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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Football: Lets talk next year ;-) 16

Yeah, my team is out of the postseason (well, not mathematically, but it isn't gonna happen).

So, for the remainder of the season, I'll be rooting for the Bengals to win and Baltimore to lose (and lose badly).

Hopefully, the Steelers won't become "the new Bengals of the AFC North." I think that honor will go to Cleveland this year (solely because they have a difficult last few games compaired to the Steelers schedule). Next year, I'm seeing Baltimore being the bottom of the division.

So what do the Steelers need to do? Get their youngins experience! Chad Scott is on IR, that's a good step. Now, instead of bringing Dewayne "I overpad my recievers, so go ahead and throw at them and if I miss my tackle, its a TD" Washington into Scotts spot, they should bring the raw speedster Ike Taylor into the spot. He has the speed and the talent to be a great corner next year if he gets the experience (he's currently working as the nickle back). Next, drop both safeties and replace them with 1st rounder Troy Polymalu, and Chris Hope. Both will probably be an upgrade at the position, anyway.

Now, for the cap. Go ahead and drop CB Dewayne Washington (keep Scott, since he's young and isn't a complete failure), SS Brent Alexander, possibly FS Mike Logan, RB Amos Zeroue, TE Jay Riesmera, T Marvel "my neck hurts so I'll be out 9 weeks" Smith, possibly QB Charlie Batch if he doesn't want backup duty, and possibly RB Jerome Bettis.
The draft should concentrate on O Line, and first round should be a good RB if one could be found. If one is found, Bettis should stick around to be a mentor and show the ropes to the youngin. If not, pickup Mr. Corey Dillon from the Bengals, since the future of that franchise is Rudi Johnson. If they could hook that deal, drop Bettis.

So next year the secondary is young, but very fast, the LB is still the great core they already have. The D-Line is solid, the receivers are solid. The only thing they need is an O-Line that can give Maddox enough time to work his magic. A good rookie QB would be nice to get and sit the bench and learn from Maddox, but can wait a year.
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Football: Lets talk next year ;-)

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  • Next year, I'm seeing Baltimore being the bottom of the division.

    Its funny, I live in Baltimore... since 1998... and actually only live about 15 minutes from the stadium... but I'm with you. I actually like to see them loose. Probably has something to do with Ray Lewis. But yeah, I never cheer for them, and actually have a private little cheer when I see they loose.

    It'll be interesting tho... to see how the Eagles handle their 7-game winning streak. I always worry when McNabb throws the ball... I know I
    • Probably has something to do with Ray Lewis

      Its partly him. Its the same reason I hate Tampa Bay. People who gloat too much and don't produce that much. I heard Ray Lewis yapping his trap all offseason. And what happens on his first game back when they play the steelers? 2 Tackles. That was it... just 2 freaking tackles. Same thing happened with Tampa Bay when they played the Packers. Brett Farve actually had MORE tackles than Warren Sapp.

      Both defenses are terribly overrated. Baltimore can be b
  • Being from pittsburgh, I agree almost completely. I'm a new bandwagon Bungles fan (mainly cause I can't stand the thought of Baltimore taking the division and Marvin lewis started as a Steeler coach). I kinda want the Steeler's to lose out. Play for that draft pick, baby. My shots for the draft is a good RB in the first round (looking in Chris Perry's of Michigan's way), a decent CB in the second rnd, and O-line in the following rnds.

    I'd drop Riemersma (he hasn't done squat and can't block worth shite.
    • looking in Chris Perry's of Michigan's way

      What about VT's Chris Jones? He looks like he could be a great star...

      It's not usually the Steeler's style to go out and get free-agent crazy

      But that's how we got Bettis...
      Honestly, they'll need a veteran to do a good job next year, rookies take time to get used to the system. I'm almost tempted to say go get some quality veteran O-Liners to help the line.

      And I don't think another CB is needed. Townsend, Scott, and Taylor will make a good core of corne
  • I'm going to save end of the season stuff on the Browns until the end of the season. There's still the question of when William Green is going to turn up (no one has been able to get in contact with him), the humiliation of next Monday (the first MNF game since The Return... don't see another next year), and just WTF more injuries can be sustained.

    And there's the plus of Butch Davis doing something wacky... again... like cutting the REST of the WRs because he's on the rag this week.

    I have to say that wha
    • William Green is still in the substance abuse program. That's why he hasn't shown up. Honestly, he's probably done for the season.

      Next year you'll have to see whether they Browns are willing to give him another shot or not.
      • Well it's beyond that. No one, including NFL officials, have been able to get into contact with him, not just the Browns organization. Now it may be because his fiancee (the one who stabbed him) has taken his house and she can't be within 100 yards of him. I hope so.

        I'd also like to see what Lee Suggs can do outside of kickoff returns. James Jackson wasn't the solution two years ago and he isn't it now.
    • Us Patriots fans thank you for canning Belichick, by the way. Thanks to that, we had our two (soon to be three) best Super Bowl performances!

      • Actually the thanks should go to the Ravens (who actually fired him) and Jets. It took Mumbles a while to figure out small RB up the middle for three straight plays isn't good O. The magic words: offensive coordinator.
        • He's also learned not to micromanage things. But I think the no-star players (except for the kicker...) approach is the way of the future in the NFL.

  • Should the Steelers start St. Pierre for the rest of the season, just to see if he can handle the NFL?

    Personally, I'm hoping they send St. Pierre to Europe this spring... the last BC QB to go to Europe (Tim Hasselbeck) has done pretty well...

    • I'm not sold on St.Pierre. Honestly, I really like Maddox. If given time, the man can just nail receivers. I don't think the Steelers are better off with Batch or St.Pierre.

      But I wouldn't be opposed to him being a backup for now.
  • Bill Cowher's Steelers have always been a factor. Season after season, especially during the 90s, they lost countless Pro Bowlers to free agency and yet, by some miracle*, managed to stay competitive year after year.

    However, this year, it seems to have all caught up with the men of steel, so where do they go from here? Personally, I think the Steelers need to step back a bit and go into rebuilding mode. Sure, they could try patching what they've got, but it's clear that what they've got isn't as good as th

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