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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Football: *#($*(&#$*(&(*!!!!! 8

Well, I took out my frustrations in the title of this JE.

The Steelers were just flat. The D played well (hey, Dewayne Washington gave up points! Who'd a thought!), and Brent Alexander, who gave up the first TD got back into the game with an interception (and almost a second one that woulda won the game).

Maddox didn't throw an INT!! He learned to take the sack! Now, next lesson is, if you are outside the tackles, THROW IT AWAY!

Now the Steelers are in the bye at 2-4. They have several tough games ahead of them. Next step? Put... the bus... IN! Zeroue was an experiment gone wrong. He used to be a good scat-back, but put on too much weight and can't break a tackle. Bettis should be your runner, and Verron Hayes should be your third-down back. Zeroue should be waived next year.

Next order of business is to scout out good veteran Offensive Linesmen, cause what we have blows goats!

I think Chukki Okobi should start at C. Jeff Hartings has a bad knee and can't handle the job. Maybe make him a guard along with faneca. As far as the tackles go, put in Marvel Smith, and change Bruener over to T and put him in. Ross, and whoever else they keep throwing in there (fordam, nwenkie, etc) just aren't good. Period.

At least they have a week to figure out this OL problem....

And I told-ya the Panthers would win. Underrated defense, underrated running game... these guys are for real... super-bowl caliber team!
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Football: *#($*(&#$*(&(*!!!!!

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  • Your team could be employing the Swiss-cheese style of defense where they give up a 17-point lead and lose in overtime at home.

    Stupid Packer defense. The offense played spectacularly, until Green's fumble in OT. Even still, if you're a wannabe playoff-caliber team and you put up 34 points at home, you should be winning that game.

    I predicted 8-8 for the Pack, and so far, they are living up to my expectations, but even still, they should have won yesterday...
  • old dogs remember old tricks. The Cowboys might have been expecting a suprise on-side kick because of what happened a few years ago, even though they're a very different team from back then. Result was fastest touchdown (3 seconds) to start a game since they've been keeping records on that data (1970).

    The game came down to two plays: the opening kick, and the last play where McNabb fumbled to end it.
    • ...McNabb fumbled to end it.

      I don't know what to cry over more - picking McNabb in the first round or playing Maddox because he's scoring more fantasy points. My RBs got hurt and now my WRs are starting to see little red letters next to their names.

      God damn McNabb.
  • Kansas City, 6-0. Weird.
  • It was my only chance to win!

    McNair vs. Houston; couldn't be better. Not sure how I'm gonna win next week...
  • (sorry could not think of a subject)

    I did pretty well this week, I am tied in the office pool with 11 picks this week, it boils down to the total score for tonights game. I picked 32 ( I know...) and looks like 36, so I might actually pull it out. Who knows...

    As for particular teams: I am still not on the Carolina Bandwagon yet. They are still *just* 5-0, right? Anyway, KC is for real, as well as Tennesse, Seattle, and Indy.

    The teams that just plain suck right now: Oakland, Atlanta, and sadly, Chic

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