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Journal FortKnox's Journal: To Those With Nationstates 21

I have completed my diplomacy with SolemnDragon, and we have a place for every slashdotter with nationstates to join solemndragons backyard region. So go there, send a telegram to solemndragon, herself, for the password (or telegram me, Hampsterdamn or Fortknoxia[1], and I'll give you the password). Be sure to include your slashdot ID so we know who you are. Those that end up trolling or whatever will simply be kicked out.

Its also a good idea to friend (on slashdot) SolemnDragon if you haven't already, cause we'll carry nationstates discussions in her journal.

[1] - Yup, I have two nations. I wanted one to be true to, and one that I can simply harass as a dictator ;-)
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To Those With Nationstates

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  • Just cause I'm effing nutz, capeesh?

    The Holy Empire of Human Rights are Wrong

    "If it feels good, it's outlawed"
    UN Category: Psychotic Dictatorship
    Civil Rights: Some Economy: Reasonable Political Freedoms: Few
    Location: The North Pacific

    The Holy Empire of Human Rights are Wrong is a tiny, environmentally stunning nation, remarkable for its strong anti-business politics. Its hard-nosed, cynical population of 5 million are ruled without fear or favor by a psychotic dictator, who outlaws just about ev
  • My tyrannical Nation State has WMDs and we are filled with hatred for your Nation State. I will see your roofs burning, your children crying and your women filled with lament.

    I am he, the bornless one, the fallen angel watching you, Babylon, the Scarlette whore, I'll infiltrate your backyoard too!

    I come from the land of ice and snow!

    Day of the day time star. The clouds are filled with dread and forced to flee!
  • As I already posted in SD's journal The Holy Empire of Thanatovakia [].

    We just finished communicating by telegram and I'm in.
  • The Disputed Territories of Overflowedia, with it's 12 million strong army, shall triumph... or something.

    Anyway, the only real benefit to having a region with everyone in it, is if we all join the UN and endorse someone as regional delegate. Oh, and to see how everyone ranks(Bethanies people is the Stupidest!!! :-P) on the daily rankings.

    Otherwise, the only real way to troll is on their forums or through telegrams. No way to block telegrams by region.

    Oh, and you can set yourself up for 2 issues/day if
  • As the self-appointed and completely unofficial Minister of Hospitality, I, the Dominatrix of Lubriscia, would like to issue a warm and heart-felt welcome to all nations that have recently joined Solemndragons backyard, or are considering doing so.

    There will be an informal welcoming reception at our Regional Embassy this evening, featuring cocktails, groovy brownies, hottubbing, and non-simulated reenactments of Lubriscia's national pasttime: nude co-ed sunbathing. Word has it that an impromptu brass pole
  • ...are in the process of being ever-more confused at the erratic and bizarre leadership of their fearful leader, one Ethelred Unraed, yea, one leader so eccentric as to name himself for a failed monarch of the 11th Century...

    We crave admittance to this blessed Realm of the SolemnDragon of which we have heard, in hopes of teaching our leader some wisdom in leadership. Not bloody likely, though.

  • This looks neat; like something I've been looking for for a while. Well, here bes my nation:

    The Incorporated States of Hai Shi Dao is a tiny, economically powerful nation, notable for its complete absence of social welfare. Its hard-nosed, hard-working, intelligent population of 5 million are free to succeed or fail in life on their own merits; the successful tend to enjoy an opulent (but moralistic) lifestyle, while the failures can be seen crowding out most jails.

    There is no government in the normal s

  • I've been playing for a while now. And the Holy Empire of Aranach is located in Farktopia, so I'm afraid that I'll not be joining the slashdot region.
  • You are foolish to trifle with the great Republic of Zilog []

    However, I am willing to forgive all your criminal acts of arrogance if you acknowledge our power. ;)

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