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Journal FortKnox's Journal: The Second Annual Slashdot Photo Contest 35

Sorry for delaying. Most of you hit the hell outta safetycaps machine before we even 'officially' announced the contest starting, so we decided we needed faster machines and we buzzed the best online website hosting service Simpli, Inc, and our lovely contact (also owner) SlashChick was able to setup a site just for us. SafetyCap popped the contest over there, and we are proud to "officially" announce the starting of voting for the 2nd annual Slashdot Photo contest:

Please send mucho kudos to SafetyCap and SlashChick (fyi - the best way to thank slashchick is to use Simpli for hosting, or telling a friend in need of hosting about Simpli's great prices and service).
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The Second Annual Slashdot Photo Contest

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  • Thanks to all code monkeys and the hostess for your great work, but also a thanks for all of the contestants, you make this place what it is: weird.

    Well, weird, but fun, too.

    • Thanks to all code monkeys and the hostess for your great work,

      I second that commotion! Any thirds?

      but also a thanks for all of the contestants, you make this place what it is: weird.

      Speak for yourself. I happen to be completely normal.

      I say this as I hang in my gravity boots with my head submerged in tequila. (I'm trying to get the worm.)



  • Thanks for the official announcement, and thanks to SlashChick for hosting!

    Now....which one am I? ;)

    • Now....which one am I?

      I think that's pretty obvious to anyone who watched the brady bunch, you are this guy [].

      It's the story of Sam the butcher
      Who was busy with pork chops of his own
      He'd sell four pounds for seven dollars
      But it was mostly bone
  • That is simply awesome. Nice work by all. can't wait to vote. ;)
  • The current voting mechanism tracks aggregate votes per photo (4 people said this photo was turg, 10 said it was some woman, etc.) not people's individual vote (you said this photo was turg and this photo was fortknox, etc.... you got 4 right and 58 wrong). SC and I threw around some ideas [] about how to capture voter's individual votes.

    The best I could come up with is to make a form for voting that returns your votes in CSV format, that you can paste into a comment here on /. (verifying that this is actuall

    • what I am not understanding is why is the hot or not part of the vote as to who it is? Do we have to decide who is hot just to vote or with out vote does that throw off the hot or not...

      I dunno... I don't really want to hurt peoples feelings with the hot or not thing and would rather guess as to who is who.
  • Bad part is: now I need to cast the 12 votes I already did again. Grmbl...

    Anyways: what interests me more is when it *closes*. I am really short on time lately, and next weekend (when I would have time) I won't be near my DSL. (Family reunion in Antwerp...stuff like that)
    So how many weeks/days do we have to vote?

  • If they'd bother to reply to legitimate inquiries. Even if you can't do it, a reply email would be appreciated.

    If a business is going to be unresponsive to potential customers, I shudder to think how they'd deal with existing customers...

  • by ces ( 119879 )
    Nice rack! ;-)
  • I strongly object to the inclusion of the 'Hot-or-Not' feature. Strong bias towards women notwithstanding the people who have voted on me so-far only rated me at 64% hot. And that includes my - admittedly not entirely unbiased - vote. And males who included their significant others in the picture are seriously stuffing the ballot, dude!

    Enough with the riffraff. Well done, I am glad that the hosting problems seem to be solved (I *was* getting sick of seeing the 'Server crushed' image on the old location).

  • Thanks for putting this together. I find that I'm voting for "the name that most looks like it suits them" instead of trying to actually figure it out. It's not intentional, but it is pretty fun.
  • Just looked at several entries, including mine, and ya know what? not even close guesses... we'll see ;)
  • #59 Come to butthead!
  • so I'm just casting semi-random guesses out at all the others. I fear that there may be a large component of that going on this time, with so many unknown faces.
  • Many thanks to SafteyCap, SlashChick and {I think Tet also hosted it, am I wrong?] Tet. Also all of us crazies that put in photos and mega thanks to FortKnox for sponsoring a reduex. You have given me a another time sink besides webcomics and /. I'm in there somewhere and there should be enough hints to give it away.


  • So I get this written down somewhere...

    1. Tet
    2. johndii
    3. glh
    4. ethelredunraed
    5. abmoraz
    6. bethanie
    7. eugene
    8. dubious dave
    9. forged
    10. obvious guy
    11. technolust
    12. octanez
    13. you are so fired
    14. tinklepit
    15. red warrior
    16. banky
    17. loucura
    18. czarina burrito
    19. pirogoeth
    20. intermodal
    21. rdewald
    22. organized konfusion
    23. cyranovr
    24. spumoni_fettucini
    25. saige
    26. jellybob
    27. robi2106
    28. samthebutcher
    29. jdiggans
    30. mousepo
  • Hey, I just noticed this!

    Is it too late to get in on the fun?
    How do I submit my picture for ridicule?

"All we are given is possibilities -- to make ourselves one thing or another." -- Ortega y Gasset