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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Football: The Steelers Won The Tug of War with LeBeau 6

Yup, looks that way.

Dick LeBeau should be the next Steeler Defensive Coordinator (again). The Bills switched their search and the other candidates started talking to other teams. Odds are, the Steelers landed LeBeau. This is -huge- for the defense. He's probably the best DC out there right now (you could argue that Jauron and McGinnis are also high up there). The father of the zone blitz is back in steeler country, baby! :-D
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Football: The Steelers Won The Tug of War with LeBeau

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  • Now, if we can get rid of Mularky, get Earhardt back, draft a better center and right guard and CB or 2 (unless we can trade up to get a top RB or QB, but none of that late round skill-player crap) and we'll be in business.


    • What do you mean, "if" you can get rid of Mularky? He's gone.
      • Mr. Diarrhea is correct. Mularkey took the Bills head coaching job (and took the Steelers QB coach with him to be his OC).

        So, as Keith Russel said, you won't see any "direct snaps to Antwaan Randel El, handing off to Hines Ward, who passes it to Plax, who drops the pass on a 3rd and 1" plays anymore.
        • Awww, I'll miss those plays! The Steelers O is so damn conservative without them. I think that Bill Cowher has forgotten how he won his first game (and first divisional title) as head coach; by calling a bunch of trick plays against the then Houston Oilers, who the Steelers pipped to the then AFC Central crown.

          Sorry, I might be a purist, and "three yards and a cloud of dust" might be the one true way but I have to admit that I (and most people) love to see something different. Trick plays are fun, damnit!
  • He's "going home": LeBeau reunites with Cowher []

    That article also mentions that Darren Perry will probably move up to defensive backs coach. Two down, three to go. And with Lovie Smith getting da Bears job, it looks like Russ Grimm will get promoted to offensive coordinator.

    Meanwhile, somewhere in Colorado, Joey Porter is sitting in his favorite easy chair, smiling like the butcher's dog.

    • I heard the tight ends coach is up for the job (werishunt or something like that). Russ will stay line coach, but have a new title of 'assistant coach'. Honstly, I'd like to see Russ have a shot at OC. I bet he'd do the power-running thang that Pittsburgh....(errr... excuse me... Mr.LeBeau is back in town)... Blitzburgh loves so much.

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