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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Time to fess up... 126

I have been planning on releasing the photo contest (II) results for about a week now... but last week I went looking for the piece of paper with all the results and couldn't find it.

The wife did some spring cleaning of the computer desk area. I've searched for it all over the place and am just conceding that it is gone. So I will give you the input for who I remember, then, if you wouldn't be too terribly pissed off at me, could you post which one you are?

Sorry... let the lynching begin...

Oh, and the 'I remember' list:
1.) Tet
6.) bethanie
7.) Sulu...err... Eugene ;-)
11.) TechnoLust
12.) Our man of the slashdot photo contest 2 hour: SafetyCap
13.) mekkab (I think)
15.) Red Warrior
18.) Yes, its Some Woman... but we put in her alt to throw you all off: Czarina Burrito
23.) CyranoVR (I'm SOOO surprised at those who didn't get this!!)
25.) Saige
28.) StB (SamTheButcher)
30.) Organized Konfusion
31.) Heliocentric
37.) glh
38.) Treebeard the Ent
43.) MousePotato
46.) banky
48.) The lovely SolemnDragon
50.) Xerithane
53.) JawTheShark
54.) Evil Toy Maker
56.) Tinkle Pit
57.) Yours Truely (I did just the first one to give everyone a wierd angle, then gave up and put in a pic with Joey in his sweet Steelers outfit)
63.) Out web hostess, SlashChick (use for all your hosting needs. Tell'm FK sentcha) :-)

Sorry to those of you I forgot. That's a lot of people to remember, and I already forget what I had for lunch today! Feel free to fill'er in :-)

I have the results of the hot-or-not from safetycap, but the email is at home, so it'll have to wait (check back here for the update).
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Time to fess up...

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  • by OctaneZ ( 73357 ) *
    is OctaneZ and is evidently too young for everyone
    • Well, you know, pouting about it only makes you look younger. ;-)

      Seriously, you're cute. Five more years and you'll be a shoe-in for the Hot List. :-)

      • haha
        3 more years, that picture is two years old

        and it was the only comment I remember about my picture from the contest.
  • by sulli ( 195030 ) *
    cards in the deck, and the fifty-second is the Ace of Spades []. That's me.
  • number 36 chimming in.

    photo source: liner notes from my last band's CD (circa 1994) -- taken in a recording studio (notice the headphones) if you know me, this shouldn't be a surprise :)

  • ...I'll fess up for him: Surak is #2. All others can fess up for y'all's selves. :-)

  • i tried to include a variety. hopefully no one had any nightmares. i don't even remember how i voted. is there a totals page or anything to see how right/wrong the votes were?
  • It's slashdotted. That isn't a good advertisement for Simpli ;)
    • FWIW, I've updated my thumbnails page at [] to add the appropriate names to the pictures, so you can see who's who. No SlashChick, 'coz it's not on, and I can't get to the simpli site at the moment to snarf a copy of the photo...

      Oh, and 'coz the site's hosted by a friend of mine... Freedom 2 Surf [] -- for all your slashdot proof hsoting needs :-)

      • Ahhhhhh I was searching the previous JEs trying to find this link. Thanks!

      • Actually, your rendition of her photo is quite cool. I laughed out loud and startled the zombies... :)
      • Tomcat crashed. It wasn't exactly the fault of our hosting service.

        Thanks for the link to our competitor, btw. ::rolls eyes::

        (/me storms off to stomp out more fires... I have had a very rough day today.)
        • Thanks for the link to our competitor, btw. ::rolls eyes::

          No problem :-) Actually, they're unlikely to be taking much (if any) business away from you. I'd guess most of your customers are in the US, while F2S are based in the UK.

          As for tomcat crashing... are you sure the fault lies with tomcat? For all I dislike it (mostly for performance reasons), it's been pretty stable for me. The only times it's died, it's been the JVM that's crashed, rather than the tomcat code. Which reminds me, I really must beef

          • Not to point fingers, but I agree with you. The only time I've seen a recent (within 3 years) version of Tomcat crash was when the admin didn't have it configured right.

            We had the same problem, because some stupid software we were using was heavily reliant on JSPs even though the rest of the software was in Perl. We had to load tomcat just to process single-signon. They provided a JSP that went and did all their processing, and it was an easier fix than us reimplementing it in Perl (and they didn't want
            • It is quite easy to crash tomcat.

              Part of the problem comes from a bug in Ant's memory managment. Compile enough JSPs and the JVM blows, taking out Tomcat.

    • Tomcat appeared to be hung or something of that sort... it's not a good advertisement for Tomcat and Java. (Yes, FK, Tomcat crashed. You can beat me up now for speaking badly about your pet language. :P)

      I wasn't aware of the problem until SafetyCap IM'ed me. You could have shot me an email instead of complaining on here. I don't check FK's journal as often as I check my email. :P
      • You could have shot me an email instead of complaining on here.

