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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Football: Hate to be in Blacknetos house last night... 4

So close. Tuisosopo did such a decent job in getting the offense moving. If Buchanon didn't muff the punt, they'd go to overtime (or even won with a FG before overtime), and they way they were playing, could have easily won the game in overtime.

So the question is... should they start Tuisosopo instead of Gannon? Maybe the change will help the offense? What's your thoughts Blackneto?
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Football: Hate to be in Blacknetos house last night...

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  • Ok, so the only 2 pro football teams I've ever liked are the Raiders and the Titans. And the Titans only because they are the home team. ;-)

    But besides the fact that they lost, I would have liked to have been at Blackneto's house last night. He's a cool guy, and on the list of people I want to meet and hang out with.

  • after the cubs meltdown, I'm pretty much immune to sports dissapointments this year.
    I say bench Gannon. Maybe the bye week will do him some good but I think it's time to move on.
    Tui showed a lot of skill last night but he's not an automatic QB. But if he gets real gametime the correlation between practice and game may click in his brain.
    I don't think most people can learn to read coverage well if their only exposure to it is in practice.

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