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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Weekend Wrapup 25

Well, as some of you may have caught (I mentioned it in a comment or two), this past sunday (10/19) was my 27th birfday. How does it feel to be 27? Well, lemmie put it this way: I thought I was turning 28 until I did the math last week. Between getting lower insurance at 25 and 30, there really isn't anything important going on.

So my whole family came in from out of town (my birthday is the 19th, mothers & brothers is the 26th, sisters is the 2nd of november, and baby sisters is the 16th of november. For those without a calendar, that's this sunday, next sunday, the sunday after that, and two sundays after that. Cool, eh?). So we all kinda gathered for the birthday season. We had dinner and my brothers & sister in laws on saturday, which was fun. Played some '20th anniversary' trivial pursuit (which is nice, cause its from the 80s to today, so we all have a chance instead of dad just answering everything). BTW - Anyone know what BIOYIOP is? Its an 'angry' thing someone in IRC would say (it was a trivial pursuit question. I'll put the answer at the end of this JE). Lets just say, I was happy I didn't know it (and if anyone would say it in IRC, I'd laugh and be glad I wasn't THAT 1337) ;-)

Sunday we had brunch and mostly everyone took a nap while I watched the Browns game (was hoping the Bengals were on, but the game hadn't sold out).

Both days, I did have to work on my 'at home' project, which kinda stunk, but at least I got something to demo to them. At work, I've been told I will be reassigned, which takes 2 projects off my shoulders after Wednesday (I'll just have 1 'major' assignment that is highly important, teaching (java) every friday afternoon, and my 'at home' project).

The presents were nice. Parents got me some tools I desperately needed around the house and a copy of 'Count of Monte Cristo' that I've been meaning to read ever since I saw the (recent remake) movie. I've gotten into 2 chapters and already the book is severely different than the movie.
My bro & sister-in-law got me and the wife tickets to the Steelers vs Bengals game (which was last month), which was a great affair (last Steelers win, IIRC).
Wife got me the 'special edition' Saving Private Ryan DVD. She said she saw 'parts' of the movie, but didn't see the invasion at Omaha beach scene. We saw the movie this weekend, and I think she really appreciated all the emotions that movie brought out... I also got the Matrix Reloaded DVD from her, and AB's book, "I'm Just Here For the Food" that I've been dying to get my hands on for a while now.

So, all-in-all, I had a great weekend with friends and family. And it was a great 'beginning of the birthday season' for the Marotti family (my sister-in-law, father, son, and wife are the only ones that have a birthday outside it all. Wife&joey is in may, dad is aug, SIL is sept).

How'd you weekend go?

BIOYIOP - Blow It Out Your Input/Output Port. If someone actually uses that acronym today, they deserve a SEVERE bludgeoning... especially when you have good ones like FSOF, BFAA, and so on (see SamTheButcher's JE's for details on those) ;-)
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Weekend Wrapup

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  • Harrumph! Kids these days! Back in my day, we used to turn 27 in the snow, uphill, in the dark, through barbed wire and acid pits -- and we liked it! Builds character!

    (Oh, and happy birthday! :)
    • Harrumph! Kids these days! Back in my day, we used to turn 27 in the snow, uphill, in the dark, through barbed wire and acid pits -- and we liked it! Builds character!
      I know what you mean, & I totally agree. I thought that I was the only 1. I remember when we finally got a family car. When we got to school that day, I asked my dad, "Is it okay if we ride in the car next time?".

      He said, "No, it saves gas if you push.".

      FortKnox, happy birthday!!
  • Things are way to busy this week. I'm flying out on Thursday morning as part of the JDRF ride. With this being a short week, I came in on Saturday to finish some projects. Around 4:00 or so, I decided to get the hell out of the office and headed home for some dinner. Then I took a nap.

    Around 8:00 or so, a friend called and wanted to head out for some fun. I agreed and we left somewhere in the 7th inning. At the bar, some crazy women kept talking to me and rubbing my shoulder. I'd normally be all into that,
  • Just wait till you turn 30, which I just did in June... then you join us, those that cannot be trusted!

    happy bday :)

  • by subgeek ( 263292 )
    happy birthday. hope you don't mind i didn't buy you anything. here's a reply for you.

    all of the joys of 27 are mathmatical. 3^3=27, 3x3=9, 2+7=9, blah blah blah. i just turned 28 1/2, which is just like being 28. i really just feel like i'm waiting to turn 30.

    the wife and i went to hocking hills on saturday and did some hiking. we started on the trail to ash cave, went from there to cedar falls, continued to the resevoir, and then went back mostly the same way. the leaves were really pretty. i ha
    • by sebi ( 152185 )
      Damn you, Subgeek! I wanted to mention the cool mathematical references to this noble birthday. FortKnox--A belated happy birthday to you. But do they count differently where you live? You are a month younger than I am, but when I read through your bio (husband, father, ...) I feel really young. The photo-contest will show, whether or not this has an outside effect, huh?
      • Heh, honestly, I'm not a 'difficult' pick in the photo contest. You know about my son... if you read any of my football posts, you'll know "my team"... look for the jersey of 'my team'... there... that should give away who I am.

        But, remember, we had children early, because my wife is diabetic, and can't have kids after like 32. So Joey was born shortly after our 1 year anniversary (though we dated for 5 years prior to marrying).
  • happy birthday dude.

    Act like I made a snide remark here about you being young.

    I lost steam when I realized I am only a year older than you.

  • My niece's birthday was on the 19th. I guess that was yesterday.

    Oh- happy late birthday to you, too!
  • Happy bidet, FK.^-^
  • Comte de Monte Cristo is one of my mum's and my favourite books. I'm 27, too. Happy Birfday!!!!

    It *is* very different from the movie, and still a lovely read. Swords, duels, murders, intrigue, romance, pirates, everything but giants and MAndy Patinkin.

    27 is a good year. It's kind of like 24, where things start to make some sense, but not as old as thirty where you start to feel pressured to do something about it, already.


    • but not as old as thirty where you start to feel pressured to do something about it, already.

      Well, there really isn't anything I think I'll feel I need to do now. I have a lovely wife, perfect child (yes, perfect. Anyone want to compare offspring?? ;-) ), a nice home, a good job, and a solid degree. I even already setup plans if I got laidoff in the 'downtimes of the economy' (try for 1 month to get back into the IT industry. If that failed, get a highschool teaching job). I think my life is prett
    • It's kind of like 24, where things start to make some sense

      So things are going to start making sense *next* year, huh? I think that's what they told me last year.

      Oh, and FK:
      0101100101101111011101010010000001110010011001010 1 10000101100100001000000111010001101000011010010111 00110010110000100000011100110110111100100000011100 11011011110010000001101101011101010110001101101000 00100000011001100110111101110010001000000110111001 10111101110100001000000110001001100101011010010110 1110011001110010000000
    • 27 is a good year. It's kind of like 24, where things start to make some sense, but not as old as thirty where you start to feel pressured to do something about it, already.

      I'm supposed to do something about it? No way! I prefer to sit back and watch the 20-somethings strgggle with it while I sip on a nice beer and smirk. Bethanie can go do something about it.

  • Hey, happy birthday!

    Now, what kinda tools didja get?!

  • More of those scary similiarities between us. We're less than a month apart in age.

  • It's a scientifically proven fact that October babies are qualitatively and quantitatively better than others.

I just need enough to tide me over until I need more. -- Bill Hoest