        If you viewed pointing out that it was down as complaining, do you also think people are complaining when someone points out you are a woman?
        • I take uptime very seriously. It's a big mantra with Simpli. [] Yes, it bothers me when people post "This website isn't working" and don't bother to email us.

          I don't understand what this has to do with me being a woman. Uptime on websites hosted by Simpli I can control. Being a woman I cannot control. So no, I don't view people pointing out that I am a woman as a complaint.
          • I take uptime very seriously. It's a big mantra with Simpli. Yes, it bothers me when people post "This website isn't working" and don't bother to email us.

            Ok, now I'm being honest. "Uptime is very seriously" yet you have to be emailed when a site goes down? Give me a fucking break, what type of mickey mouse hosting company you got over there?

            I don't understand what this has to do with me being a woman.

            It doesn't, and you are illiterate. I was merely showing that by pointing out that X is Y doesn't
            • "'Uptime is very seriously' yet you have to be emailed when a site goes down? Give me a fucking break, what type of mickey mouse hosting company you got over there?"

              Yay! IHBT. Anyway...

              There are about 200 sites on that server. Of those 200 sites, there are 2 or 3 that use JSP, and the Slashdot photo contest is probably the only site on the server that seriously uses JSP. In case you didn't notice, it wasn't the server that crashed or even Apache that crashed... it was Tomcat. In fact, it might have even
              • So, basically, what you are saying is that your service is great as long as you don't use Tomcat. And if you use Tomcat, monitoring is your own responsibility.

                Again, I think I should reiterate my statements on your hosting company and why don't you try taking them as constructive critiques and fix the shit instead of trying to insist that you have this "mantra on uptime" when it obviously only applies to the easiest of things to monitor.
    • I just got off IM with SlashChick. There was a problem with Tomcat (it wasn't rendering JSPs any more), and since we're getting this stuff for FREE (Go Simpli! []), then we're at the SUB Basement of the Bottom of Support. In other words, I'm darn glad that SlashChick was nice enough to host us.

      Either way, it is working now.

  • So Sol, you're not #54 []. You point is? FWIW, you better looking to my eyes anyway (indeed, the best looking of the whole bunch), and assuming FK's memory is right, and you really are #48, then I would really struggle to believe that you can't get a date. Perhaps you have terrible halitosis or something, but short of that... :-) You seem to have enough troubles as it is, without letting unwarrented low self esteem about your looks get in the way.
  • ...I'm #4. If memory serves, Bethanie had me rather high on her hot list. *G*

    Sol confirmed already that she's the wuvvey #48. Now she said something about my snoggability...

    Anyway, here are my guesses [] as of yesterday:


    In reverse order, just because it's k3wl. Yeah.

    I'm fairly sure 63 is SlashChick. (Who else would be putting up racks? ;-) )

    59 is claudia (75% sure).

    57 is easy -- it's FK himself (Steelers fan, has a boy). OK, you have to know NFL football to get the Steelers reference (the blac

    • Completely off topic, but I just visited your website. The whole 'change the theme' from stone to flower to forest is WAAAY cool. Very nice site ya got there :-)
      • Completely off topic, but I just visited your website. The whole 'change the theme' from stone to flower to forest is WAAAY cool. Very nice site ya got there :-)

        Thanks. :-)

        Though actually the site is getting long in the tooth (it's about ~3 years old now) -- it was one I slapped together over a four-day weekend, to hurriedly replace my old site, which some idiot ripped off and wouldn't take down. (I tried to threaten a lawsuit, only to find that under German copyright law at the time, ripping off a webs

    • 28 is StB or I'm the Pope. ;-)

      What gave it away? And what do me and the Pope have to do with anything?!? :)

      • What gave it away?

        Dunno. I know it's not a satisfying answer, but you can read a lot in people's faces. Somehow your pic fitted your personality perfectly.

        Similarly, I guessed johndiii simply on a hunch that his pic matched his persona. Ditto sebi.

        Other pics were easy enough because of clues in the photos (like FK's pic with his boy and the Steelers uniforms), and many could be guessed by process of elimination (especially the female pics -- that's how I guessed Sol and Saige). And of course a lot of

        • Somehow your pic fitted your personality perfectly.

          Damn, that's intuitive, man!

          I'd not have guessed you as you. I think I'd probably have guessed someone more "continental" looking (like Sebi), despite the fact of your US origins.

    • As Fort_Knox pointed out, nice styles on your homepage. However, have you considered using external style sheets and linking to them? ie:

      <link rel="stylesheet" href="rock.css" type="text/css" title="Rock">
      <link rel="alternate stylesheet" href="flower.css" type="text/css" title="Flower">

      This has a buncha benefits, caching of the style-sheets on the client side, intelligent browsers (such as Firebird) will allow the users to choose the styles from a menu, etc. You can use a simple bit of javascr

      • As Fort_Knox pointed out, nice styles on your homepage. However, have you considered using external style sheets and linking to them?

