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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Salesman and the Cold 9

We had a visit from the "Can we test you water" people last night (wife allowed it, since they give you a $40 gift certificate for gas, restaurants, or movie tickets).
Our water is REALLY hard. But I already knew that (Cincinnati has really bad hard water, pretty well known). The system was a water softener + filtration system. It was really nice from a respectable company. It costs $3,500. Heh... SCREW THAT! I can go to sears and get a good water softener for my sized family for about $350 (and $150 for them to install it). We have a brita for drinking water, but a full house filtration system is about $150. Yes folks, $500 vs $3500. You can imagine how quickly I expelled him from my house ;-)

In other news: Having a bad day? It could be worse. You could be living in Mt Washington, New Hampshire (yeah,-35F, with the windchill= -85 Degress F!!! And it was -95F last night).
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Salesman and the Cold

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  • I feel like I can never rinse the soap off my hands.
  • I've gone skiing in VT when the temp is -80 with windchill. Only did one run. A small part of my ear was exposed on the chairlift ride up. Yep- FROSTBIT.
  • Mt. Washington is insane. (Note, by the way, that it's a mountain, not a town.) Checking the current weather from the observatory at the top, it's -44, with winds at 75 gusting to 86, for a wind chill of -94.

    My wife has a Californian's disdain for eastern mountains. But when we drove up one day in October, the temperature went from mid-60's at the base to feet of snow and wind in the 30-40 knot range. And we had to turn around well short of the summit because of avalanche danger. Even she had to admit to be

  • ...I expelled the Kirby guy when he told me how much they wanted for a vacuum cleaner.
  • We had to get one for our house (just to protect the appliances -- city water here is notorious for busted pipes and muddy taps) and it cost less than $1K. Hubby says we could have spent another $800 for the ultra-super-deluxe filter to hook up to kitchen functions, but we didn't bite. In any case, $3.5K sounds like a racket to me.

    The soft water isn't an issue -- it still rinses fine.


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