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Role Playing (Games)

Journal FortKnox's Journal: Poll: Best (computer) RPG 41

I was going through my games (to dig out Deus Ex to play through one more time before Deus Ex 2: The invisible war) and stumbled on my fav RPG of all time. So I thought, why not make a poll?

A.) Baldur's Gate Series
B.) Diablo Series
C.) Some MMORPG (UO, Everquest, etc)
D.) Fallout Series
E.) Final Fantasy Series
F.) Some MUD
G.) Other

I'll go ahead and put my vote in. I'm huge fan of the fallout series. It was so original and had such an incredible storyline... and the best way to turn around a bad day was a called shot to the groin of the enemy while you were holding a minigun....
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Poll: Best (computer) RPG

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  • What about the Ultima series? (UO doesn't count.)
  • G) Golden Sun on the GBA. Closely followed by Pokemon on GB/GBA. Honorary vote for Baldur's Gate (or rather Bioware) because of the Star Wars: KOTOR relation.
  • Neverwinter Nights, he says as he takes a short break from same to anwer an IM and see that he has email. With the plethora of user-created modules, it is endless fun, with or without friends.

    My Rogue/Shadowdancer is about to need the Hordes of the Underdark expansion, which adds heroic levels, because he's nearing level 20.

    • I was all excited about NWN until they delayed the Mac version. The longer I had to wait, the less I wanted to play.
      • I bought the Windows version initially and then was pleasantly surprised when they released the Linux version. I bought the first expansion from Tux Games (the Linux game webstore), and I'll probably buy the second from them at some point. They don't have the module editor ported to Linux, and I haven't heard anything about plans to do so. That would bother me much more if I were bursting with module ideas.

        The Windows partition is now in great peril.

  • It's an RPG! I take on the role of Tommy Vercetti! While GTA3 is not an rpg, that's just you being yourself...
  • More forked then the first and a precursor to everything else Black Isle has done since. Perfect blend of humor and plot. The fact that the game let you go anywhere and play anyway you saw fit gives it infinite replayability.

    "Myron, baby, Myron!"

    "I'll just stand here and, uh, adjust my shoulder pads."

    How many games let you become a boxing champion, porn star, and saviour of the desert?

    "War... yeah..."
  • Was Zelda on NES considered an RPG?

    I've seen it listed that way sometimes, and of all the RPGs I've ever seen listed I think that's the only one I ever played* thus I feel it is the best.

    * - played as in more than just put it in, turn it on, play for 10 minutes, turn if off. For Zelda I actually played the game.
    • I thought about it for a while, but I think its better clarified as an 'adventure' than an RPG. Its missing a lot of RPG elements. And I thought SS2 and Deus Ex had more RPG elements, and I didn't want to include them on the list, so I didn't include zelda.
  • It's a toss up between Dungeon Master [] and Enchanter [].

  • It's been a while since I've played a computer RPG...
  • Best RPG, FPS, Simulation, GAME ever

    Pirates! Kicked ass... Man I miss that game.
    • I still have Pirates Gold lying around somewhere in a rar. Dust off your old 486 and send me an email ;-) I loved that game, I spoiled hours on it. Don't think it counts as an RPG though.

      As for me... I loved the X-Com series. Mainly XCom2: Terror from The Deep! Yeah! :-)

      • well... Virtual PC 6 feels like a 486....
        • Hehe... I don't know. I only use native applications on my iBook. For the rest I just use a real PC ;-)

          Bochs on the other hand is incredibly slow. Tried that once on the iBook... Never again.

          • tell me about your iBook...
            Do you run OS X on it?
            How much memory (640MB)?
            Is it fast enough?
            Do you iPhoto with it?

            I have a G4 400 and I am thinking about buying a laptop or installing a Sonnet 1.2 & a 64MB vid card.
            • G4 400 = pain. My iBook is broken at the moment so I had to go back to using the G4 as my main computer. It feels outright glacial in comparison. I only have 448MB of RAM in the machine and that is not helping things. I also think that Pirates! Gold on the PC is teh suck! At least compared to the fond memories I had of playing the original Pirates! on my C 64.
              • At least compared to the fond memories I had of playing the original Pirates! on my C 64.

                I believe that... I have seen and played it on the C64. (I thought it was on an Amiga, but I'm probably mistaken) However, I never had a C64. The fact that later I found Pirates Gold for PC was really great to bring back some memories.
                It's not the best game, but it's really better than never having it played...

                Now I do have a C64, but there seems to be missing a cable to connect it to the TV screen. Some kid

            • G3 600MHz, 384Meg RAM, running OS X Jaguar (at work now, can't check the subversion). I still could expand to 640Meg RAM, but it's getting hard finding SDRAM and the 256Meg stick that is in it would be for the trash :-(

              I'm happy with the speed... It's okay, feels like a P-II 450 running Windows 2000 with 256Meg RAM. Recently I made a little movie with iMovie and that was painstakingly slow, but that was to be expected. (But the job had to be done, so I just drank more coffee) I don't do iPhoto because

  • Sure, RPG III had database access and all that - but I was doing RPG II - and got to do it eight hours a day, five days a week for two years.

    Oh, you don't mean Report Program Generator for IBM mainframes and minis? Sorry. I mean, I did play the role of a programmer with that one.... ;-)

    Not that it was a bad language or anything, but I heard one old mainframer tell me its nickname was Rape, Pillage, and Gangrene. (As in which would your prefer...?)

    Honestly, I haven't played any of those others. I prefer R

  • Fallout was a great, open RPG. Its one flaw was that the sidequests, while good, were not as plentiful as they could have been. Fallout 2 fixed this, and gave the series an edgier tone. Tactics was good, but too linear and didnt have the depth of the previous two. I have no clue how the new PS2 game will be though, but I have a feeling that it wolnt fare well...
  • Actually, the games weren't that great but I did like that Aki Ross. I wonder if there was a target in their Makefile to render it with her nekkid ;-)
  • The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

    still the best
  • I'm still going to build a fallout shelter, but not because of that. Because, it is the ultimate thing to boost your chances of getting into the pants of the paranoid stoned women variety. Put some black lights up, spark up a spliff, and show them your collection of board games (can't waste power on video games) and you are in the Zone. Well at least for women who can't walk to the car at night because they fear getting sold into the white slave trade.
  • More specifically, Diablo II.

    Now, if the 1.10 patch would just get released I could stop playing with the 1.09 D2GE hack :)
  • I'm pleased that so far no one has suggested Diablo. It has to be one of the worst games I've played. It's so shallow, and so easy. But perhaps that's just because I've been spoiled by the real thing. Angband (and Moria before it) is still probably the best computer game ever written in any genre. 15 years on, and it still has the same appeal that it always did. Diablo is just a poor rip-off of the rogue-like genre.
  • Actually, Baldur's Gate is my favorite.
  • by Abm0raz ( 668337 )

  • but why no choice for Deus Ex?
  • <straightface>Was there ever a better game?</straightface>
  • Real time action, with great graphics, atmospheric sound and awesome gameplay.

    I'll never forget the shock I got the first time my party was woken by roaming mummies. Or the time I retreated the wrong way into a dead end and got ripped to shreds by worms.

    No doubt about it in my mind, Dungeon Master set the standard for all other RPGs to follow.

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