        At the time I did the site (about three years ago, maybe more), many people were still using Netscape 4.x -- and that technique wouldn't have worked for them. (Netscape 4.x tends to crash a lot if you change CSS on the fly.) Even now I still get 2-4% of visitors with Netscape 4.x, somewhat to my surprise.

        I'm pretty anal about supporting as many browsers and platforms as po

        • Looking at the code, I thought it might have been something like that. NN4 just plain sucks when it comes to doing anything interesting without crashing it. However, it is possible to do some really cool stuff with it that is nifty, but it is just so different to more modern, standards compliant browsers that doing sites which look and work well across all is well nigh impossible. I've been fighting with NN4 for the past few weeks as I try to make my client's project work with modern browsers - unfortunatel
  • Yes, that's me. [] It's not easy taking a picture of yourself with a disposable camera, either.
    • by turg ( 19864 ) *
      wow. not nearly as scary as in the last contest
      • I wasn't running from the cops last time, either. It was sunlight shining in through the blinds.

        No, really; I mean it. I'm not on the lam. I didn't set that fire! I was nowhere near the place! I was in BOISE on BUSINESS, you HEAR ME!
  • I can't check out the contest page, as others have pointed out, in order to verify what number I am! I don't remember, so until then, You are all correct (sounds like a Bahai or Unitarian).

    But serriously, I'm not sure how anyone can even make more than a wild guess since I have little to no exposure outside of /.

    Good job if you did guess correctly!
    • So far there were several brave individuals willing to render a WAG (wild ass guess) at the shady character called jason/robi2106. Here are some of them:

      arb [] says #27. Close, although #27 is far more well endowed when it comes to hair than I.

      Ethelred [] supposes I could be #33. Again, a good looking chap for sure. I dig the 5 O'clock for sure. But a bit too tan.

      So far, in my searches those are the only two guesses. Those individuals have yet to ID themselves in this JE.

      Others [] have guessed #33 as S
      • Those individuals

        And by those individuals, I mean #27 & #33, not Arb and Ethelred.

      • #27 is chiming in to claim his identity.


        Also, I am not #32.

        I am entertained by all of the DJ comments I managed to accumulate, though.
      • Yep. Far more David Letterman'ish when it comes to hair but oh well.

        I honestly tried to guess at others pictures . . but it was hard. I could get SW, only because of similarities to previous photos available on her site and the other contest. Same with Bethanie. Others were far harder to even WAG at.

        Thanks go to the thumbnail page [] for my research while the origional site seems to be gone.

  • by Degrees ( 220395 )
    is me. Someone made the comment that I look like the kindly uncle that teaches nieces and nephews to be more computer literate than their parents. That made me chuckle. I don't have any nieces or nephews, but if I did, it would probably be true. ;-)
  • The top five hot ratings:

    --- --
    89% 54
    81% 18
    80% 48

    77% 44
    77% 22
    77% 37

    76% 63
    76% 25
    76% 50
    76% 30

    For folks that had more than one picture, I averaged the scores of all pictures in the group, which should work out since one could only vote for a single picture in a group.

    • Sweeeeet! I'm the hottest boy. I knew that posing with grey aliens would make me look good.
      • I think maybe you just have more of a following than you realize... Keep in mind that most of the folks who voted would be *guys*.


        But I still think you're Hot!!

        • Keep in mind that most of the folks who voted would be *guys*

          In my experience, that would explain the hotness rating.

          But I still think you're Hot!!


  • You can find the top guess in my journal []. I can't post them here because that #$@(*& lameness filter won't let me. L:(
  • Yeah, i'm that dork in picture #8 lol
  • I, for one, welcome our new alien overlords with beer. Hah! I got to make one of those "welcome... overlords..." statements, and it's not even off topic.
  • I'll confess: I just had to send in a goofy picture [].

    Well, I wish I had a picture like that anyway...

    Yes this is me [] face was horribly scared as a child and thus I am forced to wear that mask all the time. And white tights. And carry pointy objects. Go figure.
  • Crappy picture, but the only camera I could lay my hands on was the one on my mobile phone.
  • The kitten [] has been spared.
  • It's me.
  • Is me :D
    A: Verona, Italy on the Euroland 2003 tour. B: 4th of July party a coupla years ago. C: At work on the release day of MIIB. D: Got in a little trouble at Comiccon in San Diego, Ca. last year.
  • I don't know if these are correct guesses but I'm pretty sure based on the ones that haven't been answered.

    20. intermodal
    21. red5
    22. kormoc
    32. llamalicious [#32 said that he is "some kind of furry creature" as a clue]
    33. ceejayoz
    45. sielwolf [just guessing]
    47. Brent Metzler [pretty sure]

    Anybody able to verify?

  • Fess up.

Pohl's law: Nothing is so good that somebody, somewhere, will not hate it.