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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Harry and Croup 11

What a weekend. Friday night was my company's Christmas party. Was pretty fun, we all had a good time. Saturday was just a busy day, I worked on my 'at home' project practically all day, and the wife took Joey to the aquarium. That evening, though, Joey started getting grumpy and had (what sounded like) a terrible sore throat. It was too late to go to the doctors, and they aren't open on sunday, so we just weathered the illness with him. We got hardly any sleep, and Joey developed a TERRIBLE cough that just sounded painful on his already sore throat. Sunday was terrible. It was a mix of trying to sleep, have Joey sleep, and hooking him up with tylenol (for his ever existing mild fever) and cough medicine. It got to Sunday night, and my Christmas gift to my wife was a date for dinner followed by Harry Connick Jr tickets. They weren't cheap tickets, so we left Joey in the care of my brother-in-law, and went to the concert (Harry was fantastic, btw). Joey was alright for the evening. Wouldn't sleep in his bed, but slept in my BIL's arms for most of the evening. The night was like saturday night.

Its really difficult. Seeing your son in pain, incapable of telling you what's wrong. Difficult to calm him cause he doesn't understand much of what you say... and the look in his eyes like "Dad, why aren't you making me feel better??"

Anywho, I stayed home from work on monday and took him to the doctors. Croup was the diagnosis, which all parents are told about before a child's born. What I was told is that its just a REALLY bad cough that parents freak out about, and they take their child to the ER, but by the time they get there, the kid is fine (the cool, moist air helps open the air passage). I was never told that it was a throat infection (actually the Dr said its basically an upper throat, lower throat, and broncial viral infection. Extremely unpleasant), and I never knew it could cause a fever.

Well, there ya go. A warning to all new parents on what exactly the croup is. And the remedy? Vaporiser while he sleeps, and just let the virus run its course. We have some steriods if he's having trouble breathing, but he slept pretty well lastnight, and was his normal bouncy self this morning...
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Harry and Croup

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  • Its really difficult. Seeing your son in pain, incapable of telling you what's wrong. Difficult to calm him cause he doesn't understand much of what you say... and the look in his eyes like "Dad, why aren't you making me feel better??"


    A few years ago, the last time I passed a kidney stone, my mother felt essentially the same way towards me. Even though I was about 25 years old.

    Gotta love how that survival instinct kicks rationality square in the nutz.

  • And the remedy? Vaporiser while he sleeps

    You vaporize the poor kid?! I know coughing can be irritating to listen to, but vaporizing him seems a bit harsh... ;-)

    • who came up with that first. I thought it, but i wasn't gonna say it. Mine was something like, "Vaporisation should be a treatment of last resort!"

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  • That older kids don't get "croup" because their vocal cords (I think) are more fully developed, or farther apart or something. In older kids or adults it manifests itself completely differently, and isn't nearly as serious.

    Still doesn't help you to be able to fix it when you want to, though. :(

  • We were actually prescribed a nebulizer with a mask (that my son just loves) for when he gets to coughin' too much. We also vaporize him when necessary.

    How was Harry? Was it like the holiday concert he had on TV a couple of weeks ago? We saw him once while we were still dating, probably around the time "Red Light Blue Light" was out. Fantastic!

    Thanks to a ridiculous comment we overheard somebody say at the concert, when referring to Harry, we have always called him "Hank". (Yes, I know it's short for Henr
    • It was a holiday special, and he was FANTASTIC. He's funny and talks to the crowd, even found some people hanging out in the hallways cause their friends had tickets but they didn't, and he brought them up front and gave'm front row seats!

      The big band was excellent and it just was a great time for all to have.
  • Kiddo was sick this weekend, too. Popped a fever up Friday afternoon (about 102) and got some Tylenol. When it was 103 in the evening, she got Motrin. I had a fundraising thing to do on Saturday afternoon/evening, so she got to stay home with Hubby, who did a great job taking care of her. But that night, the fever got up to 104.5. More Motrin, and I slept in her bed with her for 6 hours out of the night. Poor baby.

    Sunday was still pretty bad, but the fever was lower, in the 101-102 range, so we just used

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