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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Minsc once said.... (or Do you know a book publisher?) 17

Every hampster has his day[1]
So to this I say every Dragon has her day. SolemnDragon has poems and stories and such and needs some help with the publishing and stuff. If you can help (even a friend of a friend of a friend of a cousin of a roommate of a publisher is a start) please help her out.

Yes, I am writing this cause she said the six-degrees-of-FortKnoxness. I wrote a journal entry that bethanie replied, then she wrote a journal entry that TL replied, and TL wrote a journal entry that SolemnDragon replied, so its only 3 degrees ;-)

[1] Minsc also said stuff like Stand and deliver so that my hampster may get a better look at you! and Boo says WHHAT?!?! but thats beside the point.

FYI - If you have no idea who Misc is go out and find yourself a copy of Baldur's Gate I & II and start playing. You can thank me later.
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Minsc once said.... (or Do you know a book publisher?)

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  • If you have no idea who Misc is go out and find yourself a copy of Baldur's Gate I & II and start playing. You can thank me later.
    Yeah, much later... I'm STILL playing that game. And you dropped your 'n' in Minsc.
  • shall be that i will mail you some of my stories to read. *beaning happily* yay.

    Counting on fingers

    Was it really only three? I think i was reading interrobang's stuff, and then heliocentric's, and then- golly, i can't remember how it all went. All i know is i stumbled into your dark web of intrigues and didn't get found by a grue, so i'm happy.

    i'm more of a monkey island/loom chick, myself.... "hello. i'm bobbin threadbare. Are you my mother?"


    • i'm gonna try posting the bethanie story later today. she'll like it, even if i did rename that little bibbit, 'deedlebug.'

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    • How do you bean happily? Do you do it with Bathanie?
      • typing is not my strong point today, oke? It wouldn't be yours either, so be quiet before i decide to share my migraine by way of brick. *sigh*
        • Just smiling with you. I like mistakes -- they're the source of most of my creative ideas.
          • ...beaning is a game, a sort of cross between marbles and jacks and tiddlywinks, where the object is to bounce beans from a predetermined height, usually about fiftyeight cetimetres, off a spinning metal plate- the object being to strike members of the (usually rapidly dwindling) audience in the head. They are arranged in a ring around the beaners, and there are penalties for striking a fellow player. The audience usually wears metal hats known as beanies, (formerly 'beanee helms') for the sake of protectin
  • by blinder ( 153117 )
    Okay, I'm a big advocate of DIY, and have been involved with self-publishing and zine publishing for over 15 years, and can say with total confidence that self-publishing *is* the best way to go. Publisher's business is to market a product, which is not a *bad* thing, but with that said, self-publishing is about getting the work out there. Yeah, distribution is tougher, and it costs $$$ but it doesn't have to be a lot of money.

    I run this little web site called diysearch [diysearch.com] and it has lots of resources for sel
    • by turg ( 19864 ) *
      neat site. do you have an RSS feed?
      • yeah, actually I do. um, i just don't remember the URL (yeah, I rule as a webmaster... pretty much).

        • by turg ( 19864 ) *
          checked the phpnuke site to see what the default URL would be and found it at http://www.diysearch.com/backend.php -- headlines only, no excerpts.
    • my biggest problem is that i'm broke and that the fatigue that's pushing me out of things like cooking dinner is also keeping me from being able to get much else done. I have all this writing that i've already done- and i'm really lost and wioll probably be coaxing a friend to prep the manuscripts for whatever i want to do with them.

      It's not that i'm lazy, so i'll look, probably over the weekend when i can think. I really do appreciate it. A LOT.


      • Yeah, energy. Very import thing energy is, especially in the DIY world. It can get exhausting... I know, I've been doing this stuff for over 14 years. Hell, that site I run, as insignificant as it is in the whole grand scheme of things, is nearly a 2nd job.

        The coolest thing about DIY projects is the collaborative nature to them. Some of the best DIY projects are actually collaborations, like some of the biggest zines, record labels... are collaborations of folks who just contribute their time and talents b

  • And today ain't mine.

  • For Goodness!!! I've kept Minsc all through BGI and BGII (up from the Underdark), and when I get some time it will be off to Watcher's Keep. Boo is Da Bomb!
    • Its CRAZY not to! He's super strong, can handle all the armor, specializes in two-handed weapons, and is the ultimate tank.

      In BGI, I just sent him forth to do hand-to-hand buttkicking as I sniped from far away, and had his witch (dynaheir, man was SHE super-powerful, too! I know why they killed her for BG2) cast all kinda powerful spells. In BG2, I did the paladin, two swords at once thing. So I got all the swords, Minsc got all the two handed swords, and Boo went for the eyes ;-)

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