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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Nationstates: What would you add? 31

The nationstates game is actually extremely simplistic of a system. Just weighs your choices against a system and returns a result.
So, seeing as this system could be copied rather easily, what else would you add?
Here's some of my ideas:
A.) WAR!
B.) International Trading
C.) Diplomacy
D.) Specific locations and transitioning that into the nation. ie - A coastal nation would have shipping and fishing exports. Desert nations are cheap to have companies, but require lots of imports, etc...

So what ideas do you have? Please be as specific as possible.
Keep in mind, its still a "one turn per day" system, so I'm saying make a simcity or civ clone...
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Nationstates: What would you add?

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  • by FortKnox ( 169099 ) on Monday January 19, 2004 @01:05PM (#8021925) Homepage Journal
    Its a pipedream, FK! You can't just build a system like that! Unless, of course, you plan on doing the whole thing open source.
  • seriously- there should be issues that AFFECT trade on a semi-random basis. I think i'd like to have a very eco-friendly mining operation, because dragons should be in charge of sparkly pebble industry... *grin*

    You've got some really good ideas there, though. How can i help?

    • The best thing to do right at this moment is to fill out requirements. Exactly how does things happen, and how does it affect. The more specific the requirement the easier it is to put in the system. Of course, what I explained just then is far too general, so I'll chalk up some requirements when I get home as examples.
      • requirement- individual login for voting, if possible. So that each nation may vote once, and nationholders with two nations can only register one for voting.

        like that? a vote tabulator would be cool, and i don't know if voting should be anonymous or not. If not, a voting list would be helpful.

        • Aye, just like that. I'm very partial to having one 'login' and associate that to as many nations as the user has. If he's going to 'abuse' the system by having multiple nations, might as well make it available to others and build the system around it.
  • What I'd like (Score:3, Interesting)

    by Judg3 ( 88435 ) <jeremy&pavleck,com> on Monday January 19, 2004 @01:21PM (#8022129) Homepage Journal
    I'd like the ability to micromanage the nation if I so chose to.
    Have it run autonomous when I don't feel like tweaking things, or manually when I have nothing better to do.
    In "micromanage" mode you can adjust the budget (% that goes to war, religion, defense, space exploration, religion, trade, school, etc), form armies and build the infrastructure, etc. I think it'd be pretty slick.
    Right now there isn't an online game out there that lets you decide on your level of involvement, it's either micro-manage with the top 10 players playing for 10 hours a day or like nationstates, with only a few things you can do.
    I like SolemnDragon's idea about weather effecting things - seems like a pretty cool idea.

    I was working on a game of mine called Technology Winter [] which was planning on doing these things. It was (is?) going to be a suite of 3 games - sign up for one and you have signed up for all of them. 3 games with the diffrent levels of involvement and 3 diffrent scenarios - from a broad view of space to a combat only game to a micro-managed World based game.
    The problem with it not working out is I have the idea, but not the web programming knowledge to make it happen, which sucks =\. Personally, I think it'd be one hell of a game if I ever manage to create it!

    Speaking of NationStates though, I added a NS category to my forum [] and was thinking we could communicate via it - as it's tough following all the JE's right now. Whatcha think?

  • You can actually get two issues a day in your settings. Max Barry (the guy who created NS) is currently working on NS2, which is going to have war, and trade, and such. Also, NS is mostly an RP game, so I don't think that it's going to be extremely complex.

    • I have two issues a day, also. But its still one TURN a day (your two issues get 'ratified' at the end of the day, then you are assigned two more).

      And, although the guy that 'designed' the game (Max Barry) has a great concept for the game, the development company that codes the site is really quite amateur and isn't very good.
      • And, although the guy that 'designed' the game (Max Barry) has a great concept for the game, the development company that codes the site is really quite amateur and isn't very good.

        One of the reasons for that is that the both are (or at least were) one and the same. Apparently Max Barry sat down with a book on Perl or whatever they are using to create the game. He never expected that kind of popularity. It is really a site created by an amateur and for that I cannot help but admire its success.


        • Until it materializes, I see NS2 as the next installment of Duke Nukem- VAPOR.

          Besides, NS2 will have the issue of backwards compatibility. Do all the previous nations just step forward? Or do they need to start all over again?

