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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Not Enough 20

There isn't enough time in the day...
There isn't enough pay to make you completely happy...
There isn't enough time to spend with your family...
There isn't enough time to spend with your friends...
There isn't enough time to spend alone...

Ever wanted to do about 50 things but ended up doing 0? I think I'm finally coming to the realization of what one human body can do based on the choices made in life... honestly, I've realized it before, but the dream still comes back from time to time...
I want to make a game! I want to learn about astronomy! I want to help get funding to build a science institute in Cincinnati! I want to build my ideas on my website! I want a side job to get more cash for Christmas and some side items like a computer upgrade (got a job, but we'll see what the pay is like)! Etc...
Oh course, I don't have the time, nor the follow through to do all. Honestly, I'd only be capable of only one at a time. And if I tried too hard, the people that would be ill effected would be my son and wife (which would, of course, affect me negatively, too).

So, can someone invent a machine to add a few hours to the day (then beat any pointy-haired-boss that suggests increasing the work day)?? ;-)
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Not Enough

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  • There isn't enough time to

    It's all about priorities. Sure, I want to do so many things it frustrates me. So, the alternative is, delegating authority to do those things, setting priorities on things one cannot delegate, and letting go of the things that fit in neither category. Oh, one could also sell ideas to others so that things you want to do get accomplished, but you might not necessarily be involved directly with them.

  • There's nowhere near enough time to do all the things I want.

    I shoot for way too many, and I get some of them done. I'm still surprised sometimes by how much I have been able to do at times...

    I understand about the getting none done sometimes, too, though. You just have to suck it up and get one out of the way, now.
  • I do stuff.

    I like my Mac, my FreeBSD box, MySQL, Perl, XML.
    I like my Les Paul, my SG, my Telecaster, my slides.
    I like books on history, etymology, politics, Dungeons & Dragons.
    I like my friends, hockey, beer, fishing, biking.
    I like feeding ducks and building shit.
    I like my dog.
    I love my wife, my son, and the girl who's name will start with the letter E when she gets here.


    I leave for work at 0545, I get home at 1900, I eat dinner, read with the boy, kiss my
  • I want a machine that can suck the energy out of children (so they will goto sleep) and store it so it can be infused into adults.
    • I want a machine that can suck the energy out of children (so they will goto sleep) and store it so it can be infused into adults.

      Your theories are interesting. I would like to order your brochure.



      • If we can compact it into a ray gun it would be even better.

        5 year old running around in a sugar or mania induced frenzy at 3am? Zap em, and out comes a refreshing energy drink that'll give you, the adult, that energy when consumed. Meanwhile, the child becomes ready to go to bed.

        I just want one of those, a flying car and a bowel disrupted. Why can't science ever provide me with the things I need?
  • And hey, astronomy is one of my interests, too!

    Yes, we have no time.

    But you seem to be really busy and have a lot of stuff going on. I usually just say that I have no time because I'm a slacker and a layabout. Maybe if *you* have no time that means that *I* really have no time too! :)

    • I'm a slacker and a layabout.--- no time,
      Heh, I've been trying to get the free time to submit some of these links as a /. story from a friend of mine that works for this project; check 'em out, they are really pretty bitchin'
      #1 [ociw.edu],..#2 [ociw.edu] and #3 for just a few examples. I just need to put all the links and info together and submit it, but hells bells I've been busy of late. I think I can get to it in a few days and I'll post it as a JE just in csae it's not accepted.
  • I just finished posting a list of things I wanted to do, but probably never will [slashdot.org] to my journal, and then I checked my messages, and here is your's, posted half an hour before mine. I didn't list any little things in mine, just big projects, but it all comes down to a lack of time.
  • a friend was over some years back bitching about how there arent enough hours in a day.

    my roommate commented that he once heard of a study where people were locked away in an environment that did not include references to the time. No clocks, windows, etc. Dont know much about the other details about the living environment or how long they were actually there, but the results were interesting: They all adopted themselves to days of approximately 26 hours.
    • They all adopted themselves to days of approximately 26 hours.

      This is based upon the brains intrinsic circadian rhythm. Some of my early research was sleep research and it turns out that circadian rhythmicity is tuneable to some extent, but folks tend to have a basic rhythm that they default to that is typically 25-25.5 hours long.

  • because you wouldn't have the time to do any of those things well. everything would be but a brief scratch on the surface, but you'd have everything scratched. that's why i realized i can't be upset with you for reprioritizing and not wanting to make a game. (for the record, i got over it pretty quickly). well, that and the fact that i'm likely much more guilty than you.

    i am trying to develop some follow-through for myself. i'm realizing that while consuming movies and games and music is part of enter
  • It can affect the passage of time quite readily for the wielder, and is relatively inexpensive. In addition, it's carbon-neutral over roughly a 1 year span, although it does rely on a primitive combustion system.

    i hear it's also quite illegal in the US.

    It's called a bong. ::runs away::
  • i have to rest most of the time that i'm not working. THere is almost no social life, almost no sitting down with a book, almost no unscripted activity.

    And lots of sitting still.

    I have time. i experience time very slowly, because it's an endless parade of sensations. THe pain meds and the neuropathy meds keep it damped down most of the way, or i wouldn't be able to handle it calmly.

    So things that should be autopilot, like walking, are things that i have to think about.

    I"m not looking for sympathy- i

  • There's not enough answers to the Second Slashdot Photo Contest! Sheesh Fort Knox! When do we get the fricken answers? ;-)
  • Just have your sleep removed. Problem solved!

    No, your subconciouss won't manifest itself in reality as a side affect. That's just FUD.
  • I've added several hours to my day. Since I've been in love with her, I can only sleep 5 hours a night. I have butterflies, so I can barely eat. So, time I wasted eating and sleeping is now free. Of course that time is consumed talking on the phone with her, writing letters, making Mix CDs, etc. So overall, I didn't actually gain time. :-)

    I'm only half serious. I did lose 5 pounds the first week, and I've been to work EARLY for the last week and 1/2.

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