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Journal FortKnox's Journal: PWP Fixed 13

I followed StarshipTroopers advice (who originally submitted the fix) and wrote a nice email to Taco (CC: to pater AKA cowboyneal), and the bug was fixed today. Here's the follow-up email Jamie wrote:

Date: 2002-03-15 08:14
Sender: jamiemccarthy
Logged In: YES

The Slash workaround for this Microsoft bug has been fixed and committed, and will go live on Slashdot with the next code refresh.

For the record, of the two suggested fixes submitted by trolls:
the first rejected many legitimate comments,
the second generated HTML that hung Internet Explorer (!), and neither could have prevented "page-widening."

I'm not gonna link to the SF page, to save StormTroopers inbox, but next code refresh should be the last of the Page-Widening Posts...


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PWP Fixed

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