats that must have been holding him back all those years.

    New England by 6.

    And the grea

    • I call the pats O mediocre. The D is what won it for both seasons. And if you didn't have bledsoe the first time, you would lost to the steelers (it was bledsoe that gave the pats the TD to get the lead towards the end IIRC).
    • The interesting thing that even my non-sports-fan wife has noticed is that nobody here in Boston cares as much about the Superbowl as they did about the ALCS. This isn't a slight difference. It is huge. The city was buzzing (pun intended) with excitement over the Sox. Nobody is shaving their heads or anything similar over the Pats.
      • The Pats really have no true rivalry of the Red Sox Yankees scale. Sure, it's nice to beat Miami. In Miami. In overtime. By an entire touchdown :). But it still doesn't even compare to this year's real world series, the ALCS playoffs. The ultimate victory in Boston baseball is not winning the world series, it's beating the yankees to get there :).

        Besides, the pats just had their fun 2 years ago. I was in Boston the day of the parade. It was pretty scary stuff.

        If you look you can find plenty of sh

        • But it still doesn't even compare to this year's real world series, the ALCS playoffs.

          While I agree that the ALCS was the better series, given that the Marlins won the World Series, don't you think that calling the ALCS the "real world series" is a bit of an exagerration?

          • While I agree that the ALCS was the better series, given that the Marlins won the World Series, don't you think that calling the ALCS the "real world series" is a bit of an exagerration?

            Not in Boston. :) While Marlins/Yankees turned out to be a good series, that doesn't mean that it did for baseball what Boston / Chicago would have. After the fact, sure, pretty neat story. But before the series everybody was saying "Frickin FLORIDA? Are they kidding with this?"

            My two thoughts after the world series we

            • Maybe now Steinbrenner will get pissed and bust the team up and suddenly the game will be fun again.

              What do you mean? He's already screwed up the team. The team lost its focus and character when George went out on got Giambi. Now we've added Lofton and Sheffield, as well as trading away a top pitching prospect for Boone. We couldn't resign Petite. I hate this team now.

              In '96 we built a great team. They didn't strike out. They always got the clutch hit. They moved runners. They pitched well in

  • I thought the Patriots made the wrong decision dropping Bledsoe for Brady. The 2002 season made me see the error of my ways.

    Brady is the closest thing to Montana in the league today. That's not to say that he's near Montana. But when you go down the list of Brady's attributes with Montana's attributes, you can't help but be struck by the similarities.

    • Weak arms... check
    • Game managers... check
    • Clutch play... check (how many gamewinning drives has Brady led in 50 games?)
    • system QBs... check (Montana wa
    • Patriots style is to run soft in the early games and run hard in January.

      Yeah, they are the best at running in the ice, cause at home, thats all they can do.

      Two things though:
      A.) It'll be a clear sky (or closed dome). Antowain Smiths slow and heavy workload means nothing (they'd be better to start the shifty and fast Kevin Faulk).
      B.) Its Febtober ;-)
  • Sorry, but I'll take a boring-but-effective west-coast offense that wins 14 games anyday.

    The media has been very critical of the Patriots until the latter part of this season, when they all seemed to find God, or Tom Brady, as it were. I really don't care what the media says, as they'll flip-flop to find the story wherever it is.

    Pats by 4. Don't think that Carolina's the only team who plays close games.

  • Montana was awesome, even if he couldn't/didn't run worth a crap.

    Brady? If he wins this one, I might pay attention a little more. If he can win 2 more then I might concede he's 'like' Montana. But Montana will still be the best in my book. To be like him would be a great compliment.

    I see the Panthers winning this one though. Their pass defense has really stepped up. I'll go with FK Cats by 3.

    Sean D.

  • But I'll be rooting for the Pats.
  • Charlotte will fail for one reason [].
  • Odd seasons!
    1998 214 350 61.1 2636 7.53 76--15 12
    1999 214 341 62.8 2586 7.58 57--20 6
    2001 264 413 63.9 2843 6.88 91--18 12
    2002 373 601 62.1 3764 6.26 49--28 14
    2003 317 527 60.2 3620 6.87 82--23 12
    Ints and YPA are better in his good (odd) years
    Thanks to ESPN and UM stats
  • I love it when you talk dirty, FK.

    "Spit out [the] manjuice!"?!? That was so cool!! :-)

  • What's boring is watching the Panthers do... well, anything.

    Pats by 10.

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