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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Nuttin 32

I've been working at work and at home. Internet was limited at work, but now looks a bit better. So I'll be around a bit more, lately.

Side note: I'm 27, yet have a zit so big on my forehead that is looks like I may be growing a second head. I'm too old for this crap.
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  • Side note: I'm 27, yet have a zit so big on my forehead that is looks like I may be growing a second head. I'm too old for this crap.

    What will you be when you get to 33? ;)

    • Two headed... didn't you read the JE? :-)
    • at 33 I hope to not have to worry about zits (I thought I was done when I turned 20... now I get a big one on my forehead....)

      So, to reiterate... I'm too old for zits, not just 'too old' :-P
      • Well, like a /. sig I saw one time, hope in one hand and spit in the other and see which one fills up first. ;)

        The couple of gynormous zitskis I recently had would provide evidence to counter your hope that you'll be done. But you keep hopin' young lad. Keep hope alive. ;)

      • Well, I wanted to say that in cronic cases, acne goes 3 more decades beyond that without ceasing. My mother still has cyst-like ones once in a blue moon, and my genes seem to indicate that I will have that problem too. My Accutane treatment back in 1999 disappointed my parents, even if I feel a bit stronger against zits now.

        In my case, zits are a big problem that I relate to temperature, mostly. I used to live in a hot country, growing plenty of pimples since about fifth grade. Suddenly, coming to the US h
    • What will you be when you get to 33?

      Really fscking old.

      Like me. ;)

    • What will you be when you get to 33? ;)


      Seriously, I will be 40 in less than 30 hours and I have a big honking zit on my forehead. Not quite the second-head kind, but still you'd think there would be an age when you could consider yourself zit-free.

      • Zit-free is a myth, like George W. Bush. ;)

        It's just that you're less zitted than you were when a "pimply faced teen". I think people think they'll have less (well, they usually do have less, but not none ever), but adults still get 'em. I just think to adults, who are already married, have jobs, etc, it matters less because who cares?

        And where are the Legal Sea Food pics?!? :)

  • Side note: I'm 27, yet have a zit so big on my forehead that is looks like I may be growing a second head. I'm too old for this crap.

    Hey, I'm 32, and I still get some bad ones...about the only thing that helps is Clearasil face wash (the stuff that dries out the skin really badly). That and some Nivea men's face soap.

    I say this not as a metrosexual, but as someone who hates getting those deep cyst-like zits that hurt like hell. ;-)



  • The one about acne coming to an end after puberty was one of the bigger ones though it pailed in comparison to the propoganda classic 'Reefer Madness'...
  • by Tet ( 2721 ) *
    Was I the only one that saw the JE subject and immediately thought of a Glasgae kiss?
  • if its just one in a while, consider yourself lucky. For me, its an every day battle with Beta Hydroxy and Benzoyl Peroxide... fuckers.
  • Quote to use is:

    "I'm gettin too old for this shit."


  • i can go one worse- i get follicle infections because my skin doesn't produce the right oils and my immune system's a mess. So i have to use antibiotic gel on much of my skin twice a day, or i get those at half of the hair follicles on my arms and legs and other places- did you know you have hair follicles on your forehead? If you don't believe me, take a piece of tape to it sometime *grin* They're there. They're just really fine hairs.

    My scalp doesn't get them as much. We're talking large icky boil-like

  • I assume you will be rooting for the Bengals from here on out now that the Steelers can be safely marked out of the playoffs?

    • Good call.

      I was gonna write a journal on it tomorrow. Basically, how to adjust the roster to look to the future (who to drop, etc...) and the only hope I have left is that baltimore loses every game from here on out.

      Guess that means I'm a Bengal fan for the rest of the year (but I'll still watch the steeler games and such. I'm still the steeler fan, just in January, I have to have a team to root for).
  • I *had* a big zit on my forehead, now it is a read dot after I put it out of its misery. Looks like I have a third eye.

  • Actually, it's pretty OT, but I was out shopping yesterday and saw the latest cover of People magazine. Yeah, I'll admit it -- I read the covers of the magazines in the supermarket checkout lines. And if they're in the waiting room at the doctor's, I'll actually browse through them. So sue me.

    So, in any case, there was a big beauty shot of Johnny Depp on the cover, being hailed as this year's Sexiest Man Alive. I was sitting there thinking, "Golly gee... he really reminds me of someone... who could that b
  • Ok, this is entirely "home grown" and I have very oily skin that stands up quite well to harsh products. If you're pansy-ass weako move along, this isn't for you.

    1. Preventative - when showering I use a soap scrub that has little grinding beads in it - jojoba things perhaps? I don't know. It's the kind of scrub that makes many people's eyes light up. You want something to rip and tear away all the gunk that built up. Put it on in the shower and leave it on while you do your hair, then rince all at onc
    • I forgot two things: hot and cold.

      I enjoy a good yearly sun burn. Sun exposure gives your skin vitamins that are supposedly helpful with acne, I haven't a clue about that but I know a good burn once a year helps my skin to clear.

      Similarly a good two mile walk at freezing or below temps with my face exposed helps, too as this drys the surface out very well.

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