          Whatever, I'm all for making a newer, better game on a faster server. Thats free.
          • Whatever, I'm all for making a newer, better game on a faster server. Thats free.

            Sounds great--if a lot of work--to me. On the other hand I know nothing about programming. Who knows, maybe stuff like that is easy to do. A pretty entertaining play-per-day game is Legend of the Green Dragon [] (source: click []). It has nothing in common with Nationstates since it is more of a phantasy-type, monsters and other player slaying kind of game. Still funny, though.

      • Actually, no, you're assigned the first after the first "tick" (when your population grows), and a second at the second "tick", at which case the first issue is ratified (IF you've taken a position or dismissed it), if you play only once a day, though, you'll see both issues, and they'll ratify at the next "tick".

  • back in the day when I played Pirates! I thought it would be a great online game. Now I think I know I am right.
  • Yeah.

    MY idea is this- if you are thinking of making a clone (I'd love to contribute some code, BTW) start out simple-ass.

    Have a REALLY simplistic War model. Like, we go to war, and "roll dice" and the highest winner does some damage to the other guy. Repeat per turn until a country loses all of its Defense or Surrenders (Which May not mean you lose your whole nation... you just pay some money/resource to make the war go away). Really simplistic Trade model. (though make it Modular such that we can impl
    • You can have two kinds of war- war for Spoils (money) or war for "Pinkslips"- where you get some territory, maybe the whole country.

      So I may put THe Dominion of the most foulest MekKaBerZerKoR open for money battles only, where as bootieland is only in it for the territory; thus we wouldn't fight.
      • Neato idea. Also a war for diplomacy that would result in the winning countries government and laws are transferred to the losing country. So if an evil dictatorship is overthrown by a democracy, the new nation is now a democracy. Make sense? (think Iraq war)

        I wonder how many 'types' of wars there could be.... tariff and trading... science and tech? Just tossin ideas around.
        • Also a war for diplomacy that would result in the winning countries government and laws are transferred to the losing country.

          Talk about Object Oriented! All Your government are belong to us!
    • I want war to be really simplistic in the final version. No one ever 'loses' their nation, it just get war savaged, or your government is switched over to your 'conquerers' government, etc...
      I like the idea of having war take several days to get through, but also like the 'opt-in', also.
    • Opt-in is a poor idea. It means you'll attract non-warmongering people.

      Better to balance out warmongering with not being warmongering. Budget out your nation every day, if you spend all your GDP on war, there will be a tradeoff on research or something. So those who don't war monger will be balanced with those that do(to some extent).

      BRE(Baron Realms Elite) or Planets or any of the old BBS door play per day games would be great models to use for warfare.
      • Opt-in is a poor idea. It means you'll attract non-warmongering people.
        That was kind of my point. Why is that bad?

        Better to balance out warmongering with not being warmongering. ...
        Oh yeah, absolutely... that was my idea with the whole idea of "action points" per se... there is only a finite amount of stuff you can do per turn.

        BRE(Baron Realms Elite) or Planets
        How did those work?
        • Splitting things off has been, in my experience a bad thing. It either ends up with half a dozen people who aren't really engaged in the game, or everyone opts-in anyway. There always seemed to be resentment towards the people that didn't want to PK on my MUD. This is especially true if we have limited territory/resources.

          This [] should give you a good idea as to why BRE was the shizzle.
          • okay, I think I'm following your drift. Based on some of FK's suggestions, I was thinking that each "country" would gain control of certain resources; territories, technologies, "magical artifacts", whatever. And then you assign some form a defense for each. Such that you may not be a war monger, but people may really want your "public bath houses." You can beef up the defense on it or not.

            But I'm getting ahead of myself. Thanks for the link; I'll check it out and see what I can cannibalize from BRE.
  • by lab16 ( 416283 )
    You can always go outside the game to fix the "war" problem.

    eg. Have a bunch of nations play a game of civilization or quake3, and then the winner gets the password to the losers nations.
  • We have won again. That is good! But tell me, what is the best in life?

    The open steppe, a fleet horse, a falcon on your wrist and the wind in your hair!

    Wrong! Conan, what is the best in life?

    To crush your enemies, to drive them before you, and hear the lamentations of their women!

    That is good.

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