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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Blargh! (or "I can't think of a subject") 9

Well, I got reassigned last week to a new place. National Grocery Store chain HQ to do some really cool work.

But, AIM (and any other IM usage) is frowned upon, as is surfing. And I'm in a room with 5 other guys (most from my company, but not all), so that means I can't really read a whole lot of JEs, which is a bummer. When I get home, the only time I have on the computer is with my 'at home' project, which is already starting to make me a bad father and husband, so no time for /. then, either. So I'll miss some JEs, especially the longer written ones, for a while.

If anyone wants to sum them up for me (hey you long JE writers, write a "Sum Up" comment after you write a JE to keep me in the loop... or not... depends on your time ;-)

As far as football goes, I'm really pissed off to be a 'post season hoping steelers fan', but happy to be a 'rebuilding year for the defense to be something spectacular next year steeler fan'. In college, BGSU is waaaay underrated. Just my opinion, but their offense is super-explosive.
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Blargh! (or "I can't think of a subject")

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  • FK busy. No read /. Friends and Fans sad. Miss FK.

    How was that? ;-) Yeah, I've been skipping a few JE's myself lately... too much to do.

  • A game up on the Steelers...

    Is Cowher addressing the swiss-cheese secondary though? The fact that anybody can go deep against it has been known for at least the past two seasons.

    • Now now... last year was the 'spread offense kills'. This year they have stopped all types of spread offense. This year its 'middle deep' openings.

      Honestly, it all comes down to one thing. They aren't putting pressure on the QB. They need to replace Gildon with someone faster around the edges, cause he's a bull rusher thats getting a bit old.
      The corners are getting burnt, and the safeties play too deep (or too short).

      They need to put in the backup Chris Hope at safety, who is a great player. And I

    As in, when is it done and we get to find out what the heck everybody looks like??

    And failing all else, can you delegate? Send the list to someone for them to post? Like our dear friend with the hot or not voting?

    Printout the JEs you want to read, while at home, and they'll be readable elsewhere... like in spare moments at lunch, etc. *shaking head* low tech answers, Fk... low tech answers.


    • I've been meaning to email safetycap the results so he can add them to the system to show the percentage each person picked correctly, but I keep forgetting.

      And I do the 'work while eating the packed lunch' thing so I can get home a little earlier to spend more time with joey. Honestly, even low tech isn't the way to go. Spending time with the family doesn't include my reading while they do whatever. Joey can play while I'm on the computer, but its not adding to my 'family' time.
      • I agree with SolemnDragon: do a print of, rip off the /. banner, and read at your liesure. Then you can write responses in a text-editor window (notepad/vi/whatever) and upload when when you get a chance (thanks, Rob, for that limit of one post per 2 minutes, grr).

        Hmm... seems like someone needs to resurrect BlueWave [] and fix it to work with /.; just think of the possibilities! You can download all the stuff in the AM, write your replies during the day, and upload at night! You could

    • But printing them out might be easy, or simple, or perhaps not thought of.

      To be honest I would have never considered printing them out to read at a different moment. But then I think I spend too much of my time at work solving fairly complex problems. So sometimes (who am I kidding, I do it A LOT) I over look the easy answers.

      I say FEH! to your easy answers. Much better to attempt to force what should take lots of time in to as little time as possible? :)

      Or there is always the handy dandy time machine
  • I had several interviews with AHO Information Systems, which is the IT department of the company that owns Stop and Shop. Although they wanted J2EE people I think I stopped listening when I heard "We have all COBOL people and want to hire people to teach them Java."
    • No, I'm on the project, and my consulting company is in charge of (almost) the entire project. Although two jobs ago I did train COBOL people java. Long and hard process, but they all are working with a VERY large J2EE projects, including Entity Beans and everything... and maintaining it well.

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