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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Football: Week 6 8

Good news! I didn't lose on a single pick last week! Mostly due to the fact I was so busy, I couldn't pick :-(

Panthers at Colts: The Colts squeezed by the Bucs cause Dungy knew the D and knew how to defeat it (eventually). I, personally, believe the Panther D is better. And the Colts Cover-2 won't help against the most underrated RB in the league, Stephen Davis. And one thing I have learned is its tough to go from Monday night to Sunday afternoon. You miss a whole day of practice. Carolina by 3

Bears at Saints: The Saints need a turnaround. No better than having the bears at home! Saints by 6

Texans at Titans: McNair, as always, is a trooper. He can play through pain and plays damn good while in pain. The loss of Samauri Rolle will pay its toll. The Texans have a decent D, and a gelling O. I'm calling the upset. Texans by 1

Chiefs at Packers: 5-0 going into Lambeau field? Even vegas knows that you can't go 6-0 in Lambeau. Pack by 1

Dolphins at Jags: Mr.Leftwich, meet the Dolphin D! Miami by 7

Giants at Pats: I just think the Giants have more weapons in this game. NY by 2

Raiders at Browns: Its not tough for me to call the upset here. The browns are flying high, but the Raiders see this as 'must-win'. Jerry Porter is back to stretch the field. He'll have a hell of a game. Upset of the week! Oakland by 3

Eagles at Cowboys: I'm on the big-tuna-train. Dallas by 3

Bucs at Redskins: I think the world saw weakness in the Bucs D monday night (hell, the steelers usually light'm up, but no one ever watches how they do it). If any offensive minded person can exploit a weakness, its Spurrier. Upset of the week X2!! Washington by 3

Ravens at Carinals: A game of 'which defense can score more points'. The Cards will find the Marcel Shipp is a better RB than the ancient Emmitt Smith...... next week. Baltimore by 3

Bills at Jets: Now that the Bills have another win (albeit, BARELY), they can start playing like the beginning of the season again. Bills by 14

Steelers at Broncos: The Steelers are pissed. They can stop the run, and they have the best passing D in the nfl (seriously, go check your stats if you don't believe me). It all comes up to if Tommy Maddox can recover if he messes up. Keep in mind, Denver is where he was drafted and failed. He has something to prove. Another upset of the week? Not really, like you'd expect me to pick against my team?!? Steelers by 10

49ers at Seahawks: Tackle returns, better pass O, better running. The hawks are for real. Seattle by 3

Falcons at Rams: Marc Bulger, you are the man of St.Louis! Atlanta wants a time machine to stop any legbreaks that may have cost them the season.... Rams by 7
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Football: Week 6

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  • j/k.

    Things are gonna be rough at Monday morning's weekly meeting no matter what happens in Dallas. One guy here at work is a Cowboy fan and has been trying to get various people to place money on who's gonna win. We've had interesting discussions in those meetings the last few weeks over what has happened on Sundays, so things should be interesting.
    • I hate to say it, but I think the Birds lose to the Boys.
      I'm not happy about it, but then I don't have to be.
      I don't think the Boys have been as bad as they've played.
      And unless and until McNabb can start to pass the ball to the receivers AND the receivers can catch the balls that are thrown to them, they're not going to have any luck.
      Unless, of course, they run it 50-60 times a game.
      With that 'O' Line, Lord knows they could do it.

      C'mon Andy! Let me see your 'O' face!
      You know what I'm talking about.
  • Panthers at Colts: I've been bad-mouthing Mr. Manning now for five weeks. He's the real deal and Mr. Harrison is awesome. Colts win.

    Bears at Saints: Battle of the Suckiest Teams in the NFL. Bears win.

    Texans at Titans: Titans at home. Titans win.

    Chiefs at Packers: Packers defense won't stop the Chiefs offense... oh and that miserable Chiefs D from last year is LONG gone. Sorry Brent, long day ahead for you. Chiefs win and go 6 - 0.

    Dolphins at Jags: Miami wins.

    Giants at Pats: Giants win.

    Raiders at
  • Let me just say that this is a great journal. Now, here are Mr. Acidic Diarrhea's picks.

    Panthers at Colts: Tough pick - I wouldn't dream of betting on this game. Panthers win.
    Bears at Saints: The Saints have a hell of a lot more talent, although they have not been playing up to it. That being said, Saints win.
    Texans at Titans: This is a no-brainer, Titans win.
    Chiefs at Packers: I've heard a lot of people pick the Chiefs to win this but I think Favre will rally the troops and pull some magic out. Especia

    • Well well well, let's see how badly I did.

      Panthers at Colts: 23-20 (correct pick)
      Bears at Saints: 13-20 (correct pick)
      Texans at Titans: 17-38 (correct pick)
      Chiefs at Packers: 40-34 (incorrect pick)
      Dolphins at Jaguars: 24-10 (incorrect pick)
      Giants at Patriots: 6-17 (correct pick)
      Raiders at Browns: 7-13 (incorrect pick)
      Eagles at Cowboys: 21-23 (incorrect pick)
      Bucs at Redskins: 35-13 (correct pick)
      Ravens at Cardinals: 26-18 (correct pick)
      Bills at Jets: 3-30 (incorrect pick)
      Steelers at Broncos: 14-1

  • Jerry Porter is back to stretch the field.

    Uhhh... according to both and Porter is doubtful right next to Romo and his concussion. At most he is practicing []. Which is better than say Mike Vick, but a few steps from starting.
  • NY Giants @ New England. Vegas says Pats by 2.5. I think Pats by 4.

    Tampa Bay @ Washington. Tampa Bay has been overrated this whole season. The betting public is catching on; Vegas has Bucs by 3. I think that's accurate, so Bucs by 3.

    Oakland @ Cleveland. Raiders aren't overrated by the bettors any more (as the Browns by 3 line indicates), but they're still under-rating the Browns. Browns by 8.

    Carolina @ Indianapolis. Indy's for real. So is Carolina. Vegas: Indy by 4.5. Me: Horsies by 5.

  • I'm a little late with this, because I spent the day watching college football. A lot of good teams lost today, and as I write this, Ohio State is less than four minutes away from possibly being upset by Wisconsin. But the game of the day for me had to be Missouri downing Nebraska 41-24 in Columbia. The last time Missouri won over Nebraska was before I was born. It was 1978, in Lincoln. I'm doing my picks now instead of Sunday morning because I'll be in Illinois bowling travel league. Anyways, without any f

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