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Journal FortKnox's Journal: I'm switching occupations... 16

Screw being a Java developer! I'm gonna be an NFL head coach! You can too! There is enough openings....

Arizona, New York, Buffalo, Washington, Chicago, Oakland, Atlanta, possibly New Orleans...

McGinnis shouldn't have been fired, IMHO. He was a GREAT coach, just never had tallent, and the GM just made poor decisions. Imagine what type of coach he'll be like if he HAD talent (listen up, Atlanta, you WANT him).

Jim Haslette shouldn't be canned. He's the first coach to bring New Orleans to the post season, and has done better than ANY coach of the past in New Orleans.

It'd be nice to see Dick LeBeau handling defensive coordinator duties again (maybe if Tim Lewis gets a head coaching job?).

Now is the time for all the college and pro football writers to look up how Spurrier said how the fun'n'gun would revolutionize NFL football, and how he'd create lopsided scores with it...

I hope Warren Sapp doesn't have a job next year cause he overprices himself (won't happen, but its still a wish) :-P
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I'm switching occupations...

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  • ...your yearly review comes when you inevitably lose to my Patriots. :-D
  • I hear there are rumblings.....would be good. They need a good (and I liked Jauron) coach.

    Now....I'm kinda excited for the first time in a long time.

    Grossman looked pretty damned good in his first two outings. (in the last one he got hurt in the second quarter, they put in Kordell with a K, final result, Bears 3, Chiefs 9,124,003)


    That's the deal.
  • Hopefully he can get some good talent in there. I'm kinda pissed that Sapp dragged his feet so much there at the end of the season. I like him, but why's he gotta be a bitch?

    Well, let's see...of the teams I like, I have the Pats and Broncos in the postseason, and the Bucs are out.

    I don't think Saban will be going anywhere, from what I've heard, but y'all can dream. :)

  • hehe the only job with less job security then one in the tech field now-a-days is a head coach, they are getting wacked left and right from all 4 majors sports :) It's a good thing the average salary is ~ 1M
  • Guaranteed.

    I hope Crennel and Weis aren't hired, but that's probably hoping for too much. As long as the Patriots keep Belichick and Pioli, the dynasty should continue.

  • You know I hate sports and talking about sports, but when I was driving back the other day, the first DC station I tuned in was the one that broadcasts the pregame shows on the radio. So I listened. So I can steal some lines and appear intelligent. To whit:

    Coaching college is not the same as coaching in the pros, for any sport. Ask Mike Krechevski. The past two years have been Spurrier's education into the pros, and he will likely perform much better with whatever team he goes to next.

    The 'Skins have been
    • Coaching college is not the same as coaching in the pros, for any sport. Ask Mike Krechevski. The past two years have been Spurrier's education into the pros, and he will likely perform much better with whatever team he goes to next. The 'Skins have been a bit soft playerwise, and management since Cooke has not been very supportive of coaching. Given that, it's no wonder Spurrier couldn't be as dynamic as he wanted. The Run'n'Gun isn't without merit. I hope that a coach/owner/team combination can give i

      • Here's hoping Snyder gets some real brains, and real balls and hires Ray Rhodes as the Redskin's next coach.

        Boy, you had me until right there.
        I mean, as an Iggles fan, that'd be great, but seriously, RayBob is not head coach material. I watched the meltdown firsthand in Philly and figured he wouldn't last in Green Bay. (He didn't).
        Besides, I think Ray knows his limitations.

        Also, in terms of the run and gun, the Oilers had a great running game (see George, Eddie), the problem is the lack of prot
        • Well, my point was, I am hoping that Snyder gets someone with actual NFL experience and a winning NFL record into the bullpen and see how things turn around.

          Times like this, I really miss Marty. I mean, 8-3 is not a record to sneeze at, and from there, we went to Spurrier. *sigh*

          Talk about two steps forward and one giant step back... the Redskins are now back to Square -1!
          • Marty was pretty good. I was shocked he wasn't around longer.
            BTW, great article on the coaching carousel by Len Pasquerelli here [go.com].
            • Yes, Marty had the team whipped into shape, by the time he left, only to have Spurrier wreck the winning system (which is the best the Skins have done in about seven or more seasons). It's this one decision that has me burned about Snyder.

              You cannot write blank checks in the NFL and expect to win without a winning strategy. Marty had such a strategy, Spurrier sold Snyder that his strategy would also work, but it was unproven. I highly doubt that Snyder would have made a similar move in the boardroom with
        • It's not going to make much difference who is hired as coach unless Snyder backs off. He needs to hire an experienced NFL GM, and let him run the team. The players know that the coach of the (Potomac Drainage Basin Indigenous Persons) is not in charge. Look at what happened with the Cowboys this year. Their personnel picture is not that great (offense mediocre, defense very good), but Parcells is in charge and the players know it. Jerry Jones seems to have figured out that he was trying to keep his fin
          • I definitely think you could come up with a formula for GM to Coaching personality ratio that would add up to a winning formula.
            Snyder and Jones show that Owner in that formula equal zero success on the field.
            I think Fassel will need a better GM than Accorsi.
            Parcells doesn't need a strong GM.
            I haven't followed the Raiders enough, but they have excellent players. I'd love to see Art Shell take another run with them. I think he was doomed because of Davis's love of Shanahan.

            And yes, Fassel suffered from Ti
            • I had forgotten about Dayne. Ricky Williams is having some success now, but he hasn't had the level of success that he had in college. It will be really interesting to see who, if any, of the quarterbacks drafted last year are long-term successes in the NFL (Carson Palmer and Chris Simms are the ones that come to mind).
  • What was their other option? Pay some decent players? Why pay for a whole bunch of high dollar players when you can pay one new coach?

    The Bidwells are your stereotypical welfare addicts. They have learned that you can live just as well doing nothing- as you do trying. We are giving them a new stadium and have made it clear in doing so that we expect nothing in return. Oh I hate the Cardinals.

    It sickens me that we ever brought them to AZ. Why couldn't people have been patient and waited for an expans

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